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Answering the Only Question That Matters About Abortion Comments

Pregnancy is no easy thing, period. There is no reason not to admit that pregnancy can be very, very hard on a woman. It can be every good and beautiful thing, and it can be some very difficult things, too. That's the truth,plain and simple. But here's the bottom line: it's irrelevant. All that matters is the humanity of the child in the womb. Continue Reading

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  1. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    "Answering the Only Question That Matters About Abortion"

    Will you vote Prolife or Prodeath???

  2. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    I think we have just been introduced to the Sandra Fluke of the abortion industry. Such compassion for right to kill. If the pharmacist weapons didn't get the job done have the doctor do it with his tools. It's all legal and free now in America thanks to the cry of common decency and respect for the "law". And we can use these same doctors to advise the pro-choice of any "defect" in the life of a "wanted" pregnancy which we find objectionable so we can choose to reclassify it to unwanted then kill the "it" in you womb. Power over principles, you must love "it".

  3. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Look, O Lord, and pay attention: to whom have you been so ruthless? Must women eat their own offspring, the very children they have borne? Book of Lamentations 2:20

    You call it crap. Maybe you are not coming from the point of view of a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to reflect the mercy of God. When someone makes a decision to abort human life, a deep darkness overshadows the person. Like the women in the Book of Lamentations, certainly some have tried but do not hear the voice of God. The challenge for those committed to encouraging decisions for life is to find a way to be light to those living in darkness and the shadow of death. So often the judgmental way only brings more darkness and little light.

  4. Jennifer Hartline
    1 year ago

    Lara Van Asten,
    It seems you did not actually read what I wrote. I, too, am Catholic and value all human life. The point of my article was not that women don't often face huge challenges, come from terrible situations and upbringings and suffer from more dysfunction than I can imagine. They certainly do. I never once said that a woman's feelings are a load of crap. In fact, I said the opposite.

    But in deciding the legality and morality of abortion, only one thing matters: is that a child, a human being, being killed or not? That's the question we have avoided and attempted to deflect for years. When we have faced that question, our answers have been so full of euphemisms and pathetic attempts to justify the unjustifiable. THAT is what's a load of crap. It's actually not complicated. We sanction killing our children. There's no other way to say it.

    The Catholic Church is second to none on the planet in their care for the unborn AND for expecting mothers from all backgrounds. No one cares more for them than the Church and the millions of people who volunteer their time and give their money to help support mothers in crisis and save babies' lives.

  5. Helen Hawkins
    1 year ago

    It make no sense to me that killing the young of the poor helps the poor. We have killed 56 million children in the United States alone. We have killed 56 million children and the poor is still with us. No mass murderer in the world has even come close to that number.

    We can no longer wonder about how the good German people allowed Hitler to do what he did. We can now understand because we are standing in their place.

    We are killing our own children. We are killing the future.

  6. Larry
    1 year ago

    What's bothered me about this whole issue is that in the name of women's rights, the rights of children, the unborn and of men have been diminished. Women can choose to abort a child in some cases close enough to the time of birth - and at the same time sue someone who causes the loss of her child (fetus) in an accident or traumatic event as if it were a person with rights and women win some of these cases.

    If you don't fight in courts (that is where this idea of privacy and the rights to abort came from) you have no power to change things. Yes, keep the messages going, talk to people one to one or group by group and the attitude in the USA about abortion is changing especially with advances in technology and what we know abou biology, and brain studies and consciousness and awareness in psychology. The church and its memebers should become experts in these areas beyon the moral issue. Not all people's morals are the same nor based on the same things. Use their frames of mind against them on their turf. They don't have to become Christiian - just take their shalllow concepts to the logical conclusions and cram it down their throats and watch them choak. When they have no where to turn, then change their hearts.

