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Fr. Frank Pavone: We Will Obey God Rather Than Men. We Will Not Obey the HHS Mandate Comments

The judge's decision today is a complete contradiction to Judge Cogan's decision of just a few days ago in New York for organizations situated similarly to us and using exactly the same arguments. The New York decision recognized that the religious nonprofits were being forced to cooperate with evil.Our judge, instead, claims that we are not being forced to cooperate with evil. Our judge's decision is wrong, and we are confident of ... Continue Reading

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  1. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    These are your words in quotes:

    "I also acknowledge that The President has power given by God. In the very same way Pilate got. We deserve him, and I will praise God for all His choices."

    Pilate was not elected, he was imposed on the Jews by the Roman Empire.

    I do agree with you, we deserve who we vote for, for the type of the candidates we get reflects OUR values, not God's. Sin, voting for a proabortion candidate, i.e., Obama, is NEVER God's choice, but ours, because of OUR free will. God only permits it to gain good out of it, but but OUR evil choice it DOESN'T justify it, because it IS sinful.

    "And I would be very careful with blaming The Church."

    Why? The Laity is suppose to be part of the Church militant, no? We have a duty to reprimand our brothers and sisters don't we? In fact, it is a spiritual work of mercy.

    I do not have to lecture the Clergy, because it is not my duty, and if I do, I sin, because a Priest is Persona Christi, and it would be if I criticized Jesus himself. I put this in God's hands, and only pray for them. They will have to answer to God, but more severely, because they are our Shepherds.

    I am just pointing out that their is a big disconnect and what the Church teaches and how we vote, I was not blaming the Clergy. And how the Clergy decides to handle that big disconnect is up to them, not me. My job is to pray for them. I given my opinion, and that is what I did, BASED ON FACT. Mind you, we would not be faced with this mandate if we did.

    "She is not a museum of saints but hospital for sinners."

    Au contraire, you have contradicted yourself. True Sainthood could never be a museum. And we all are suppose to strive for Sainthood. And we are suppose to be an example for sinners. And that starts with life, i.e., the unborn, because without them, NOTHING else matters. A hospital is only good IF sinners WANT to be cured, not tolerated because of lukewarmness.

    "Blaming the Church for what God chosen ones do is the same as blaming Christ for what Judas did. It is a dark alley"

    Again, Christ NEVER chooses sin, He only permits it. And I do blame the Church Laity for making it possible that MILLIONS of babies are torn apart alive every year, and voting for a mass babykiller, Obama, that is now persecuting the same Church you claim you love with the HHS Mandate.

    And I must say, you have contradicted yourself in the above statement, because if we choose your logic, was it Christ's choice that Judas betray Him, so that Judas would go to hell??? Au contraire, again! Christ wanted Judas NOT to betray him and NOT to go to hell. He wanted him to be saved, but Christ being God foresaw everything in the future, as the Prophets foretold.

    Ignoring the great evil of abortion and calling it God's will because of OUR choices of a utopia on earth or lukewarmness is a DARKER alley.

    May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    God bless.

  2. Joe
    1 year ago

    Jim, you are out of line. Please keep your comment about Fr. Frank Pavone to yourself. Remember our Lord knows us, every thought, every action, everything we do both positive and negative. You are picking on a priest who only wants to help the helpless unborn. We all need God's help, Fr. Frank, me and you..

  3. chrly
    1 year ago

    SCOTUS is going to hear the case filed by Hobby Lobby regarding the HHS mandate. The Judgement is expected in June/July. So why not wait for the supreme court ruling. There must be other catholic organizations in the same predicament and the US Catholic Conference of bishops will offer guidance

  4. Greg
    1 year ago

    Dear rafaelmarie. I am Catholic and I am not happy with latest presidents, especially the very latest one. I also acknowledge that The President has power given by God. In the very same way Pilate got. We deserve him, and I will praise God for all His choices. My suffering is not to annoy me but to lead me to God. And I would be very careful with blaming The Church. She is not a museum of saints but hospital for sinners. Blaming the Church for what God chosen ones do is the same as blaming Christ for what Judas did. It is a dark alley... And on a good note - Merry Christmass!

  5. John Mainhart
    1 year ago

    Well Jim, There is such a thing as intrinsic evil. I agree with you in general but not when the Government uses its system to undermine the Catholic magisterium in order to control the moral behavior of all Catholics. Supreme Court Justice Roberts knew he was giving the Government more power than the Constitution warrants and like so many decisions by that court in recent years gave the ,Federal government power to control all citizen behavior. If we submit to that we are ready for martyrdom.

  6. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I do not wish to obey man over God either. And I pray that God gives me Strength and the Discernment to do so, to say yes in all things to God over and above all. And I pray for God's Patience and Mercy.
    May God reign in all things. And may hearts be converted to Him.
    I pray for you Father Pavone, Priests for Life, all involved. Do not be wearied or anxious. It is difficult to stand. I pray to Our Mother for her help.

    God bless.

  7. Clinton C. Somerton
    1 year ago

    Thanks be to God for courageous Christian leaders like Fr. Pavone! May we all have the courage to refuse to co-operate with evil even if we are pushed to the wall for doing so. It is not different from what Jesus promised us in an unjust world, where the murder of pre-born children is called "reproductive choice". Let us love in action and not just in words!

    A blessed Advent to all!

  8. Philip
    1 year ago

    To Jim
    Your quote of scripture is out of context. Abortion is evil and no amount of mans law can make it good or accepted.
    Tell us therefore what dost thou think, is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? [18] But Jesus knowing their wickedness, said: Why do you tempt me, ye hypocrites? [19] Shew me the coin of the tribute. And they offered him a penny. [20] And Jesus saith to them: Whose image and inscription is this? [21] They say to him: Caesar' s. Then he saith to them: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar' s; and to God, the things that are God' s. [22] And hearing this they wondered, and leaving him, went their ways

  9. joseph Tran
    1 year ago

    At the End, I see both judges are right.
    Let us look at the limitation of the Mandate.
    First, according to Judge Robert at the Supreme Court: the Mandate is "Constitutional only because it is Tax" How can it be applied to the nonprofit organization with tax exempt status?
    Second, The HHS does not have retroactive status. How can it be applied to the organation that exists pror to the mandate?

  10. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    "Fr. Frank Pavone: We Will Obey God Rather Than Men. We Will Not Obey the HHS Mandate"


    Then why did 60% of so-called catholics (71% of hispanics) voted for Obama???

    There is a serious disconnect here.

    And the Catholic Church needs to address this issue, before they are declared illegal, and then by then, it will be too late.

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