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Let Catholic Online be Clear: Phil Robertson doesn't make the rules Comments

There's a lot of flap over the comments made by Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, which are themselves paraphrases of Biblical teaching. Notably, lines have been drawn in America with those who are disparagingly called "conservative" Christians on one side and secularists opposed to the Moral teachings of Christianity on the other. This should be unsurprising however, since Jesus Himself predicted such events. But don't be mad at us because we ... Continue Reading

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  1. Terri channell
    1 year ago

    I am so sad but not surprised that COL is under attack by some. I fully support and agree with your article on Phil, he only spoke the truth. We have to stand up for Christ and the teachings of the bible because there we receive God's true laws. Christians have faith, God is with us!

  2. Jasper
    1 year ago

    Reads at Romans 1:24-27, my wife falls from it. I prayed that the Lord God will save her. =(

  3. Mom
    1 year ago

    I am definitely afraid of God irregardless of what man does to try to scare me from knowing & speaking the truth. Our young people think that as long as they act like God doesn't exist they can escape his wrath. So much for booked intelligence.

  4. Deborah Sumnick
    1 year ago

    I am not Catholic,but I read Catholic Online daily. Thank you for this well written article, I agree 100%.
    We Christians need to STOP being quiet,speak out and not be ashamed of what we believe .
    I am reminded of a old hymn from my childhood ,
    "Stand up, stand up, for Jesus,
    The trumpet call obey;
    Forth to the mighty conflict,
    In this His glorious day:
    Ye who are men, now serve Him,
    Against unnumbered foes;
    Let courage rise with danger,
    And strength to strength oppose.

    Stand up, stand up, for Jesus,
    The strife will not be long;
    This day the noise of battle,
    The next, the victor's song:
    To him who over-cometh,
    A crown of life shall be;
    He, with the King of glory,
    Shall reign eternally..."

  5. Marcia Thornton
    1 year ago

    I have struggled with the homosexuality issue. When I went back to Leviticus and reread it, I found that the caveat with the dietary types of laws was that it was "an abomination to you" meaning to mankind. However the laws on homosexuality were "an abomination" period. That means homosexuality is an offense to God in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. For me, homosexuality is wrong. However, it is not my place to judge. Judgment belongs to the Lord. All I can do is love with the love of Jesus. And try my best to live as He wants me to live. And pray for all of us poor sinners. Amen.

  6. fallen saint
    1 year ago

    It is sad that America has taken God out of its life. In 1969, when America landed on the moon, our astronauts quoted Genesis and thanked God. Today all mention of God is systematically being taken out of our life. The spiritual darkness is taking over the world.........making Christianity the religion of hate. It is time for America to remember and declare we are a Judeo-Christian nation. We believe in the 10 commandments, we believe in Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Savior. We are living in a age of spiritual darkness but the beauty of darkness......... is the Light that will follow. We are entering a age of miracles, let us prepare for spiritual battle. We are all called to join, who will answer.

    1. Pray, Pray, Pray
    2. Sacraments
    3. Reunite with your Guardian Angel
    4. Fast

    May God Bless and Protect all His Saints

  7. Vic
    1 year ago

    Praise God for allowing me to access Catholic Online where I am made aware of important issues as well as receive helpful teaching on our faith as Christian within the Catholic tradition. Though here in the Philippines we are also currently experiencing a renewal and deepening of our faith, Catholic Online provides additional knowledge and explanation of our faith that surely complement what we are receiving from our beloved Cardinal Tagle as well as other enlightened clergy and lay people. I'm truly blessed in reading your article and I agree 100% to the analysis and views you expressed in it. In the Philippines, we are still very conservative regarding our views on abortion, homosexuality and marriage but there is a growing malice or menace that is now spreading here as well although not as prevalent as in the U.S.A. As Filipino Catholics, we still strongly believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman so divorce is far from being legalized here let alone same-sex marriage. However, though we have a strong Pro-life advocacy here, the liberals have succeeded in passing the controversial RH Bill in our congress that have some provisions that support the use of artificial contraceptives and abortifacients, Although the LGBT community here have not yet succeeded in influencing our lawmakers on expanding their legal rights, they have a growing success in making their lifestyle more acceptable here through the power of mass media. We join our Christian brothers and sisters in other parts of the world in prayer in making us strong in giving a Christian witness to the world in the face of this growing malice/menace that threatens our societies. God bless you in Catholic Online for taking the lead in this witness for our loving, Holy God and Father.

  8. Thomas
    1 year ago

    Very very well said. God bless you :)

  9. bobburford
    1 year ago

    Leviticus Chapter 20 and repeated in Chapter 22 says that homosexuality is an abomination before God. Leviticus is not just about food. However this was such an important issue that Saint Paul repeated it in Romans Chapter 1. Old and New Testament the answer is the same God does not change. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed not just for homosexual acts but also from other perverse sexual practices in Genesis 19.You are so right that we do not make the rules. I have to admit I do not follow God's rules all the time. That is why we have confession, but these are the rules that make us better. I stopped trying to figure out God's reasoning years ago. We can make laws the make adultery or homosexuality legal or not illegal, but you can not change God's mind. They are still wrong.

  10. Ross
    1 year ago

    In the past I have had encounters with other on simular subjects.
    When people ask me what my views are, I simply say "my own personal thought and feeling are irrelevant to the teachings of my faith, and for that, I take the stance of my Catholic faith."
    Thanks Catholic Online for another great article!

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