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Long defending the practice, Pope Francis baptizes child of unmarried couple Comments

Having long called for the practice, Pope Francis baptized the baby of an unmarried couple in the Sistine Chapel during Baptism of the Lord mass at the Vatican. The unnamed parents and their child took part in the traditional Baptism of the Lord mass with 31 others, commemorating the day St. John baptized Jesus. Continue Reading

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  1. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    In my ignorance, I was always a proponent for immediate baptizing, and not making it contingent on the Parents or God Parents standing with the Catholic Church.

    What fault is it of the infant or unbaptized person's parents choose to live immoral lives?

    However, I think this should not be viewed as Pope Francis approving of unmarried couples living together.

  2. fallen saint
    1 year ago

    If Jesus was with us, what would he do....I say He would baptize the child. I could almost see the joy in Our Lords face when He would raise the child up to His Heavenly Father. Papa Francis is bringing back the simplicity of Gods love. By baptizing this child, Our Holy Father is preparing a soul for its Christian journey. This innocent child (soul) has nothing to do with the sins of his/her parents. Those who have written against the sin, still don't understand Pope Francis's new evangelization. Souls come first...........then condemnation of sin. I think every Catholic understands having children out of the sacrament of marriage is wrong and a sin. But what does that have to do with presenting a child to his/her Heavenly Father.

    Sometimes, we try to see hidden messages in the actions and words of Pope Francis. But maybe Pope Francis's only true motive is to save souls. The cross he carries is huge, when he reaches heaven, God will not ask how many people did you condemn.....but how many souls did you save.

    May God Bless Papa Francis

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I wish to remind you please, that Jesus came for sinners. And many of the worst sinners, claims Jesus, would reach Heaven before us.
    Let's get this thing into perspective.

    ALLUYN & JOHN, please, you are not exercising love and mercy or obedience by your comments. And if you continue like this, you will not receive the bounty of God's Love and Mercy nor the full benefits of His Covenant. Please stop. Stop the bitterness.

    ALLUYN: Not a slap. NO. Rather we can receive the same mercy from The Church and God. It is beautiful. Christ's Compassion.
    JOHN: Since you know the sin of fornication, I hope you know the sin of disobedience to The Vicar of The Church. And yes you can tell someone if they are wrong. You have been wrong. They are clearly not ready for marriage.

    I had a civil marriage and did not baptize my babies. Catholic priests showed me mercy. And so my children were baptized in their late teens (about 4 years ago); my marriage was convalidated last year even though my husband has not yet returned to The Church.
    There is a lot of spiritual sickness in us. A lot of sin in us and between us, sinners.

    If I can now love The Church and God, who are these parents? They, at least, want Baptism for their baby. If The Church received me, who are these parents/baby? Pray for them. Pray for the child. Pray that they would be better than us ... that they would be saints.
    Do you not believe in prayer?

    BTW: Even if you make a sinful comment here against The Pope and The Church and The Holy Spirit (Who Leads), you can still receive Sacraments. Go to confession.

  4. Nik
    1 year ago

    It's sad to see such hardened hearts that have no imprint of God's mercy here in the comments.

    Alluyn, so hypocritical of us to say 'hey, you cannot abort a child, even if it of rape, because God has given life to the baby' and yet turn around and say a child will not be baptized because it was born of sin? What a slap in the face to those who follow commandments you say - perhaps you have never heard of the Parable of the Vineyard owner who paid his evening workers the same as those that worked all day in the sun. Who are you and I to question God's generosity in calling ALL to his mercy.

    John, you can tell people about their sins all day, but what changes hearts is not admonishment but love. Have you considered the possibility that when these co-habitating "sinners" (a category to which you and I belong as well) are welcomed to the church through the baptism of their child, that their hearts will turn to God as well and in the long run, they will seek forgiveness of God and want to grow in faith themselves? Or are we just happy to spurn people on account of their sinfulness and never give them the opportunity for God's grace and love to transform from within? In any case, who are you and I to judge them?; only God has that right.

    Woe be to us hypocritical Pharisees and Sadducees of this age who keep God's people (yes, it includes sinners) from God. We are then like the older brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son, who do not rejoice when God's children return to him. Didn't Jesus say there would be more joy in heaven when one lost sheep returns than the 99 who never left?

  5. Clinton
    1 year ago

    Thanks be to God, all children are welcome to the Body of Christ through Baptism. Jesus tells us to let the children come to him, and what a joy it is to do so! This is the entrence to Resurrected Life! Now the parents and Godparents have a responsibility to raise the child in the Christian faith. Since actions speak louder that our words, the witness of co-habitation in fornication will have an impact on the child's faith has he or she grows to adulthood, even if he is told about and encouraged toward Sacramental Marriage.

    The parents and Godparents are responsible before the Lord for the example they set. No cleric, no matter how senior, can dispense persons from their culpability for deliberately unrepented sin. Pray for the parents and Godparents, that they will do the right thing and set a holy example to truly transmit the Faith to the child.

    God defends the sacrament of marriage and we're not fooling Him by trying to skirt His clear command -- that's not love; it's rebellion. And if Christ was one thing while on earth, it was the obedient Son of the Father. Let's all of us -- including the parents mentioned in this article -- follow the Lord's example and commit ourselves to doing the will of the Father.

    In the love and truth of Christ and the Holy Family,


  6. Phillip
    1 year ago

    I think common sense should prevail here, as in any other situation.

    The couple not being married (fornicating as a sin), is wrong and should not be ignored or defended.
    However, obviously the baby should not be denied a sacrament because of their "behavior". The baby is innocent of this and transmission of the faith is the most important thing.
    Ideally, this would be a teaching opportunity and a door for the couple to walk through, to recognize their sinful acts and repent with a sincere and contrite heart,.

  7. Alluyn
    1 year ago

    So we the Church pass the faith!! but the parents will pass the sin that's okay to be unmarried, because eventually that child will have another child out of wedlock and it's okay because another pope or priest will baptize him/her!!!!
    What a slap on the face to all the rest of us who has kept the law!!
    Remember the woman at the well: Christ said to her you had many "husbands" and the one you have now is not your husband your sins are forgiven but go and sin no more. In other words do not live unmarried because it is a mortal sin to GOD.

  8. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    What an example of the love of Jesus Christ. Francis, Bishop of Rome, demonstrates so clearly the difference between being judgmental and opening up the way for someone to respond to the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. He is demonstrating to us how to be missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. If only,we, as missionary disciples, could find a way to be such a light to those who seek but cannot find the light of Christ.

  9. john
    1 year ago

    Of course the child of an unmarried couple should be baptised, but where is Pope Francis' preaching about the sin of unmarried cohabitation?

    Answer: there is none.

    Pope Francis wants 'The Church of Nice.'

    The worst thing we can do is offend someone, or tell them they're wrong - unless they are capitalists.

    Give me JP II or Benedict XVI any day.

  10. Parker Villa
    1 year ago

    I am so thankful for this good Pope Francis because he allowed children from unmarried couples to be baptised in the Catholic Church because for me children has no fault of their own, they are innocent of the fault of their parents. I would like to ask for an advocate that this event or this happening that the Pope has done should be transmitted by the Vatican to every parish so the priests of very remote parishes in the ends of the earth may be well informed of this develpment and will baptize children of unmarried couples so that it could be a chain of faith. Let us pity the children. Thank you.

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