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Anti-Catholic Agenda of United Nations in the Report on the Convention on the Rights of a Child Comments

No honest, sincere analysis of the response of the Catholic Church to this matter, and the recent heightened actions of Pope Francis, can lead to any other conclusion but that the Catholic Church is responding with a vigorous and serious global response to this evil. More remains to be done. However, the report issued by the UN Convention went way beyond that subject.It intruded into the doctrine, teaching,discipline and rights of the ... Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    11 months ago

    Markinator: You anti-catholics living up on that high and mighty hill in your glass houses need to wash your windows. Your view is fuzzy. When is the next time you walk on water? Peace.

  2. Markinator
    11 months ago

    You claim to be all about the rights of kids. But what you're doing in the lawsuits against the pedophiles in your priesthood tells a much different story. "Do as we say, and pay no attention to what we do" seems to be the catholic mantra.

    But you won't post my comments, because of what I just wrote, above. You cannot handle bleak truths. Your catholic church is dangerously deluded. Have a great day!

  3. Tom
    11 months ago

    Cathy: You say you are Catholic, but do not raise your children as Catholic, you deny them the love of God, this speaks to a lack of knowledge about Jesus. This tells me you do not worship Our Lord as a Catholic, if you did you would know the Church has to answer to God only, the spiritual world, not the Un in the secular world.

    Only through action will the Church be cleansed. The Church has made great strives to rid itself of this evil. Since my return to the Church, I have seen only very Holy Priest. Do not wrap them in the evil of the UN. Return to the Church, she Loves you.

    You should read the Bible more and you will see from the teachings of Jesus that there is NOTHING in this world to glorify, only God is to be Praised and Glorified. You use motherhood as an excuse to hate , not very Christian.

  4. Trinbagonian
    11 months ago

    CATHY MORRISON, like you I decided not to raise my children in Church.

    This was wrong, I now know. It has borne the fruit of MUCH hardships in my family and by extension the world. Still I thank God for This Divine Revelation ... the further from Church our hearts and bodies are, the more corrupted our lives.

    I agree with you that the Sacrament of Reconciliation requires sincerity and atonement. I received it after being apart twenty-something years from The Church. Now, I understand the value of It tremendously. It's about atonement ... being at-one (atone) with God. And CATHY MORRISON, despite our sin and the sins of parents and the sins of priests and the sins of Peter and Judas, despite how we may fall after Confession even as we desire to be saints even, The Church still IS/HAS The Best Way to become at-one with God.

    You know CATHY, at my first Confession as a revert when I told the priest my last confession was over 25 years, he didn't bat an eyelid. How Great Is The Lord and The Church! (Thank you Jesus.)

    I will join with you CATHY in prayer for your family, your sons. I ask that you please pray for my family (I have a son and a daughter). I will join with you in prayer for atonement of ourselves and all of mankind. This is hard. And so I join with you. I pray for spiritual courage ... to not be afraid and ashamed. We have Our Holy Mother, the Community of Saints (including those in The Church) to help us. I pray that you accept in your heart the beauty of this company, the Good News of The Gospel and live in The Light of The Resurrected Lord fully in The Community of The Church.

    God Bless.

  5. James
    11 months ago

    I am an independent who has to settle for voting republican because most still have some kind of values. The democrats love this kind of thing. For all of the people that vote for them you are ushering in this kind of thing and killing what is left of this great country. They do not like (trying Christians, little babies, or traditional marriage. Some people still think democrats care for the poor and have a good heart. How silly!

  6. Christobal
    11 months ago

    " There is no deferring the crime, it does not matter who is pointing out the crime. It is what it is and must be dealt with in order for us to move forward in goodness and love. "

    But it does matter who is pointing out the crime and who is getting the brunt of this kind of crime, in addition to wanting the religion tampered with, something that would never happen with Muslims, Hindus, Protestants, or Jews by the UN, When the Saudi press is reporting this kind of stuff with a straight face, you know Orwell is King, Cathy. I suppose they forgot very conveniently when some young girls were left to burn to death in a building during the Hajj because the alternative, i.e. saving their lives, might be an insult to Allah and the faithful. And how soon we've all forgotten Mr. Ahmadinejad's statements in NYC telling the World that Iran has no homosexuals. Stoning Women for adultery?

    Who, me, The Ayatollah? Why, of course not.

