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Answering the Only Question That Matters About Abortion Comments

Pregnancy is no easy thing, period. There is no reason not to admit that pregnancy can be very, very hard on a woman. It can be every good and beautiful thing, and it can be some very difficult things, too. That's the truth,plain and simple. But here's the bottom line: it's irrelevant. All that matters is the humanity of the child in the womb. Continue Reading

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  1. Eliajah
    1 year ago

    Hey DLL, I think you hit a good point when you said "Sex is as sacred as the Eucharist in truth." As we all know sexual intercourse is mainly physical at least from the outset, even though love is the core of such intercourse; so is at Eucharist there is spiritual 'intercourse' in the innermost. While the former gives birth to fully well developed physical body( where soul, will, intellect, and spirit is within) that is a human person. The latter is also gives spiritual birth and yet the flesh is redeemed, the soul is liberated, and as the result whole body is divinized or deified: a new human person is emerged. The joy in both cases is that something new had happened, a new life has emerged or conceived from the unknown world.Therefore, there is no separation between the two for both, at their origin, are the work of God: the manifestation of His Power. We can only say that "only fools can only say there is no God," especially those who have been exposed to His Love and Truth. For this we can safely say thank God for God! Come soon and relieve the pain of the world we live in. Hossana Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. DLL
    1 year ago

    Without conception there is no life as all life begins at conception. Pregnancy is in anticipation of a birth. During pregnancy a couple can plan for the birth of a baby. In 9 months a dog becomes almost full grown. It is a long time to anticipate the eventual presence of the baby. Anticipation is planning.
    When is cancer considered best to treat? When it becomes viable or in other wards an obvious mass in the body? No! As soon as cancer cells are found and as early as possible it must be treated,as it has not yet spread. Cancer is a viable menace when cancer cells are found. My point is that at conception is the point of viability because life begins. Sperm and egg unite! Cells divide then redivide to form a fetus,the fetus is that developing baby. Life is developing from the simplest of life forms to a complex life form. All of us were once the simplest of a life form.
    It is in the smallest conceptions of things that there is such a universe full of revelations. The grandiose results of the universe are the products of the smallest conceptions of everything. Such expression of this product,is the conception,that it is as plain as the nose on your face. We see it through the microscope as well as we can see things distant through a telescope. Viability of outer space does not begin because with the moon because that is what we can see that is closest to us. Space is in the atmosphere around us all as inhabitants of earth and we all must breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Without oxygen we die so is it oxygen that creates viable life? No! It is a component necessary for the lives of living beings. Conception is necessary for life to begin as without conception life is inconceivable. Conception is the essential component necessary for life to begin. Abortion and contraception is taking of a life. Denial of this fact is self justifying crap. This deception has gone on for to long and there is pure ignorance in the denial of when life begins. All of us have been deceived! This deception persists because contraception and abortion are convenient ways of avoiding responsibility so that sex can remain a recreational sport.

  3. Kasoy
    1 year ago

    The main contention of abortionists is that life does not yet begin at conception. But life begins when God breathes His Spirit in a creature. For a fertilized egg, life begins when God gives it a soul. Human being is both body and soul to be considered alive. However, there is no way to prove when a soul enters a fertilized egg so that it can be considered a living human being. Only God knows that exact moment when a fertilized egg becomes human with a soul.

    So if no one can ascertain for sure (100%) when this event (a fertilized egg infused with a soul) occurs, the safest assumption is to assume that a fertilized egg becomes human at the instance of fertilization (or conception). This is a logical assumption since an unfertilized egg will not develop into a human being. Only a fertilized egg is capable of transforming to a human being. Therefore, don't abort a fertilized egg.

    Here is a simple analogy. You are on a hunting trip. Suddenly, you see some movements behind some bushes. You look at it. You think it may be a deer. But perhaps it could be another hunter lurking behind the bushes. But you cannot be 100% sure. Question: are you going to shoot at it or not? The safest thing to do is not to shoot.

