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St. Rita was born at Spoleto, Italy in 1381. At an early age, she begged her parents to allow her to enter a convent. Instead they arranged a marriage for her. Rita became a good wife and mother, but her husband was a man of violent temper. In anger he often mistreated his wife. He taught their children his own evil ways. Rita tried to perform her duties faithfully and to pray and receive the sacraments frequently. After nearly twenty years of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Jocelyne Ng
    1 year ago

    Thank you Saint Rita for answering my nineday novena to you and for your powerful intercession with God my daughter pass her exam with excellent result and for sending a person to help her for her future and bless you Lord amen....

  2. Nancy Shea
    1 year ago

    Please pray for me and my children. On July 26th I am facing a mediation with my emotionally abusive husband. After 18 years of marriage this is coming to an end and I need the best for my children. He has abandoned them and just wants to not help at all with any of their needs. Please pray with me for the best outcome in this difficult case. Thank you

  3. Gel
    1 year ago

    Last year I failed a class. I sent an appeal to the professor and waited, prayer fervently to St. Jude, St. Anthony and only later on to St. Rita and Padre Pio. My chances didn't look too good but I kept in mind that St. Rita is the saint of lost causes. My appeal was rejected by the professor. I still kept praying the rosary daily and kept calling on my saints (I remember St. Rita too was rejected in her appeal until God intervened and changed the minds of the people involved). Despite this rejection, I just couldn't bring myself to re-enroll in the subject and just clung to my faith. Just last week, I got word that the Academic Dean himself, in his authority as the overall school head, approved my appeal and passed me in the subject. I am still in awe of how things turned out.

    Please do not lose hope. When everything in our physical world goes against us, remember that that is an opportunity for God to show just how great He is. Even if He has to shake the very foundations of institutions to reward your faith, He will. Believe.

  4. Prayerful
    1 year ago

    Dear St. Rita,
    Please pray for me. You know the difficulty I am facing and I know that it can only be overcome by the workings of The Holy Trinity. You are called the Patron Saint of the Impossible so please continue to pray us. We really need your prayers. Thank you.

  5. P.m
    1 year ago

    I want to thank our Heavenly Father in heaven, our lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit
    For so many answered prayers
    I m depleted grateful to st. Jude Thaddeus, our holy mother, Aparecida, Impossiveis, Fatima and , Dores, st. Rita de cassia, st. Expedite urgent causes, st.Edwiges all angels and saints for interceding on my behalf to the sacred heart of Jesus
    My mother went to the doctor and is not doing her surgery
    My daughter passed all her exams with flying colors
    May we praise our Heavenly Father
    May god bless us all

  6. Simone
    1 year ago

    Thank you St. Rita for your powerful intercession in helping me to pass my medicine finals

  7. nina kelly
    1 year ago

    we have been married nearly16 years and have beautiful children from 1 to 14yrs. we have had marriage problems for the last 3/4 yrs and now my husband says he wants us to live as 'friends' and like brother and sister. he no longer wants me as a wife and does not want to try any more. he works away and is home infrequently. he no longer prays with me and seems to have little regard for his faith (once very strong).I do not know how to cope with this and keep crying. please help me st rita. i never thought this wd happen to me. i so wanted a happy home and children. Can i hope in a restoration of our marriage or should i resign myself to this. i don't know how to behave towards my husband now as i am rejected. please pray for gods guidance for me

  8. R
    1 year ago

    Dear St Rita, please reconcile me with my husband. Please soften his heart and bring him back to me. I don't know what has gotten into him. He says he doesnt love me anymore and does not want to try and reconcile. Please intervene St Rita

  9. Patricia
    1 year ago

    Dearest St Rita, I am writing to thank you for answering my nine day novena to you. You and I know it was an impossible situation but with your mighty intercession with God, everything became smooth and possible. I want to thank you from all my heart for making this possible and for the wonderful example of your life and all you went through and got through with God on your side.
    In thanksgiving.

  10. Catholic mom
    1 year ago

    Dear St. Rita,

    Please guide me to the path that is best for me and my family. Please help me to find work in my children's school so that I might take away some of the burden from my husband since he is self employed. Please help me find work. Thank you.