  7. James
    1 year ago

    Jennifer, you are very right on this issue. To Laura Van Asten, please do not put Jesus down like that. Murder is murder, it doesn't matter if it is in a back alley, or a nicer setting like an abortion clinic where the mother goes to have her baby murdered. A child is a gift from God. I wonder why you are Catholic when the Church does not support abortion? Nobody is perfect, but I will pray for you.

  8. Margaret
    1 year ago


    I don't disagree with your philosophy. However, it's important to realize that this war to defend the defenseless is a war with multiple fronts: the women in crisis, the legal aspect, reaching the disinterested, etc. I am a big advocate for compassionate care of women as well, but Jennifer's approach is just as appropriate and just as necessary. This country is full of people who lie to themselves and are in denial about the evil, violent nature of abortion. I think Jennifer reaches out to them.

  9. Lara Van Asten
    1 year ago

    I respectfully disagree that the ONLY thing that matters is the life of the unborn child. I am Catholic and value life. The problem with your argument is that it has not considered the multitude of women who are raised in the kinds of dysfunction you couldn't dream up if you tried. Generally speaking these young women haven't been taught to value their own life or bodies. What about them? And what about the millions of unwanted babies that will be born into the same cycle of dysfunction into perpetuity? It is a complex & heartbreaking issue to be sure. Jesus, though, would approach each individual facing these decisions with love. He would not tell them their thoughts & feelings are a load of crap. Perhaps the Catholic Church's and all of the right to life lobby's money would be better spent creating safe places for these women to have their babies, maybe even leave their babies to be raised by the church instead of launching bullying campaigns that push people even farther away from God, the Church and the Truth. I think that would be a much better use of resources. We won't stop all abortions. If it is made illegal women will find ways out of pure desperation; not out of hate for an unborn child. But we can alter our approach to them as one of love for ALL human life.

  10. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    Jennifer, in response to this and your previous article here I'd like to submit a portion of something I had written in honor of Mary. Again, thank you for your great courage and dedication to the cause of ending the curse of our nation.
    Our Holy Mother Mary Queen of Heaven
    There is no greater blessing on earth among mankind than a mother's birth of her child. Faith, Hope and Charity are combined and revealed in this greatest of all human events.
    No conquest would have ever been achieved; no city ever built; no discovery revealed; no instrument brought to use; nor song or praise given breath to be heard had it not been for a mother's labor of love for life.
    Motherhood involves risks and sacrifices as a matter of nature which no man has or will ever have to face. The things which take place in a mother's womb during pregnancy surpass all the amazing realities of the universe that have been revealed to us throughout the ages. How can we be in awe of what has become known to us in the heavens or on earth and not be overwhelmed by the mysteries which occurred within a mothers womb?
    Science tells us that man can neither create nor destroy matter. This is true, however, the woman God created accomplishes more naturally on her own with matter than any scientist has ever dreamed of doing. This is why we "thank heaven for little girls" and also why it is such a disgrace and source of shame that in some areas of the world they are degraded, defiled, discarded, or sold into slavery. It seems only God knows woman's true value.
    Isn't it strange that the story of Eve as related to us gave the dominate man in the equation of life an immediate and almost lasting excuse to blame her for all of "their" problems? Why do you suppose the deceiver chose to suggest his scheme to Eve and not the man? Could it be that she, having been found to be the perfect "mate" and thus able to provide capabilities necessary for the man to survive and prosper, possessed qualities of perception not abundant in the man?
    In the beginning the superior deceiver wanted to unravel paradise but he also wanted to inflict as much damage as possible to God's plan. His attack was aimed at the very heart of mankind, the woman. This is why, as a result, God spoke to him in no uncertain terms of the "woman" who would in time, with the Holy Spirits help, ultimately triumph over him and crush his head with her heel.
    (Oh virgin mother Mary most pure and full of grace, God's promise for mankind has been fulfilled in your acceptance to be his chosen one to bring forth his divine mercy by your complete obedience to his will through and with his beloved Son our Lord Jesus.)

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