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St. Rita was born at Spoleto, Italy in 1381. At an early age, she begged her parents to allow her to enter a convent. Instead they arranged a marriage for her. Rita became a good wife and mother, but her husband was a man of violent temper. In anger he often mistreated his wife. He taught their children his own evil ways. Rita tried to perform her duties faithfully and to pray and receive the sacraments frequently. After nearly twenty years of ... Continue Reading

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  1. IK
    1 year ago

    Thank you Saint Rita for your continued intercession.

    I nudged F a little and FINALLY got him to respond! He said he's always thinking of me and I'm constantly in his thoughts and he misses me... But if he thinks of me so much and kisses me why does he remain so silent and distant. I can sense he is still sad and holding up a wall of pain which I have tried so hard to break through. It meant so much to have him finally reply. I have asked him for us to communicate more again. Please let me hear back from this - it's always at this point that he disappears again. Hearing one another and making each other laugh would be the best thing! Please take my request to our Lord and plead that He make a clear path for F back to me, back to my heart and give us another chance and let me show him my unconditional love. Thank you for this tiny little glimmer of hope my dear Saint Rita! Please, please help my impossible miracle become possible.

  2. C
    1 year ago

    Saint Rita please help me to get pregnant now and give birth to a healthy child. Thank you. C

  3. c
    1 year ago

    Thank you St. Rita for your intercession and answered prayers. He texted me. It is a start to hopefully a reconciliation.

  4. Rowena
    1 year ago

    thank you Sta. Rita for all the wonders and the miracles.

  5. IK
    1 year ago

    St Rita and St Jude thank you so much for hearing me and answering my latest request.

    I asked to hear from a friend who I'd lost contact with for almost one month, and this morning I found an email in my junk mail... I tried to email her to an old email address that was previously bouncing, and it sent successfully and she's now responded and said she's happy to hear from me! Her friendship is so important, I'm so thankful that we are back in touch!

    Please, please continue to intercede for me that my darling F finds his way back to me. I have not heard from him in a couple of months now. I miss him so much! Please take my request to our Lord and plead that my miracle be granted. Please ask our Lord to shine His light on F, to make a clear path back to me. Please help him see what he is doing by distancing himself from me. St Rita, please let me hear from him. Even a hello would mean the world to me! It is so discouraging when I have prayed for about 10 months, ceaselessly and now he's more distant than ever. This seems more impossible day by day. But you are the patron saint of the impossible, dearest St Rita! Please bring F and I back together and make this impossible miracle possible! I miss, love and need my darling F to come back and give me that chance to show him unconditonal love. Please pull him out of his depression, show him the way to my heart. Please let us communicate. Thank you for hearing me St Rita and please fill me with hope, patience and perseverance for this miracle, until our Lord sees it through.

  6. Nancy
    1 year ago

    I stumbled upon St Rita by accident while looking for a novena. While saying her novena , wonderful things began to happen for me ,though I did not pray for those exact things. I did not know of her before and now I see things about her everywhere. I take it as a small sign that she is listening. Thank you St Rita for answering my prayers . I will continue to pray to her.

  7. Paula
    1 year ago

    I am deeply grateful to our father in heaven, lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit
    I want to thank deeply from my heart to st. Rita de cassia, our mother in heaven, st. Jude, st. Edwiges, st. Expedite st. Of urgent causes and to all angels and saints in heaven for the many blessings I have in my life, and for answred so many of my prayers.
    I am eternal grateful for the protection of my daughter, and that she has a healthy heart.
    May god bless us all

  8. terry
    1 year ago

    I pray for your intercession to The Father that my life may be set right in my duties to my children. My husband divorced me after 40 years and took everything. He made it difficult for my 2 older boys to come home before they could graduate high school and our lives were difficult. I know you know my situation and how difficult it is to explain. I am now living with my elderly mom and do not feel this is what God wants. I work a job and have let my children down as we were close before this. Please help me set my foot on Gods path for this difficult situation. I don't know what to do and when I do know I choose a job out of anxiety and others thinking they are helping. Maybe it is best. I am lost! Lord give me strength and courage and help to do Your will! Pray for me St. Rita!

  9. Susan
    1 year ago

    St Rita, I humbly ask for your intercession regarding an ongoing case that is most despaired of. I am afraid of the impact it is having on my son. I ask you to please be with us and intercede to have my husband's case brought to a happy conclusion for our family. I have wanted to give up so many times, but know i have to be strong for my son. Please be with us today and my husbands lawyer today during his meeting. Please intercede and ask the Father for his help. AMEN.

  10. IK
    1 year ago

    I have been feeling so helpless lately, so close to giving up in what my heart desires so much. I still haven’t seen results to my prayers, even after so long, I am so exhausted, but I keep on praying, and try to remain hopeful. It’s been so hard lately though, more than ever I keep feeling so discouraged and wonder if I’ll ever see my request granted. This morning on the bus, I prayed to St Rita and St Jude and did my usual thinking/pleading for my request to be heard, focusing on how much I want God to shine is light on my dear F and for him to soften his heart toward me and for us to have another chance. A short while later, I suddenly found a gorgeous smell of roses surrounding me. It came unexpectedly and lasted only about 1-2 minutes at the most, then disappeared completely. It was such a distinct smell. I immediately thought of St Rita and this made me feel so happy, and my hope was boosted in the most beautiful way. I feel this was her letting me know my prayers are most certainly heard and are a work in progress. I am in awe! I just HAD to share this!