  11. Prescilla Torres Jiron
    1 year ago

    Santa Rita I want to THANK YOU for hearing my prayers and carrying me through this obstacle in life. For the time I started praying to you I felt at peace. From the bottom of my heart and with everything I am I THANK YOU! I know you have always interceded for me and I THANK YOU no words can express how grateful I am and the generosity I feel in my heart! The roses that you presented me with is such a great sign that your carrying me through and I am not alone! I am overwhelmed by your power! You are so very powerful and so is God our father. I will continue to pray to you Santa Rita and praise you for the miracles you perform. Please continue to pray for me and my family to stay out of harms way and keep all evil away from us. I promise to become a better person and try to follow in your ways. I forgive those who I have trespassed against me and pray that those I have trespassed against forgive me. Thank you again and thank you for your message "life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference." Thank you for sending me these words and your beautiful roses. Thank you!

  12. Petronella Katongo
    1 year ago

    I have been touched, encouraged and inspired by the life of St Rita. From today St Rita will be my patronness Saints. I will always wanting to learn more about Catholic saints. God bless you.

  13. Emmanuela
    1 year ago

    I learnt about St Rita from my twin brother who is a seminarian. I had a problem which seemed to suppress me. When i prayed to St Rita, I got an unexpected solution to my problem. May St Rita, the saint of impossible cases continue to intercede for us all the days of our lives. Amen.

  14. A.L.
    1 year ago

    I've been praying to St. Rita for something small but significant to my family every day for a week, and almost immediately she answered and continues to answer my prayers. Thank you, St. Rita, for your intercession for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. Shawn
    1 year ago

    Please pray for my marriage. This man that our Heavenly Father has blessed me with I cannot imagine living without, he has left us today. I am torn and afraid. I believed in him, when he said he loved me. It has been so hard, every day has been difficult with outside obsticals to overcome. We are weak, and are succumbing to the darkness. I don't know how we can find our way back. I love this man with all that I am. Please God don't take him from me, please God give us strength.

  16. Paula
    1 year ago

    In the name of our father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
    I want to thank you to st. Expedite the st of urgent causes st. Edwiges, st. Gabriel the archangel, st. Jude thadeus, st. Rita of cassia to all saints and angels in heaven , to our mother of Fatima, our lady aparecida, our lady the dores and holy mother of impossible for answering so many prayers.
    I have been praying for my mother to heal from her toroid yesterday we have received good news since the tests showed she had improved and is felling better

    May god bless us all.

  17. J
    1 year ago

    Happy belated feast day St. Rita. My current situation is simply impossible now. My husband is not communicating with my children & I. Please pray for me. My patience is running low as I am single-handledly taking care of my family now. Please pray for my husband. Please help me.

  18. rita
    1 year ago

    Dear St, Rita,
    Happy Feast Day! You are my inspiration, my namesake and my hope for happier days ahead. I always wondered why I was named Rita, but have come to realize that is it because of you... to watch over me, guide me and give me the strength to handle the impossible situations in my life. The father of my two sons passed away 8 years ago and my heart is still broken. I need your strength to move on and get past it. My life is in another turmoil and I need more strength to get through these difficult days. I an honored to have two sons just like you and I love them endlessly. Thank you for that gift. You gave me the gift of patience, endurance and fairness. I am a giver and help others whenever I can. I am a good person, like you St Rita, and thank you for your wonderful qualities. Please help me to get the monster out of my life soon.

  19. Liana
    1 year ago

    Dearest St. Rita, Happy Feast Day. Thank you for all that I have in my life. Thank you God for always watching over me. My dearest St. Rita, you are the Saint of the Impossible, ans the Advocate of the Hopeless. You answer prayers and guide those who are in need. My dearest St. Rita, I beg you to listen and guide me through my difficult times. The impossible in my life is this: My boyfriend keeps punishing me due to past trust issues in his past relationships. He does not listen, he does not understand yet he punishes me time and time again of what he thinks I'm doing wrong. St. Rita I tell you I am the utmost loving, respectful, faithful and kindhearted girlfriend and I know I don't do wrong. I love him so much St. Rita, I want him to be my Prince Charming as I have always begged God for one. Help him understand me, listen to me, trust me and cherish me. I beg you give him a sense of maturity so my punishment can stop. O St. Rita, you bend your ear to listen to our prayers and your graciousness can not be thanked enough. I pledge to spread your devotion and your wonderful glory. Please help me St. Rita, help the impossible in my life, because I really feel that it is impossible to try to get through to my man. I ask of you to let trust reside in my relationship with my boyfriend and to show unconditional love, because right now I don't feel any love from him. My dearest St. Rita I beg you please bring the trust in my relationship and help the love seep through.
    Thank you for your greatness O Holy Patroness, I beg you for your help. You are forever in my heart.

  20. A
    1 year ago

    Happy feast day, St. Rita. Please grant the request I ardently pray for. In your honor I will make a donation to charity.

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