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Pope Francis makes special plea, but will Catholics really listen? Comments

Pope Francis continues to call for aid to the poor as the holiday season ends. The Holy Father has set a goal to eradicate global hunger by distributing food more equitably around the world and he has called on all faithful Catholics to help. It's a call that can't be answered by a single second collection at Mass. Continue Reading

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  1. Stephen Volk
    1 year ago

    WARNING! Be care atheist Saul Alinsky-infiltrated CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) is not affiliated with the collection plate! Nothing could please Alinsky-radical Obama more!!!

  2. David
    1 year ago

    It is essential for brothers and sisters to participate in church ministries and share their wealth with those who are in need. But, let us not forget, that many who suffer in this country and others, can be helped by eliminating dictators, crony capitalists, fascist governments and other forms of governing which do not promote liberty or respect the inalienable rights of human beings. Throwing money at the problem does very little. Promoting change that values the individual and takes power away from governments and recognizes the rights of individuals will do more for the poor than any church collection. Translation: The war on poverty via big government programs was launched and Poverty Won!!....The pope should read Defending the free Markets by Father Robert Sirico if he is seeking real solutions to end poverty.

  3. Rob
    1 year ago

    I think the bigger question is are we willing to give up everything if Jesus ask it of us? I think it is core to the call of a disciple. There are no half ways. Do we really trust Jesus to take care of us or is our faith really in our 401Ks and work effort? Have we made our comfort and security an idol? Imagine where we would be if the apostles had not done so....if Mary hedged her bets or Joseph "played it safe."

    There are lots of things going wrong in the world that only God can do. We can work with God to change hearts, but ultimately that will be a work of the Holy Spirit. But there are problems we can solve and poverty is one of them. The question is are we willing to do what is necessary? Will I spend my whole life working for riches and security for myself or am I willing to do so for my fellow man? Am I really willing to share the gifts I have been given?

    Do I really understand that all money, gifts, talents are not for my benefit but for the benefit of others?

    To the article's question. The answer is no. We will not do what the pope asks....but we'll make a lot of excuses why.

  4. fallen saint
    1 year ago

    I am sorry .........if I shamed anyone. Pope Francis is changing Our approach to evangelizing. It is good to be truthful but it is not ok to put down brother and sisters to get your point across. We are not God to judge. In this age of "miracles" we have too many problems........ to be judged by self-righteous people or priests. Lets be truthful about salvation, prayer, fasting, heaven and hell. But, let us not judge our brothers and sisters here on earth. You are right, I am lukewarm, I go to church on Sunday and Holy Days, but that is not enough. I will try to do better. And to those so-called people who make 70,000 to 100,000 a year, those are usually the people that give more time, money and social service hours to the church. Not because they are more righteous then the poor but because they have more means and time to give back to the church. Everyone gives what they feel God will accept. In reality, God understands we are not perfect but we are trying. I will not put them down, but thank God that they have been blessed. The Church is a beautiful thing, be careful, those that cause division are being led by the "created one".

    May God continue to lead Papa Francis.

  5. Glenn Joseph Francis
    1 year ago

    Yes we will listen and pray and act.
    With help of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Blessed Virgin Mary St Joseph and all the saints may we increase our giving to the poor-

  6. John Rienzi
    1 year ago

    Jesus has a special love for the hungry and poor.hewants us to pray that we would have his heart for them it takes time any progress is beautiful we need to also write our government and ask them to help they have much more resources and money at their dispoal

  7. robert amann
    1 year ago

    Any one who can honestly disagree with the author of this article is not an every Sunday/Holy Days Catholic.
    People with beautiful clothes and cars who drink designer coffees put in a folded single U.S. dollar more times then I care to see. Shame on fallen angel and people of that ilk, for trying to shame the author. If you make 70,000.00-100,000.00 annually and youre putting in a couple of bucks loose in the basket. God will vomit you up; you are lukewarm. Register and
    get an envelope, use it, 45.00 to 100.00 USD per week is giving. you don't give from a surplus of your total goods. Shame shame. I m glad the Popes Almoner agrees. For nearly 60 years I've witnessed this behavior. 5% is minimum. Holy Scriptures say 10%.

  8. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    Who will listen to the silent screams of the aborted unborn???

  9. fallen saint
    1 year ago

    Papa Francis gave his Brothers and Sisters a very simple messeage. Take care of the poor. Our Holy Father never stated we were big around the waist or giving 5 more dollars at church was wrong. It almost seems the writer doesn't appreciate the gifts God has given us. Christians in the West have been very blessed and there is no shame in that. Pope Francis wants to remind each and every one that we need to take care of our Brothers and Sisters.....that are less fortunate. I think most of us forget many things during our everyday grind of life. That is why we have Papa Francis through The Holy Spirit leading us. To make fun of people that give bibles instead of food or mocking a person who might add 1 dollor more at collection, does not seem very Christian. I understand we need to take care of the poor but to put down our Christian Brothers and Sisters is not the right way to accomplish Pope Francis wishes. Lets take care of the poor but be very grateful for what God has given us.

    May Gods Will be Done

  10. Andy
    1 year ago

    It is disappointing that the author(s) of this article feel it necessary to resort to the old "guilt trip" method to encourage social action. The broad-brush accusations made against thousands and even millions of Catholics for having the blessing of being in a "wealthy" nation are not helpful. Who sets the standards for what is "having too much"? What is too much? How small a house must I have for me and my family so the self-righteous feel we are meeting our obligations for charity? How poor must I and my family be so the authors can say we are "listening" and "following" the Popes words? These are decisions that must be left to individual discernment. My family regularly serves the poor because of our encounter with Love itself, Jesus Christ. Not out of guilt for living better than them. It may be a surprise to the authors but raising a family in poverty is not a virtue. The judgemental and self-righteous attitude displayed in this article is disappointing and not worthy of such a usually good Catholic news site.

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