  4. DLL
    1 year ago

    To receive the Eucharist is to be open to life,to life of Christ,as it is that light that was in Christ that illuminates and enlightens the spiritual life of all believers in God. In that newness that Christ bestows,as we receive Him body,blood,soul and Divinity,we pledge allegiance to God through obedience to God and in a Love for God,because we know we need God. God is the creator of all life.
    A sexually conceived child in the womb is a child,by the very right that caused it to be conceived and that right is defined by itself,as a right to be. From conception until death all have the right to be alive.
    The cause of a being being conceived,means that it is to be and has its human right in its allowing to be alive.
    Sex as a source of fun is irresponsible and it is the smoking gun that abuses the right of the conceived to be,as sex is not just a kiss as Hippies used to think. Sex means responsibility and marriage ensures a responsibility toward those beings conceived as a result of any sexual union. Without a commitment to marry sex becomes dangerous,as sex with an intention to simply abort the child conceived by a sexual encounter is simply the killing of an any unborn child.
    The way to control the growth of any population is through a family planning that is governed by ones own self control,even as married persons,and not as a result of so called contraception and certainly not abortion.
    At Eucharistic Adoration I see the Heavenly Host revealed in a Monstrance. To me it is similar to seeing the blessed Mother as She is holding the Child Jesus in Her arms. In the depiction of our Lady of Guadalupe the child Jesus was in her Blessed Womb. In a pregnant female she has another life within herself and she has become blessed because of the very importance of the fact that she can conceive that life,to reproduce a life. Females are born for and meant to be respected,for that very reason alone. Women were never meant to be treated as whores for any body to abuse. The body of every woman's body is sacred and God made this so because every woman deserves respect because simply they are reproductive,as they are women. All Men must respect this as a fact so as to protect their own chastity as well as the chastity of every woman. The conceived child is a gift of the sexual union and Holy Marriage is the way to protect the gift of each human life and that gift is a Human Child.

  5. Bob Rees
    1 year ago

    Wonderful article and the only disagreement I have with it is when you said people who support abortion are well-meaning. I don't find the abortion industry, nor the people involved, to include our uninformed democrat president, vice president and others as well-meaning.

  6. DLL
    1 year ago

    Sex is as sacred as the Eucharist in truth. A man and a woman are meant to live in a loving,Holy marriage,devoted to each other and to those that are the product of their procreative love,their children. Family first! If that were the case for all then there would be no such thing as abortion. Remember contraception is really contra conception which means anti conception or anti openness to life or anti life. Contraception assumes that giving birth is a curse of inconvience. A baby is a mixed blessing and a heavy responsibility. To love life actually,is to not care so much about that as a problem. It is hard and that is the debate but is killing a conceived child an evil? It is,as it is capital punishment of the unborn,who by no fault of their own became conceived human beings. How many people wish they could have just one healthy pregnancy? Then again look at how many potentially healthy pregnancies have been terminated. This is the choice of a human beings free will. "To be or not to be that is the question"! One is answering that question by forcing their opinion as an adult,not necessarily only the Mother,on one who is not allowed to become mature enough to ever voice their opinion and that is the "fetus"or the conceived child. Sex was the cause of the conception. If sex is such a joy than the joy of sex is sacred,in that intimacy between a man and a woman that produces a child. Sex is serious business. When a child is aborted than sex is the smoking gun of a couples irresponsibility. Aborting a child is much like just shooting it,if so called making love will never mean that the product of that love,a child,must always be denied life and never to be allowed even the ideal idea of it's social right to conception,birth and a full life lived. Is That Fair? Is abortion not killing? It is,as sin itself,is ones violation of the rights of the other,in this case abortion is the prevention of another to ever experience the fullness of a living life time. Any real law,worth it's salt is a law that protects the innocent,in this case the pre born child and each and every human being as well. Lust is NOT love. Luv-Lust is the product of a culture of death. Abortion is the product of pure lust and not of true love.

  7. Clement
    1 year ago

    I think this is an interesting site that we need to promote. lets all unite in Christ and avoid immorality which battles with Christianity Today.

  8. Jennifer Hartline
    1 year ago

    Dear Toni,

    Your comment left me with tears in my eyes. Thank you so much.
    I bet that issue of LIFE is quite something to see. What a treasure. I'm so glad your mother kept it. God bless you.

  9. JOE
    1 year ago


  10. Toni
    1 year ago

    Dear Jennifer Hartline. That. Was. Beautiful.

    I found an old copy of "Life" magazine among my mother's things recently. Bottom of an old box I hadn't been able to bring myself to go through since she passed in 2000. She had been a nurse, a wife, a mother (5 children plus 3 miscarriages). This magazine, dated 1965 had some of the first in utero pictures of a child.

    Beautiful images they were, too, even the earliest stages had an unearthly, miraculous beauty. What caught my attention though, was a small sidebar stating that life began at the moment of conception. Today this is denied by the same people that would scream for joy if a single-celled organism were found (alive or dead) on Mars!

    I found myself weeping after reading this article. For the beauty of the images. For the fact my mother had kept this magazine for reasons I will never know. For the millions of mothers that endure abortions and their aftermath. For the little souls and bodies numbering in the 55 million range torn asunder. But mostly, mostly for the heartless emptiness that allows a nation to sanction a genocide of this magnitude, yet demands those opposing it be silent- and declares US the monsters.

    Your article helped me heal a bit from that, and affirmed my resolve.

    Thank you.

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