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St. Therese of Lisieux Comments

Generations of Catholics have admired this young saint, called her the "Little Flower", and found in her short life more inspiration for own lives than in volumes by theologians. Yet Therese died when she was 24, after having lived as cloistered Carmelite for less than ten years. She never went on missions, never founded a religious order, never performed great works. The only book of hers, published after her death, was an brief edited ... Continue Reading

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  1. osmana
    2 years ago

    saint therese please shower us with roses today as answered preyers.thankls

  2. Collette
    2 years ago

    Recently my 96 year old mother-in-law was in agony as she was passing from this life to eternal life. As I sat praying the rosary by her bedside, four of the staff at the nursing facility where she resided came into see her....thinking she would pass before they came back on their next shift. As we sat there pretty much silent one of the women who was standing noticed an aroma of fresh roses.....I didn't smell it at first but one by one each of the women began to smell the fragrant smell of the roses....and then I noticed it get stronger over my mother-in-law, each of the women went around the room and down a hall way to see if the smell was coming from was not! It lingered over my mother-in-law for a several minutes and as it came it was gone. This was truly a blessing from St. Theresa no question in my mind.
    Knowing that others might not believe this had happened one by one these women came in the room to confirm what they had witnessed....she finally passed away the next day...for me it was a miracle for my mother-in-law that her suffering would be coming to an end. I thank God everyday for this tremendous blessing that I was able to witness.
    Thank you, St. Theresa

  3. Katie
    2 years ago

    I love St. Therese! She is going to be my confirmation saint. She really inspires me in everything I do.

  4. Abi
    2 years ago

    Saint Therese is going to be my saint for conformation. She is such an inspiration and I'm happy I chose her. She really is a little flower.

  5. michael varger
    2 years ago

    My Dearest Little Flower, where do I begin to thank you for the countless blessings and graces the Risen Lord showered me from my early age. I look forward to the future with the confidence of knowing that with you at my side there is no challenge too big for us to take on nor will we ever be paralysed by any obsticle or obstruction in our life's path, we'll find a way around them come rain, hail or shine. I know you possess a great love of souls, but you reserve special love and devotion for souls who are unloved and unwanted, lost and lonely souls. Timmy is such a soul who is unloved and unwanted, lost and lonely soul desperate to be embrased and adopted like a bruised and unwanted puppy. Timmy was born on Sunday, 4th April 1976, to a Finnish family who immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1970. Timmy's father was a hopeless alcoholic who drank his wages in filthy pubs and his mother a sober and hardworking woman struggling to feed her family of 6 on a small salary working as a housecleaner for a wealthy but kind Jewish lady in the affluent Sydney suburb of Elizabeth Bay. Life was a daily battle to get by and make it through to tomorrow, back than there was no social welfare system that prevents it happening. Timmy was 16 years old when his elder brother, a hopeless heroin addict, talked him into smoking heroin telling him that smoking heroin wasn't addictive as it was same as smoking majriuana. It didn't take too long for Timmy to develop a $400 a day heroin habit. In 2004 after many years of heroin abuse and living a life worst than that of the wild beasts Timmy was admitted into treatment and until 13 months ago lived a clean life with a well paid job, played sport and restored classic BMW cars 1962-1965 series with great success, life was fantastic. He met and fell madly in love with a spunky young girl (22 years old) who is a heroin addict and now Timmy is sleeping on park benches and soliciting coins from pedestrians and patron in pubs. Timmy wants to commit suicide and twice already he was saved by the skin of his teeth from death. Timmy's life is a self inflicted HELL, heroin hell, and he possesses no hope of breaking out of the gates of HELL. My Sweet Little Flower, where there is life there is hope so please adopt Timmy's miserable and tormented life and storm Heaven to deliver Timmy safely back to his terrified and torn family. AMEN

  6. Amanda
    2 years ago

    Thank you St Therese for praying for me and for
    obtaining God's grace for me concerning my exams. I
    know I would never have gotten the grades I did
    without your intercession and prayers for me. I am
    truly thankful for your help, and for the blessings of
    God. I would like to ask for your continued prayers as
    I await my posting results to university. Pray for me
    that I may be able to get in the course of my choice,
    as I know that I will only be able to get in by a
    miracle, but I know that this is possible with God and
    I sincerely seek your prayers, such that a miracle may
    be granted for me. I also pray that I can be more like you, that I will grow in faith and believe in God's great love for me, to never fall into despair. Thank you!

  7. J
    2 years ago

    St Therese, please help me to focus and concentrate and persist so that I can get through this. Please help me to finish and to not get discouraged or distracted. Please allow me to get the assistance and the time that I need. Please help my family to understand the situation and be there to help and support me through it. Please be with me through the next few months and help me to get there. Amen

  8. Jer
    2 years ago

    St Therese, please help me to focus and concentrate and persevere so that I can get through this. Please help me to get enough done each day so that will be able to finish before it's too late. Please help me to not get distracted. Please help my family to understand and give me the assistance and support that I need. Please let everything work out and let those in charge agree to my request.