  11. Joanne
    1 year ago

    Dearest Saint Rita

    MY husband is verbally abusive and lately it's been getting worse.

    He now swears and screams names at me in front of my kids when he is angry.

    I beg of you; if not for me, for the children. Please find a way to calm him and save my children from growing up in this environment.

    Help him to see the damage he is causing and please save my children from hearing his profanities and arguments.

    Help my marriage so we can show only live to our kids. Help us set a better example of how a marriage should be

  12. rita
    1 year ago

    Please Saint Rita I have never asked you for anything before, but would hope that you could help my husband with his back. Helping me figure how to pay the bill would be appreciated.

  13. IK
    1 year ago

    Emilie - if you can read this I just wanted to say your post made me think of my situation. I've been praying for so long too, for around 10 months for my darling F to open his heart to me. It was around July last year that things fell apart. Before this he used to always thank me for bringing him back to life, I helped him out of a lot of depression and darkness (and I know he blamed himself for it all), although I could always still sense a wall of pain and I could never seem to break through it to help him. He always doubted himself. Suddenly, he pulled away from me, saying he realized his head was still stuck in his past and then blaming himself again, saying he doesn't deserve me etc.

    I know in my heart he wishes he could escape this darkness again, that he could bring down his wall and allow himself to be loved again. If he just took that one little chance to open his heart to me he'd experience the kind of love he deserves. What makes this even more challenging is this was a long distance relationship, communication plays such an important part and we would communicate so well but now, when he does happen to contact me, I can sense sadness, but when I try to reach out to him and respond, he disappears again.

    I have prayed hard to St Jude, St Anthony, St Joseph, St Clare and said many other Novenas, every single day over this time. Now I ask St Rita too, to bring forward my requests. I truly believe her intercession will be particularly powerful. I just have a special feeling about her. I hope with all my heart the addition of her prayers will finally help my miracle be granted.

    The last time I heard from F was just before Easter. I'm now feeling more desperate and heartbroken and helpless than ever before. This weekend in particular has been torturous and my mind conjuring up all kinds of things. I'm starting to find moments where I am so close to losing hope and just giving up but when I come onto these sites and read people's thanksgivings it tells me that if I feel strong enough about something and my heart still wants this miracle so much, to persevere and not give up. I think it's moments like this that challenge us to persevere in prayer, when things seem they are becoming even more impossible and unreachable. I believe then if we continue to have faith and hope through these most difficult moments, that miracles can still be granted! I want my darling F to finally contact me with the words I need to hear, to soften his heart, to open his eyes to see me for who I truly am, the person he knows I am, and to open his mind to allow loving thoughts banish his self-doubts and depression... and that we can work towards something again. I cannot wait to have tears of joy flow down my face instead of these constant tears of pain and heartache.

    Love is patient, kind, always hopes and always perseveres - so I am continuing to pray ceaselessly. I hope your prayers shall be answered!

  14. radhika samuel
    1 year ago

    Please pray that my husband will love me. There is a huge wall between us and I am unable to reach out to him.

  15. Nancy
    1 year ago

    Preparing to visit USA for the birth of my first grandchild. St Rita you know my predicament. Please intercede for me to get a visa so that I will be present when the baby is born.

  16. Gina
    1 year ago

    Dear Saint Rita,

    Please intercede for us and help us find the right school for our autistic son. I hope that a place becomes available in the school we wish to get him into in our area. Please hear my novena and come to my aid for the sake of our son. May you always help and guide my family and bring us closer to the Lord Jesus. Amen

  17. amanda
    1 year ago

    I would like to greatly thank saint Rita for hearing My prayer And hope that she will continue to help me as I will continue to pray with l losts of love an faith. Thank you saint Rita for all your help.

  18. Agnes Kane
    1 year ago

    Over the past 18 months my family were caught up in what can only be described as A terrible nightmare which could have ended up in a lengthy jail sentence for two of them. Dreadful false accusations were made which we saw no way to prove wrong.
    I knew nothing of St Rita until I saw her feast day on a calendar that I receive every year from St.Antony's messenger.
    For almost 18 months I prayed on a daily basis to St Rita asking for her intervention, and I can't give enough thanks for her help. The accused persons were in court recently and found NOT GUILTY. Thanks be to God.
    If you have the truth on your side and your situation seems impossible to put right, do not give up. St Rita has given my family members there lives back, and I am so ecstatic that I found her when I did.
    God Bless

  19. SNOOPY 80
    1 year ago


  20. Paula
    1 year ago

    I want to deeply thank you our father in heaven, our lord and savior Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
    For the guidance and the answer of many prayers
    I am deeply grateful to st. Expedite, st. Rita of cassia, our holy mother of Fatima, mother aparecida, mother of impossiveis, st. Edwiges, st. Gabriel the archangel, all saints and angels in heaven, st. Antonio and to st. Jude Thaddeus, for interceding on my behalf to the sacred heart of Jesus and to our our father in heaven
    For helping me to solve some legal papers and to received it on time
    For so many answer prayers
    I carrion praying for a financial breakthrough
    And for the blessing of my family

    May god bless us all

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