    Press TV was all over this UN Story, Cathy, and letting their readership have a field day against the Wicked Vatican. You think this is just about justice, my good lady? This is politics 101. Let's find the softest target and club them to death. Those other folks will call us racists and colonialists and that'll be the end of it.

    Plus I live in DFW, Texas USA. I saw how the RCC was treated by the press in 97 for things that happened 20 plus years previous. When a Black, Baptist minister was caught in the act with a three year old girl, it was a story for about a day, because the faithful protested against the Evil White Media. The RCC turned the other cheek and was seen as Satan Incarnate for month after month after month. That was 17 years ago and the press and other world institutions continue to play this game, making the Catholic Church the scapegoat for all the world's social sins and ills. This is post-Columbine, Connecticut school shootings, kids as suicide bombers in very horrific conflicts, plus all kinds of other things against young girls in third world countries, like genital mutilation.

    Plus will new kinds of family settings, gay marriage, etc. prevent child abuse? Has the public school system prevented abuse by teachers against children or is it covered up by the best and brightest amongst us? And will Hollywood and the NY film world give Woody Allen the scorn he deserves? After all we should listen to what the kids say no matter how long ago these things happened.

    No, Cathy, there is politics involved in this game and it is time to take what medicine we deserve, but point out the other ills of society and social institutions, with love and fairness, for there is plenty on any given day. Not to do so would be a grave injustice to both God and Humanity. And we have just the right Pope to show us the way in these strange and often baffling times. Francis, Godspeed, my good man and Pontiff.

  7. Cathy Morrison
    11 months ago

    By the time I was three, I was reading. By the time I was 10 I had read the Bible and every book in the St Brendan Library on the Saints. I loved my faith and to this day it has never been shaken. But, and this is a big but, I did not raise my sons in the Roman Catholic Church. I could not, although I mourned each day that went by without answer from my church for sending wolves to attack our children.
    I am a mother, and I have been given the task to keep my children safe from harm. I chose motherhood from the first stirrings of life within me. I accepted the sacredness of the child and of conception. My Church, with the litany of Holy Sees and Bishops who shuffled the wolves from parish to parish, created a climate of insecurity, where there should be sanctuary.
    There is so much in the Catholic faith that is undeniably pure, loving, and a true light in the face of darkness. It is with heartfelt sorrow that our shepherds cannot see and will not address the danger they put in the very foundation of the Catholic Faith with their unwillingness to accept the sins of the Fathers that are visited upon the sons and daughters of the flock.
    Confession should not be a sanctuary to admit the heinous crimes, then saying a few prayers and getting on with more sins. I cannot be part of a church that would put us all in such danger. I will live the faith, I will not follow the corruption. I cannot lead my children into such a state of temptation.
    Please, take the penance that the world is begging you to face and make our Church the sanctuary of faith is was built to be. There is no deferring the crime, it does not matter who is pointing out the crime. It is what it is and must be dealt with in order for us to move forward in goodness and love.

  8. JoAnn
    11 months ago

    John: Read your Bible. Israel NEVER belonged to the Palestinians. It belongs to Israel and always has because of the covenant between God and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God changed Jacob's name to ISRAEL. The 12 tribes of Israel were all sired by Jacob. When the Israelites went into the land that God gave them, God told them to drive everyone out that occupied the land. God also told the Israelites that if they did not drive them all out, they would be a thorn in Israel's side. Israel disobeyed God and let Arabs stay. That is the reason for all the turmoil in Israel. The Palestinians have NO right to the land of Israel. And everytime the Jews concede and give land away for peace, they dig themselves into a bigger hole. They will never have peace with the Arabs because the Arabs lie to get what they want. Their main goal is to destroy the Israelites and also take over the world. The UN has more Muslims in control than any other country. Their "Caliphate" is just about formed and when they take over the world, it is not going to be pretty. Peace.

  9. Tom
    11 months ago

    Did the Un condemn children used as suicide bombers by radical Muslims. Politics in it's evil bed. What has amazed me on this site and other Catholic site is the number of people who agree with the Un. No amount of may a copa's will be enough.

  10. constance
    11 months ago

    The UN is all about the PLEASURE of sex, without the RESPONSIBILITY of sex. They are promoting and expanding this, not just tolerating it as a bad free will choice. Homosexuality and abortion result from their agenda.

    The Church is about ETERNAL SALVATION, and how our acceptance of God's grace, helps us to follow the Commandments. Since this conflicts with the UN Agenda, which is also reduction of population by any means, the Church is their target.

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