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Religious Cleansing in the USA: Federal Judge Orders Mt. Soledad War Memorial Cross Be Torn Down Comments

A Federal District Court Judge named Larry Burns has ruled that the famous War Memorial, the Soledad Cross, must be torn down within 90 days. Fortunately, he also ruled that his order would be stayed pending appeal. This case must be appealed. The effort to scrub the public square of religious expression and symbols is a threat to religious freedom, runs contrary to our founding documents, and is unfaithful to our history as a free ... Continue Reading

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  1. Vance
    1 year ago

    This ruling is another example of years of electing corrupt Marxist Democrats who appoint ACLU judges to the bench who rule in favor of ACLU law suits. It's a win-win game for anti-Christ.

  2. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Robert- something to consider- a person who votes with the Republican party can't be your spiritual leader, either, as they ALSO routinely violate Church teachings.
    Only those who vote as CATHOLICS and ONLY as Catholics can be our leaders... and NEITHER party represents us in and of themselves.

  3. DLL
    1 year ago

    Once the secularists dispense with all Christian public symbols as bad,then they can brainwash and control anyone to believe anything they want them to believe. Secularism seeks to turn the general public into little robots who cannot think for themselves. That is why everyone must fight for religious freedom. Secularists will not tolerate anyone opposed to their agendas. It is there way or the highway for dissenters from secularism.

  4. Michael N. Woodworth
    1 year ago

    My comments are related to the news article titled, “Religious Cleansing in the USA: Federal Judge Orders Mt. Soledad War Memorial Cross Be Torn Down”
    The real issue is that the Federal Judges are trying to force a religion on all Americans. They are attempting to force everyone to worship their secular ideas and prevent others from freedom of religion! I believe that when the government attempts to turn secularism, humanism, agnosticism, and/or atheism into a religion; that they are violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. I believe that these Federal Judges are attempting to do the very thing that is prohibited; they are forcing a Federal sponsored Church which I call “The Forced Worship of Secularism”” or “The Forced Worship of Humanism” and mandating adherence from unwilling citizens! In a worst case situation; they could be forcing adherence from unwilling citizens to the Worship of Agnosticism or Atheism. I believe that everyone should have a right to freedom of religion including secularism, humanism, agnosticism and/or atheism as a religion, etc., however, this form of religion must not be forced on everyone as the new Federal required religion. I believe that their drive to tear down symbols expressing religious ideas separate from their own form of worship proves the violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

  5. Robert
    1 year ago

    Elections have consequences.

    The liberal Bishops of the USCCB support Obama and then act surprised when we lose our religious freedom.

    Reason 1:
    If you vote with the Democratic party you cannot be my spiritual leader as you are working against the teachings of the Catholic faith.

    Reason 2: read Reason 1 again.

  6. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Come on. Isn't "Religious Cleansing" maybe just a LITTLE overblown? Say "Religious Cleansing" in a place like Bosnia, Kosovo, Tibet, Chechnya, or Southern Sudan and they mean something a lot more dramatic than this. We're not quite martyrs in the US yet, folks. This is a negative enough story without resorting to WND style irresponsible sensationalism to push it over the top... though, lately, that seems to be becoming the standard at "Catholic" Online.

  7. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Catholics!!! Christians who use the cross in places of worship!!!

    If the Soledad Cross is pulled down, what about if you put up a cross (if you can) wherever it is permitted ... on your person, car, bike, home, school, business etc. Show God that you can still do something for Him ... show everyone. Perhaps the time has come for you to revolutionize your properties and hearts with the cross. I mean the true cross does not have to be relegated only to a site outside of ourselves and our properties. Carry your cross everywhere you can with joy and peace and humility. Encourage others too, other Churches. Start a Soledad Cross movement ...

    And then Catholics, you may even choose to use a crucifix.

    God is capable of taking a bad and transforming it into a good (e.g. Joseph of the Old and New Testaments). PRAY! Remember you are not orphaned. And you have a Mother, most chaste and sweet who stood at The Foot of The Cross!

    God's Peace.

  8. Michael
    1 year ago

    In the event the stay is lifted, there is another option to get the cross to stay. Simply transfer the land to a private group similar to the solution that was found for the Mojave cross out in the desert.

  9. Greg
    1 year ago

    Your Honor Larry Burns - what are you envision in that place? A gym like the one in Judea when Israel was turning away from God? An adult store increasing decadency like in Rome before collapse? These soldiers gave up their lives for the country which is what Christ has done for us, and for you, your honor. They have RIGHT to have Cross at their place, and you, your honor, has OBLIGATION as well as we have, to leave this Cross there. If someone wants to die in the name of flying spaghetti monster, let the one makes his her own statue of nothingness. Cross is a symbol of self sacrifice. You don't like it? Where is your heart? Where is your courage?

  10. Clinton C. Somerton
    1 year ago

    "The history and absolute dominance of the Cross are not mitigated by the belated efforts to add less significant secular elements to the Memorial."

    This is true, since the Cross is the precious sign of victory over evil. And since evil always seeks to destroy the Cross, it is not surprising that those who are under the influence of the evil one, even if they call it "secular humanism", cannot bear the sight of the Cross.

    The judges were right in recognizing that Christians use martial terms like "spiritual battle", because that is precisely what we are engaged in. As Christians, our weapons are faith, hope, and love, fervent prayer, and, when appropriate, recourse to the law from which justice may proceed -- though it has not in this case. Violence and coercion are more likely to come from those who claim to be enlightened and self-sufficient but who have forgotten their complete dependence on, and creaturehood before, God -- the God whose eternal life-giving power, love and truth will continue to animate the souls of human beings long after today's self-styled enemies of God and their arrogant words have passed from the scene.

    As a former atheist myself, I urge all Christians to pray for the judges in the case, and for the embittered people who hate God and wish to see the Cross wiped out. I, too, was an arrogant hater of religion until I began to recognize my own slavery to self-centeredness, self-importance, self-pity and self-indulgence. It was only then that I could begin to see and accept my absolute need for the grace that comes from God alone. Miracles can happen! May there be many such conversions in the days ahead.

    A blessed Advent and Christmas to all!

    In Christ and the Holy Family,


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