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St. Valentine Comments

Click Here for St. Valentine Prayer's Valentine was a holy priest in Rome, who, with St. Marius and his family, assisted the martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II. He was apprehended, and sent by the emperor to the prefect of Rome, who, on finding all his promises to make him renounce his faith ineffectual, commanded him to be beaten with clubs, and afterwards, to be beheaded, which was executed on February 14, about the year 270. Pope ... Continue Reading

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  1. rra
    3 years ago

    Dear Saint Valentine, please hear my prayer and petition in finding my one true love and soulmate. I've tried a few times, but everyone just seems to end up hurting me. My heart has been beyond was shattered...and currently it's mending, but I worry that it won't ever be completely healed. I don't want to feel this constant ache in my heart and of feeling alone and lonely. Everyone always tells me that I need and deserve a really good boy, but why can't I find him? I just seem to meet people that end up breaking my heart. I honestly think that bcs is still my soulmate. If he is, I pray that you help us find our way back to each other. That he realizes how much he hurt me and who I am in his life. Whoever my soulmate is, I pray everyday that we find each other soon, but I sometimes worry that I may never meet him. I am ready to meet my soulmate and finally be happy in my life. I am ready to meet the person who will love me unconditionally, be my best friend, take care of me, share his life with me, and will try his best to not hurt me, as I will do the same. For us to fall in love, get married, have a family, and just have a beautiful life together. Please Saint Valentine, answer my prayer soon. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

  2. Alfred Valentine
    3 years ago

    True love and happiness comes from within your self. If you believe St. Valentine will help you, he will.
    Am I a descendant of St. Valentine, possibly. My grandfather Alfredo Valentino came from Rome to the U.S. in 1906. My father Nicholas Valentine changed the name back to Valentine
    because he said it was correct.
    If you do not have true love and happiness you can change it. If you believe you can you will. Do my wife and I have true love and happiness, Absolutely.

  3. Courtney Buettner
    3 years ago

    St. Valentine, I just wanted to take a moment to unite the deepest desire of my heart with the prayers of all the others who are looking to you today. I have been alone for so long, and I don't want to be alone any longer. I know that I am ready. I may not be ready for marriage and the whole entire future that is to come for me. But I know that I am ready to at least begin on that journey. I am ready to love someone. And I am ready to accept their love in return. I want to be happy. I want to be full and complete. I know that I can get there without a man, but I also know that I want someone to share my future with. Please don't forget me.


  4. DruidMalachi
    3 years ago

    Dear Saint Valentine,

    I came across this page, while searching for the real story of St. Valentine’s Day. I was pretty familiar with it but I wanted to brush up on the story, so I could relate the story to others. After going through the story I read the comments, it sounds like there are a lot of people who need help. It sounds like there are a lot of people who maybe need your intercession in ways they may not like. You and I both know that not every “relationship” is meant to be, and people really hurt themselves sometimes “loving” people who will never or don’t “love” them. For all the lonely people out there I pray. I’m ok with my relationship right now, but if my love would better serve another woman then if you want to help me see that then go ahead… or if I should be with the woman I am with now please pray for us that our love continues to grow. In either case, may the will of the father be done.
    While reading the comments though, I feel the need to bring up a prayer for a certain forgotten lot of people. A people that you can have some empathy with I am sure. I speak of all the Men and Woman in jail and prison this your feast day in the 2012th year of Our Lord. Our Lord told his disciples (that should be us too) that we shall be judged on what we do to the least of our brothers, this includes those who are incarcerated! It’s easy for us to look the other way, but there are MILLIONS of Men and Woman in prison right now in this country… Perhaps some of these people “should” be in prison but I think there are many who would love nothing more then to be able to contribute to society, or be home with their family, to be their with their loved ones. On this your feast day St. Valentine I ask that you continue to pray for those of us who are the victims of injustice in this world. Perhaps, you can open the eyes of people to the soul crushing industry of the modern “justice” system.
    I think you, a prisoner; a “criminal” would have sympathy on us and intercede for those of us who have been made powerless by a society callously focused on punishment.
    I think I said about all I needed to say today, talk to you later.
    Love & Peace in Christ our Lord,
    The Druid Malachi

  5. Lucy A.
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Valentine, Please, hear my prayer, that I will be with my one love and soul mate. If not that it will be your's and Gods will. I don't want to be alone forever, please help me. Also, send my oldest daughter Yolanda her soul mate, if she is not with the right one right now, that she will have a lot of love and happiness in her life. Thank-you St. Valentine..............

  6. Hussain
    3 years ago

    God, Every good and perfect gift comes from you, you have created us for yourself, to share your divine life and to be a part in your love, i pray to you o God for all who have requested here for your help, God in your wisdom guide us and help us to take right decision, if we are in wrong help us to come out from it, and lead us to the right path, help each one here with a perfect gift and give them true joy. I pray for everyone here aswell as for me so, O God have mercy on us according to your goodness and give us our hearts desire, bless each one of us, lead and guide us with your spirit, Lord may our lives bear your message, our Lady pray for us, saint valentine pray for us, Saints in heaven pray for us. Amen

  7. Michael
    3 years ago

    Excelant and informative, apleasure to read.

