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Let Catholic Online be Clear: Phil Robertson doesn't make the rules Comments

There's a lot of flap over the comments made by Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, which are themselves paraphrases of Biblical teaching. Notably, lines have been drawn in America with those who are disparagingly called "conservative" Christians on one side and secularists opposed to the Moral teachings of Christianity on the other. This should be unsurprising however, since Jesus Himself predicted such events. But don't be mad at us because we ... Continue Reading

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  1. Jane
    1 year ago

    Thank you so very much for your support of our Dear Vicar of Christ on earth, Pope Francis, for recommiting to the truth no matter the consequences. I too stand with Pope Francis, Phil Robertson, the Holy Catholic Church, the TRUTH! ! ! Long live Christ our King. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless your families abundantly.

  2. George Ronald Adkisson
    1 year ago

    There is much more happening around you Catholic, than the events in the united States...For the historical record, you are better off beginning life in an entirely different region...away from the hypocritical acts and brags of an oppressive culture based on the ethics derived from the use of token coins and their paper companions called copyright acts and patents that are not used to share the intellect but to disparage the world’s ability to think or act clearly for the duration of time that they have been employed, mind you!
    Your children were already disparaged by the federal reserve and it's close associates exampled by the Pentagon and their greatest deeds of procuring weapons that they in turn used against you, friends.
    You are witnessing a period in time when you can not tell the wheat from the tares. The main reason is that you will never even come close observing the LORD while you have a coin employed in commerce.You step into that commerce as a human that is traded when you do...(slavery)
    All this sexual deviation did not arrive here when something happened to the chromosomes of humans.That deviation is fuelled by the treasury and the two main political parties based in Washington DC down to the local scenery and it's homeland security mayors.
    There are signs and advertising agencies around the globe...set up just for sexual deviation’s financial prosperity... Support one form and you fuelled them all.
    There is a very similar event in physics where if you rule one form, then you ruled them all...because you stimulated them all.You even ruled ruled like the ones that are surely as mentally deranged because all the psychosomatic evidence is too great and against you if you did.
    Being perfect is not really that long as you live among the perfect...that way you are less likely to starve or freeze from not being sheltered. You were as a human race better off living as the aboriginal Indians did...just bartering...and allowing the women to be man's main focal point, as if she was spoiled? if she was already cared for, well in advance.
    I can only "suggest" that the citizens of the united States will be allowed to wake up one day without stepping into their useless courts. The laws of psychics determined something entirely different for the future residents of the united States...and this will continue until the members of government and all the appointed step down from their highest to lowest, raised position over you.
    The elections are futile and just an economic fund raiser for the ones that loose.
    One thing for sure...if a man knows how to communicate, then the word is in him...Great sign that God never left that man or gave that man up...but the man despised God on his own accord or he was mentally deranged...
    Loose one soul, you lost them all; your own! Gain one; you gained your own!
    You will find the Catholic do not need the united States government and everything closely allied with them...period. They needed you and lost you because you will always remain an individual.

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago


    Holy Mother keep her.

  4. Joseph
    1 year ago

    Excellent article. In all these debates about sin we as Christians must make it clear that we are not voicing our own personal, subjective 'take' on these matters. We are enunciating the eternal truths of God, which apply equally to all of us, heterosexual and homosexual, men and women, since all of us are God's children and are subject to his Truth as clearly set out in the Bible.

  5. Clinton C. Somerton
    1 year ago

    Dear Deacon Keith,

    Thank you for your powerful stand as a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    I pray that all people, and Catholics in particular, will come to understand a simple truth: that experiencing sexual impulses, no matter how strong or how persistent, does not automatically justify their practice. It is really very simple. Our behaviour, even in sexual matters, does have an impact on others and on the society around us. The open practice and promotion of sexual immorality is the direct cause of the pre-natal murder known as abortion, of the disintegration of the structure and meaning of marriage and family, and of the psycho-sexual molestation of children through homosexual adoption and the inflicting of LGBTQ propaganda on school children. None of the above abuses are characteristic of love, mercy, well-being, and justice -- quite the opposite.

    As we pray that the spirit of darkness that has given rise to these sexual evils will be cast out of our society and out of the lives of its prisoners and victims, let's also speak out in truth, love, and confidence in the Lord concerning these issue that affect the future of the human race.

    A blessed Christmas to all!

    In Christ and the Holy Family,


  6. Vance
    1 year ago

    The millions of people who watch Duck Dynasty largely agree with Phil Robertson on homosexuality. When A&E put Phil on suspension, the audience felt like they were put on suspension. The Christian Community is fed up with the Liberal Establishment telling them that their beliefs are hateful and bigoted. They are also fed up with the Liberal Establishment shoving their immorality down everyone's throat via court judges and mass media. The massive amount of protest against A&E is a clear demonstration of the Christian Community's frustration.

  7. jim moore
    1 year ago

    great article, I stand beside you

  8. charlie
    1 year ago

    Well written...

  9. pamela love
    1 year ago

    Well said. I agree.

    God bless your work and efforts.

  10. Bruce Eckhoff
    1 year ago

    Amen. Viva Cristo El Rey!

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