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There is ANOTHER SIDE to Pope Francis. The face SOME DON'T WANT TO SEE Comments

The world is enamored with Pope Francis, for he is a doer of good deeds and an example of humility and kindness that hasn't seen in a world leader for perhaps centuries. Yet, there is another side to the Holy Father that we rarely see, but just like a real, loving father, he can be a strict disciplinarian. Continue Reading

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  1. Paul Gerard
    1 year ago

    The Papacy has gone from being occupied by a man of teaching and culture - like a exquisite caviar, Benedict- to sausage and mash man with no understanding of the Papacyt , Cathoic culture and apparently vulgar, liberal individual.

    Francis is a light weight - lacking understanding, sound theology - aetheists go to Heaven, well sorry Frank no they don't - and any real appreciation of the role and responsibility he has assumed in the Papacy.

    His appointment, the worst choice they could have made outside Fidel Castro, is comparable to asking B-rate actor Steve McQueen to play King Leer for the R.S.C at the Old Vic. Both men are out of their depth in either situation.

    Frank's pronouncements are bordering on heretical, I have heard priests already say that the Papacy is sede vacantes, while less emotional ones have openly called Frank a raving nut!

    There are large protests movements building against Frank in the :Episcopy, in the traditional laity, the Curia, more Orthodox ( non Jesuit ) Universities and even amongst orthodox Catholic intelligentsia and religious orders.

    These orthodox parishes and communities are the parts of the church that put their hands in their pockets and pay the bills - and they don't support this man and his Luther style inspird pronouncements.

    Frank appears obsessed with the media coverage. Everything is a stunt, full of spin to him and his new liberla Catholicism into the secular press.

    Pope Frank's modus operandi is: "Let me see who I can ring this week, and have the story placed in the papers".

    Could you imagine Queen Elizabeth or Pope Benedict pulling such a cheap and cheesy stunt? No way - they are to classy and dignified.

    If Pope Frank does not radically change his approach and style, I think you'll see the significant criticisms start emerging in 2014 both inside and outside Rome by those who matter.

    At the moment it is obvious the Cardinals elected a left wing, liberal, modernist Lutheran as Pope. quite a few must now be thinking that this is not what they voted for.

    If more heretical statements are made that openely disagree with 2000 years of doctirne and Papal teaching, I could see calls for his resignation

    The Church will not tolerate another Paul VI - it still has not recovered form that Pontifical disaster and as Cardinal Siri said: "Paul VI did more damage in 15 years than was seen in previous 1900.

    Focus Magazine gives a good critique of this widespread displeasure with " the new man in Rome".

  2. anne ball
    1 year ago

    i would like to know thoughts on dying in christ

  3. David Hollingsworth
    1 year ago

    A Protestant clergyman once said, when asked what his job was, "------- to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Looks like Pope Francis is doing exactly that. He is a religious figure not only for Roman Catholics but for the World. One of his predecessors, John Paul II set this example as well. Do we want to go back to the days of the Baltimore Catechism? Don't think so. Anyone remember Archbishop O' Connor of New York? My first reading about him concerned his stand on birth control and use of prophylactics to prevent AIDS. Very traditional. But then I saw his endorsement of a book by Chuck Colson, a born again Christian. Colson is traditional but not Catholic - what I'm getting at is --- hate the sin but love the sinner. Some of the folks called by God to do his work were anything but shining examples of holy virtue. Anyway keep up the work Your Holiness.

  4. Charlie
    1 year ago

    I'm now studying the Book Of Judges. It is confusing . Can you recommend a studi aid I can use?

  5. DarthJ
    1 year ago


  6. Janet O'Connor
    1 year ago

    The problem with Francis in my opinion is that he appears to have an aversion to ALL conservatives in the Church like the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. Remember them? In case you missed out on this tragic saga since last July it is not just the use of the Latin Mass, but there is a purging even of the Sisters who have publicly defended themselves. Where on earth is the LOVING CONCERNING HANDS for them? BTW these folks are having their rights under canon law violate which was confirmed just a few months ago. Just a week ago the AP talked about this story and I am sure Benedict knows about it from his secretary and is not happy about it despite the friendly meeting they had today at the monastery yesterday.

  7. Ann
    1 year ago

    Why did Pope Francis replace Cardinal Burke with liberal Wuerl?

  8. Joy
    1 year ago

    "an example of humility and kindness that hasn't seen in a world leader for perhaps centuries"

    Every time I see a comment like this, it makes me bristle. Are you implying (or stating right out) that previous popes were not examples of humility and kindness? Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and soon to be saint JPII were also excellent example of 'humility and kindness'. The mainstream media only sees what it wants to see; Catholic media should be above that.

  9. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago


    Please go to to read her story.

    Holy Mother pray for her.

  10. Joe
    1 year ago

    God Bless Pope Francis, I pray to St. Michael The Archangel to give him strength and protection to guide our Church in God's path.

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