  9. J
    3 years ago

    St Therese, please help me out with my current situation. I am honestly at breaking point I don't know how I am going to cope anymore. Please help my mum to understand and to help me. Please let those in charge grant my request. I pray now more than ever that you will be help me to get through this as I desperatly need my situation to be resolved so that I can get through this. Amen.

  10. Therese M.
    3 years ago

    Mother Saint Therese, please hear my prayers.
    I pray you drop one of your pedals upon my sister and her husband for their unselfisness and love. I pray you give them happiness through the rest of their lives.
    I also pray you send me a pedal as well as I am ready to love again so please hear my prayers. amen

  11. Theresa
    3 years ago

    Thank you St Therese for setting good example for us to follow, I ask that you obtain for me and my children a stable family to call home and grant our stay here in this country. give me the grace to see Our mother, Mary smile down at me and i would be healed aswell in Jesus name i pray with you. Amen

  12. AF
    3 years ago

    Mother Saint Therese, Little Flower of Jesus, please answer my prayers. I have been and still praying for my daughter. Please mother drop one of the petals from your flowers on her head to remind her to take her pills everyday. Mother help her with her depression, anger, and anxiety. Turn all these into joy, happiness, confidence and help her with this semester. Mother Therese please send one of your flowers for us. Give us a sign if she will be cured and pass her semester with flying colors. Mother Therese please pray for us. I will keep on praying and keep praying until my last breath, please mother give us a sign that our prayers are being heard and answered, thank you for everything. Amen

  13. Jennifer
    3 years ago

    Thank you SO much Saint Therese for answerin my prayer, I will forever be grateful! Please continue to give me signs and shower me with your roses. Please continue to pray for me, bring who I believe to be my true soul mate back to me. I will never lose my faith and hope for him to come back. Please pray for me always.

  14. J
    3 years ago

    St Therese, please let my family understand how critically important it is for me to get my application granted and be willing to support me and advocate for me on my behalf. Please come into the hearts of those making the decision and let them be willing, able and have the power to grant my request in view of my exceptional cuircumstances. Please help them to have the compassion and authority to do so. Please help me through this extremely difficult time. Amen.

  15. Anna
    3 years ago

    I was so amazed at how Therese lived her life. She has inspired me to live life to the fullest. I chose her as my Confirmation saint for this reason. She has shown me her love and support in her "little ways." She touched my heart with her life story, in a way that I will never forget.
    St. Therese: Pray for us!

  16. Meghan
    3 years ago

    I can't belive how incredibly inspiring St. Therese is... It truly is the little things that count. Its amazing how she always was striving for sainthood but thought she could never get there. Now St. Terese is a Doctor of the Church! As soon as I read this boigraphy, there was no doubt in my mind that St. Terese will be my Confirmation saint. I can't wait to be Confirmed!

  17. J
    3 years ago

    St Therese, please be with me and help me through this extremely difficult time. Please allow my application to be granted and please help everything to be explained correctly so that this can occur. Please give those making the decision kindness and compassion so that they understand and can grant my request in view of my circumstances (and please let them have the authority to do so). I kniow this is part of what I need to move forward. Please help my family to be there and help and support me through this and realise why I so desperately need this and why it is so critically important. Please let my family also realise that I need to address my health issues at the same time but that I am still committed to everything else just as much and to be there for me regarding these too. Please give me the strength, endurance and capicity that I need to get through all of this and grace and determination to work out the best way to go about fixing everything in a tiomely manner. Amen.

  18. Harriet Paradis
    3 years ago

    I pray every hour to Mother Mary for my 27 year old grandaughter who got caught up in high school with a drug dealer. When she got pregnant at age 20, she went off of drugs and was clean for 7 years. Mean while the Father threatened her and through rape, she has 2 more children. She tried to get away, but finally she has to give the children to the Foster Home System. I love those children and she does too. I pray that she will meet the right people to get her a job and be able to take care of these beautiful children. She tried to get help through the church and Catholic Charities, but there is no help coming. I pray she will find the right people to helpl her. I don't have the finances to help her, as Ihavae in the past. I will lpray to St. Therese.

  19. lynn vialpando
    3 years ago

    hello, i am trying to identify some saints, i have beads that have saints on them and i make jewelry out of them and i do not know who the saints are. someone told me to contact this website for the information which i need. thank you, :-)

  20. J
    3 years ago

    St Therese, only you know the pain I have and how alone, hopeless and defeated I feel. Please give me the strength I so desperately need to get through this. I ask you to guide and help me to be able to determine the best way to approach the situation. Please allow my application to be approved and for me to be given the time that I ask for. Please let the people making the decision have the compassion and the authority to accept my request. Please help my family to understand and help me and be supportive. Amen.

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