  8. Sandra
    3 years ago

    I believe Saint Valentine was a priest that converted people to believe in God, and was beheaded for it. He really loved God. Young people should pray for a conversion to really follow their faith only then will they find a love that will be true. It's won't be perfect and will take a lot of giving, forgiving and commitement on both sides, and never giving up. Also keeping God in your marriage. And Marriage is a sacrament in the church which is between a man and a women. Marriage is a beautiful sacrament. Sometimes you need to let God take charge. Pray to Saint Valentine for a conversion. Start by attending church, going to communion, confession. Get involved in your religion. Do good. God won't lead you the wronge way. One small step in the right direction. Go on. Happy Saint Valentines Day. Spread the LOVE!..........

  9. Joseph Mathew
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Valentine, Please intercede for us to find a suitable match for our daughter Jainy. Thank You!

  10. S.G.
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Valentine, 1st I would like to say happy feast day to you!!! 2nd please help answer my prayer. Please reunite me back w/my soulmate R.S., please help him open his eyes n help him realize he made a big mistake by ending our relationship, please help him open his eyes n help him realize we belong together as one in the house of God, please let me hear from him asa, please have call/txt me asap n tell me that he still loves me n never stopped, that he wants me back in his life n never let us part, please reunite our love as one n bless us in holy matrimony, please bless us w/a healthy n happy marriage, relationship, but most importantly a family. Oh St Valentine, saint of love please help answer my prayer, my wish n my dream n reunite me back w/my soulmate R.S. n never let us part. I am head over heels in love w/him n I would do anything for me prayer to come true, please I am begging u from the bottom of my heart n soul for ur help. Please help answer my prayer. I thank u n love u! AMEN!!

  11. Helen Albert
    3 years ago

    Please St Valentine find me a good man to fall in love with me and me to fall in love with him and to marry. I offer my request to the heavenly father.x

  12. Maggie
    3 years ago

    Love to all on St Valentine's Day, It is true that the Saints are God's messengers and they intercede for us and they even answer prayers with God's help. St Valentine wants today, his Feast Day, for more love to be on planet earth. Also, he is answering the prayers of all lovers who want true love on this day. So - in order to participate in the Blessing of St Valentine today: Make the sign of the Cross. Hail Mary, Our Father. Glory Be, then speak your love wish and intention and thank St Valentine, the Patron Saint of Lovers to answer your prayer today. Or give you a clear miracle sign it is on its way to you on this day. Sending love to all. Ask you and you shall receive. I ask that kc shows up in my life as my husband and partner in life & love for our happiness and the good of all. Thank you!

  13. Caroline
    3 years ago

    Dear St Valentine
    I have 3 childrenn. The youngest has a god fearing boyfriend so please bless thier friendship. my older son and daughter have not settled for any relationship as yet please send them god fearing boy and a girl in their lives so they can begin their friendship of love and understanding in the fear of our Lord. My husband and I are married for 30 years continue to bless our marriage. Love and God Bless.

  14. skye
    3 years ago

    Please that I get the person I am looking for as my life partner. I should be very very happy with that person

  15. David Ross
    3 years ago

    Saint Valentine,

    Please send a special blessing down to everyone that honors you in any way. Please make their sweet dreams come true. We will see you in heaven! :)

  16. Angela
    3 years ago

    St. Valentine,i nid a man who wuld want 2 get 2knw me n undastnd me,nt d 1 dat wuld want me 2 always take his words n bend 2 his own rules witout bending 2 mine sumtimes. If "O" is d 1 4 me,touch him so dat he'll knw dat am a woman n av feelings..Amen.

  17. Angela
    3 years ago

    St. Valentine,i nid a man who wuld want 2 get 2knw me n undastnd me,nt d 1 dat wuld want me 2 always take his words n bend 2 his own rules witout bending 2 mine sumtimes. If "O" is d 1 4 me,touch him so dat he'll knw dat am a woman n av feelings..Amen.

  18. C.H.
    3 years ago

    Dear St Valentine, i am looking for true love in my life, and it's been really hard to find it because i became very picky and had a lot of relationships. I am not a good Christian but my dream is to have a Christian family and i will never give up... I ask God for forgiveness and for his mercy and ask you on this holy day to help me and teach me how to be humble and faithful and make a better person of me. Amen.

  19. Kenny-Sho
    3 years ago

    The site is worth the time! More light need be shed nonetheless. I pray that all who seek love find it. May 'love' that will do us little or no good not envelope us. Grace to all the Saints.

  20. EL Machinos Tetos
    3 years ago

    '' We build cathedrals to our pain,
    Establish Monuments to attain,
    Freedom from the scars and the sins,
    Lest we drown in the darkness within...''

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