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Dymphna was fourteen when her mother died. Damon is said to have been afflicted with a mental illness, brought on by his grief. He sent messengers throughout his town and other lands to find some woman of noble birth, resembling his wife, who would be willing to marry him. When none could be found, his evil advisers told him to marry his own daughter. Dymphna fled from her castle together with St. Gerebran, her confessor and two other friends. ... Continue Reading

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  1. nathan gooshaw
    2 years ago

    please pray for Nathan as he is afraid to go to sleep alone and stay sleeping all night he wakes up with panic attacks he is only nine years old and saw a scary game on the internet. he can't get the vision out of his head and plagues him daily as myself and my husband

    thank you st dymphna so so much we do love you

  2. Cyndita
    2 years ago

    St. Dymphna,

    Please pray to our Lord that my mind turn not to memories and perceptions of my failings and inadequacies, but, rather, that I turn my mind to the love of Jesus and that I hear our Lord's voice calling to me whenever I fall into negativity about myself and others. Thank you for the gift of the medications that treat my depression, Bi-Polar, ADHD, and OCD. Without them I would surely perish into a life of evil. St. Dymphna, pray for me. St. Dymphna, I love you.

  3. Joe Mangano
    2 years ago

    I'm a practicing Catholic and all I want to say is that ever since I get on my knees literally and pray the St. Dymphna novena prayers every day, being a person who has Bi-Polar disorder which is a mood disorder, I now feel more peace. I feel more mentally and physiologically balanced and healthy. Ever since I pray more and more devoutly to this great saint I just feel more almost as if I don't have that much of a daily fight with my symptoms of my illnes, my Bi-Polar disorder. Thank you Loving Saint Dymphna i feel your Bestowing relief.You are true. And please Pray to Jesus for more healing power on my friends, mother, my God son who has Autism, My Aunt and all the people in the world who don't have addwss to medicine, the poor. Love Joey

  4. JB
    2 years ago

    Dearest Saint Dymphna, recently my Godson was diagnosed with a mental illness. He refuses to believe that anything is wrong and is refusing medication that could help. We need a miracle. Please pray for him and his family and for all those seeking your help. Thank You for you prayers!

  5. Lorraine
    2 years ago

    Dear Saint Dymphna please pray for me and help me to overcome my severe anxiety and depression. Please guide me and help me to have faith to trust my doctor in prescribing the right medication to help me overcome my anxiety and depression. Holy Saint Dymphna please give me the strength and deterination to get well and feel happy and at ease and peace in my life and the lives of my supportive and loving family Amen.

  6. carm
    2 years ago

    st, dymphna , i pray to u for my bro nic who is far away from us n my mom. you b his consoller n his strenght Oh! saint. At times when he is depressed n needs help, u put the words of Jesus in hisi ears .Guide him n guard him. Help him Oh! pure heart

  7. Dolores
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna, I ask you to please help my beautiful daughter who is living in fear and anxiety. She cries each night because she is afraid that someone will hurt her. She is afraid that God will take her away from me and that she will never see me again. She fears for her Grandmother when she is not with her. I want this worry and this anxiety to stop. It is taking over her whole life and she deserves to enjoy it and to be happy - without worrying about things that are not in control. Please help her St. Dymphna. Please be with her and help her to trust in God. Please hear my prayers...

  8. Lupe Roberts
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna,
    My beloved Grandson suffers from Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. Please help him overcome is impulsive behaviors at school. Put understanding teachers in his path. Help his mother cope with her anxiety and sadness. My Grandson loves Jesus, please intercede for us.

  9. Diane
    2 years ago

    Saint Dymphna I am so grateful for your blessings and your help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to bless myself, and my friend. We really need your help daily. I can tell we are going to have a long and lasting friendship and I am looking forward to it! How did I ever make it before I met you? Sending you much love and humble gratitude.

  10. ann
    2 years ago

    please pray for me st dyphna, i am lost and mentally unstable to be around anyone, i want to be healed both in body and soul. please help me to overcome the past and trust in Jesus that He can do all things and heal me through your prayers for me. In Jesus's name i pray!
    everyone who reads this, please pray the rosary for me and for all of us here daily, you will be helping all of us and helping yourselves find peace, i will pray for you. Thank you.

  11. todd
    2 years ago

    my wife lisa d minchew needs prayers from saint dymphna she was raped and told she was ugly i thank defferent i love her with all my heart . she neep help with letting go of the past

  12. Nuala
    2 years ago

    St Dympha, please pray for me i am having family issues i feel like the world is against me my family have turned on me and have been telling horrible lies about me and my boyfriend its so depression has returned I find it hard to get out of bed in the morn and i walk around all day in a daze, im snapping at people i shudn be...please please please make all this anxiety go away and help me to go back to be a happy confident person. Were also trying to save to go to Australia so we can have a better life, i pray soo hard thats going to happen soon and it will all work out for the best. Thank you

  13. Tish Schneider
    2 years ago

    Dearest St. Dymphna, thank you so much for interceding with God for me. I have been through two really tough bouts of mental illness over the last five years, and you continue to be a source of strength for me. Thank you. I have hope. I have seen miracles.

  14. Thomas
    2 years ago

    Bless me my lady please. I am not catholic but i have discovered you through gods help. Of this i am sure. Holy Saint Dymphna i'm living with Bipolar 1. My life is a wreck. I own nothing. I cannot work and i feel lost and confused alot of the time. Please help me and pray for me. Amen.

  15. Chris
    2 years ago

    OH SAINT DYMPHNA, I was very happy when i came across you and your work and i believe that since i have you my problem is solved. Please pray to my Lord Jesus Christ (my healer and my deliverer) to restore to me my memory so that i will be seeing my dad and mummy and my siblings as my own blood and not as mere creature and also make me to have confident in my words and not to be afraid wether my words normal are or not. I'm happy cos of u Oh dear St. Dymphna and i so much believe that if i sleep this night and wake tommorow I, Uwakwe Christian Chibuike will never in life experience such illness again as you interceed for me and by the grace of God Almighty in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  16. Dolores
    2 years ago

    Dear St Dymphna
    Please be with my grandson who suffers from several mental issues. Please give him the strength and guidance he needs at this time.


  17. H
    2 years ago

    Saint Dymphna, I ask for your divine intercession in this time of great worry for me. 6 weeks ago, I used a drug that gave me a very bad trip, and has since made me anxious at all times, depressed and have psychosis. I hadn't ever suffered from mental illness before, and do not know what's happening right now, or if I'm thinking straight. I ask your help to cope, as it is very difficult and I am finding it tough to want to get out of bed any day. I had always gone to mass in my life, but in the past year, I have let myself slip. I had always prayed every night before, but in the past year, I almost stopped entirely. Now, I am praying to our Lord for help and forgiveness, and I ask that you help me in these prayers. Amen.

  18. Lollie Rodrigues
    2 years ago

    Dear St.Dympna:

    Please help my grandson Max overcome his anxiety with regard to attending

  19. Lorie
    2 years ago

    Oh Dear Saint.Dymphna,
    I ask plead for you help for my daughter Stephanie who suffers from ADHD and anxiety, it affects her life in so many ways. She is young like you with such a good heart. Please help her.

  20. Tara
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna, Please intercede on behalf of my daughter. She has emotional irregularities, rage, and mental disorder. Please pray for my anxiety regarding her. Assist her doctor deftly. Under that cloud of torment, she is really a beautiful child of God.

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