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Hey Science! Tornadoes, hurricanes hit all-time low for US, ice cap returns, where's your global warming now? Comments

Riddle me this: America is enjoying a nearly unprecedented respite from weather-related disasters, yet the planet has just experienced one of the hottest years on record. How can it be that the climate in America is calm, the Arctic ice cap isn't melted, yet scientists still shout that disaster looms? Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph
    1 year ago

    300 thousand without drinkable water in West Virginia due to a spill at a coal processing facility. Yet another train load of oil off the tracks and burning. Yet nowhere near the worst week for for the fossil fuel industry. If we spent as much on clean energy as we do cleaning up fossil fuel disasters we would have a very different mix of energy sources.

  2. JD
    1 year ago

    "The arctic ice cap continues to melt, although more of it returned this year than predicted; the cap is still smaller than it ought to be." ... who are you to say what the ice cap's size should be? or who is anyone for that matter - scientist, president, Pope or otherwise?

    and Marsh - your comment from the Vatican on sustainable development... I think most people in the world would agree that we should reduce waste and create more sustainable ways of living. but those innovations and technologies are realistically not here yet, so we must rely on what we have to date. completely tearing down the financial system and destryoing capitalism would have vasty worse consequences on the state of the world than a trace amount of warming. we need to ease into this.

  3. Peter
    1 year ago

    You might want to check the real data and you might find that the actual warming stopped 15 years ago and has been essentially stable since then. You might also want to keep in mind that there is no valid scientific proof that co2 concentrations in the atmosphere cause the earth's temperature to rise. On a properly done graph, you will find that the rise in temperature over many thousands of years does not follow increases in co2 in the atmosphere. Rather the graphs show the reverse. I might add that without CO2 in the atmosphere we all die a somewhat unpleasant thought for most of us. While the environmentalist might find that last point actually helpful, since their main object seems to be to get rid of people, plants and animals also die without co2. that would certainly mess up the plans to return the earth to its alleged pristine condition before we showed up.

  4. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Marsh: "Do you really think everything is just fine? Do you honestly believe that we can pump billions of tons of chemicals into the atmosphere, chemicals NOT placed there by God, ..."

    The above dramatic-sounding nonsense is just more evidence of the complete lack of scientific aptitude of the most prolific purveyor of "global warming" claptrap on

    God placed about 5,150,000,000,000,000,000 kg of atmosphere on planet earth, thus Marsh's dreaded "billions of tons" of chemicals amounts to a whopping .000000179 fraction of the total atmosphere on earth. And those "billions of tons" were produced over a long period of time, and so do not always persist in the atmosphere. Those "billions of tons of chemicals" mostly consisted of CO2 which is the gas that living green plants need to be able to breath, and with which they produce "billions of tons" of O2 for us to be able to breath.

  5. Christy
    1 year ago

    I watched a fascinating documentary about solar cycles. There is a valid theory that things warm and cool in cycles. I do believe we need to be better stewards but theories of disastrous ends shouldn't consume our thoughts.

  6. Marsh Connolly
    1 year ago

    And I should add this, from 2006:



    We have to change. We have to find a sustainable way forward. The status quo isn't it. It's the obligation of the whole world to find a way. Not just us, but definitely including you. We must be stewards of creation and we must accept the direction of our Church.

    I am Catholic before I am political.

  7. Marsh Connolly
    1 year ago

    Oh come on. Do you really think everything is just fine? Do you honestly believe that we can pump billions of tons of chemicals into the atmosphere, chemicals NOT placed there by God, but by the carefree hand of man building his new Tower of Babel, and there would be absolutely no consequences?

    Noah warned of the flood. He was ridiculed. Nobody believed him until the rain began to fall and the door of the ark was shut.

    Where will you be on that day?

  8. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    I have two words: GloBULL Warming

  9. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    So 2013 was a record high temperature?

    Not according to the U of Alabama global satellite data:,


    or even a composite of the 5 major global temperature sources:

    One has to wonder where this type of "scientific" garbage is coming from, unless it funding time for these "scientists" at the $ trough.

  10. Mal
    1 year ago

    Is it possible that as the oceans warm water vapour and CO2 are released into the atmosphere? If this is the case then CO2 is not the cause of any warming but the result of it.

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