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Grammy Awards Reveal Collapsing Culture and the Christian Mission in a Pre-Christian Nation Comments

A popular music performer moved suggestively up and down on a broomstick while satanic images and hellfire surrounding her. Homosexuals and lesbians purported to be married- in an in your face act of defiance and rejection of the Natural Moral Law. Where did this all occur? In an ancient scene from a film depicting the internal moral corruption of the Old Rome? No, it all took place before anyone who simply wanted to watch the 56th ... Continue Reading

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  1. Nick
    1 year ago

    Pope Francis has said that the only way to follow the example of Christ is to stop thinking of sin as personal problem or choice, and instead identify it as evil that must be stopped. I think a sign of how many Catholics have been morally corrupted and indoctrinated (or perhaps just how many anti-Catholics troll Catholic sites) is that the writer of the article was allowed to condemn any kind of immorality without being attacked in the comment section. Some of the comments here bring up the same tired tropes brought up by the media to discourage any kind of moral teaching or authority: "what happened to love the sinner"...."all the sinning is the church or someone else's fault because blank & blank wasnt done"....these arguments, whether made in good faith or not, only help the moral decline and collapse of society, and do nothing to help people mired in sin who actually want to improve themselves and the world around them. If these commenters had genuine concern and compassion for people caught up the evil of our world, they would applaud articles like this, and would pull no punches in condemning the evil destroying our world.

  2. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Why would ever any Catholic watch this abomination, I fail to understand it. The times when it represented human talent are gone and we, as faithful, should not only not watch it but speak openly about its poisonous effect on our young people.
    Please, do not give them your time, your attention and speak against it. They are people who lost their way, people who do not have anyone in their lives to point them to the Truth.
    They need our prayers.

  3. James
    1 year ago

    I have been predicting it for a while which doesn't take a genius to do, that there would be gay indoctrination on the Disney channel so little kids can be exposed even before Godless schools get ahold of them. I saw two mommies on Good Luck Charlie, but I came in at the end of the show and wasn't sure if they was together. I later read a statement from Disney about it being true. I use to brag about how I could leave that channel on for my little girl and never have to worry. It doesn't mean you hate gay people if you support the God of the Bible. I am scared to death of my little girl having to grow up in this country now. Her life as a Christian will be extremely hard in the future.

  4. David Hollingsworth
    1 year ago

    I saw some of the shenaniigans that went on at the Grammy Awards. I am not a prude by nature but it turned me completely off. I have to agree with the writer of this article that we seem to be returning to the ways of ancient Rome and the old pagan religions BUT I do have an observation or better said a reservation on the whole thing. When the Church(es) were an integral part of the Establishment, where were they when sinners needed help and comforting? Divorced people - especially women were treated as non persons; homosexuals and yes pedophiles and incestuous types were looked upon as the lowest forms of life and shut out. Where was hate the sin but love the sinner? What filled the void? Looks like the Devil might be taking over. He has a way of convincing folks that they'll never make it as Christians because they screwed up, so they might as well throw in with him. Bravo for Pope Francis who's trying to follow the footsteps of Our Lord when he said "sick people need the doctor."

  5. Beverly
    1 year ago

    Mark 8:36 What does it profit a person to gain the whole world but lose their soul? The average lifespan of humans (in the US) is around 77 years. That is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity. Wake up people before it's too late.

  6. michael
    1 year ago

    If Rock and Roll / Pop Music and the Grammy Awards are so "satanic", why is it that the members of the Church want to baptize it? This website promotes "rapping" priests. There are also break-dancing and "beat boxing" clerics who try to touch the youth. Bob Dylan, who freely admits that he made a deal with the devil, was invited to a Eucharistic Congress to sing just a few years back and performed in the presence of the pope. And yes, the world has Woodstock and we have World Youth Day with the Revolution in Rio. Perhaps we can grow up and realize that this stuff just doesn't work. This part of our culture can be "baptized," but rather rejected.

  7. Mal
    1 year ago

    It used to be a celebration of American talent. Now it is a platform to demonstrate paganism and nad vulgarity. It seems that the US is losing talent and soul.

  8. rebecca
    1 year ago

    "Christianity has not been tried and failed. It has been found difficult and so has not been tried.. - Chesterton

    We see people on television turning themselves into sexual objects but what we don't see is all of the Christians who failed to be Christ when these poor lost souls needed it most. What is homosexual marriage but a scourge born from feelings of alienation in a culture meant to counsel and comfort the sinner? What is abortion but a scourge born from feelings of abandonment in a society that ought to have offered unwed mothers support and love?Can we say we've never treated ourselves or others as sexual objects? Where were the crisis pregnancy centers a century ago when Christianity was the professed religion? Where were the sexual rehabilitation counseling centers? If they have turned toward Satan it's because somewhere along the line someone failed to be Christ. We must be witness to divine love (agape) in a society that champions love's lowest and most base form (eros). We ca
    n't achieve this condemning and shunning sinners. If we do that we're all lost.

  9. Joseph
    1 year ago

    Excellent article - and there are indeed many parallels between the state of the West today and that in ancient Rome.

    However - and it is a big however - it is a false premise, with fundamental consequences for our strategic understanding of what is happening today - to view current decadence as the same as that in ancient Rome. There is one major and crucial difference: ancient classical civilization was absolutely awash with religions. They were pagan, yes, but NOT atheists. Indeed the Emperors were constantly seeking a religion which could act as a form of social cement, an ideology which could help to unify their enormous multicultural empire.

    Today's elites are different and much more evil. They do not believe in any God. They are radical atheists who despise the very notion of the divine - any divinity, any theology. This makes them even more ruthless and cruel. And it makes our task all the more urgent - to get back to basics, the basics of family and community under God, living by the 10 commandments and preaching, loud and clear, both heaven AND hell.

    We will be mocked and ridiculed for doing so - but hey, what's new? As you state in your article, if we are true to the Gospel - to its message of righteousness and love, reward and punishment (and pulling no punches on God's openly declared punishment for those who reject him) then over time we will triumph.

    But we should be under no illusions. This is going to be a long haul. A marathon, not a sprint. But as Jesus has told us - we should be of good cheer, for those who endure unto the end, who fight the good fight, who stay the course and hold the line, shall in the end prevail.

  10. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I caught a glimpse of the Awards, and it was obviously satan-rigged.

    As a black woman, what I found very striking is that the culture is succeeding in overtaking the blacks. Homosexuality/satan were generally shunned by American Blacks, gangster and non-gangster. Now, the rap artistes seem rather comfortable amongst this darkness. It has become associated with money and success. Thus, ok. It helps one to gain notice and make money.

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