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Rush Limbaugh is Wrong, Karen Finney of MSNBC is Nuts: Pope Francis and Capitalism Comments

Do you get it Karen Finney and E.J. Dionne? It is not "progressive" to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life! The lie of your brand of political progressivism has been exposed, rejected and dismissed by the Pope whom you think you can use to bolster your political agenda!  Also disturbing were words spoken by Rush Limbaugh. His contention, offered on the EIB Network, that some of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bruce W. Carr Jr.
    1 year ago

    Here is an interesting article about the actual translation of what the Pope wrote (Spanish) vs what I assume most of you read (English). Don't assume what you read is what the Pope wrote.

  2. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    God is not a leftist. His Word has storng words about fornication (which results in children born out of wedlock) and about not working ("You should not eat if you don't work). He also has strong words against stealing and covetousness. The 2 Commandments He gave us agains these sins are broken by leftists here and abroad.Thank you, Deacon, for the atricle. I think Rush is alot more pro-life, pro-God and pro-family than most "Catholic" politicians, but I won't disagree with what you said about him. I also just read beautiful words by Pope JP II where he condemns consumerism among the poor as well as the wealthy. I think we see that in the US today with working-age healthy adults getting "free" phones, cable TV,food,housing,etc..... These handouts are paid with the fruits of other peoples' labor and since there are no workfare requirements, the handouts are unjust.

  3. Larry
    1 year ago

    The problem is though the Catholic Church and its leaders say there are several or many types of economic theories, they seem to only mention capitalism (free market economics), communism and Marxism. Yes, the popes have condemned communist and Marxist approaches but what we call “Social Justice” which is part of the wording used in Catholic teachings at least in the USA smacks of communism – so it seems to many, even many faithful Catholics, that the church is talking out of both sides of its mouth – we condemn communism but you should act communist.

    The church says it is not for any one type of economic approach and that there are good and bad aspects to many BUT he seems to condemn free market economics without recognizing that this system has lifted more people out of poverty than any other approach in the history of the world – and isn’t that a concern for the poor, lifting them out of poverty or do we now ignore them since they are no longer poor or that poor? Isn’t being poor an issue around the concept of lack of materials – which is part of materialism? If they had enough materials, they wouldn’t be poor

    That he did not use the words ‘capitalism’ or ‘free market economics’ is a lame excuse to say he is not condemning these ideas or systems and its dishonest. Smoke up the butt. A rose by any other name is still a rose. People in the USA are the most generous with their material goods than any other people in the world – and conservatives give more money, help, time, effort, goods than progressives or liberals in the USA. That is concern for the poor in a free market economics system.

    Its not the system as much as how people use the system that can turn it negative. There are tendencies in any system that can lead us down the wrong road, even in the hierarchical system of the Catholic Church. Social teachings cannot create an economic system since they are not focused on doing that. They are best used to adjust the system you use since humans make all systems and since we are sinful and imperfect, the systems we create are imperfect. So what! Even taking care of families and the poor can be full of sins depending on the intentions of the doer and the actions they take. I have met too many people in the charity business, including the church, who are unjust and tend to allow selfishness in the name of taking care of the poor.

    The poor you will always have with you – means to me there will always be people who are down and out, get knocked down by life and others actions, don’t meet their potential and responsibilities, selfishly milk the system, are too sick to take care of themselves, go thru down periods in their lives, etc. so we must be willing to help them and take care of them. There are more people living a middle class lifestyle and higher today than ever before around the world, even though we label many of them as ‘poor’ which to me is a comparative idea – I have less than you have or some people think I should have. These are why we don’t think the Popes and Bishops/Cardinals know what they are talking about when it comes to economic systems.

    Love others, love God, take care of the poor, live a just life – all involves sin in our human condition. It is correcting things when we are off or go wrong, or sin. When the Church creates a perfect system to govern and manage itself and all of us, then let me know.

  4. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    Dear Deacon Keith, you have used considerable space here to make a point and I don't want to burden the readers but I am compelled to respond in the name of fairness. I love the work you are doing for Holy Mother Church and have looked forward with anticipation to reading your posts for a couple of years or more now.
    The Church is much richer for having you at her side and you have a great following among her truly faithful members. You are as conservative a Catholic as we can have without going to the point of insisting we be universally forced to return to the Latin Mass and we appreciate your liberal perspective of our beloved Pope Francis and the freshness he has brought to God’s message for all of us.
    Your commentary has also demonstrated a great depth in the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that message and all Catholics left and right should acknowledge this.
    In the realm of contemplative religious thinking you have been superb and you are able to relate well when applying our Catholic values to modern living and social conditions of today.
    Mr. Limbaugh is an acclaimed political analyst and writer whose body of work is widely recognized as one of the best and most objective voices for modern political conservatism we have ever had in America. He is to the American public a defender of political freedom much as you are to us a defender of the faith. His statements and views on social issues are, as yours, often the center of controversy due to devotion to the cause you represent. I have been a frequent listener of Mr. Limbaugh for over fifteen years and I can assure you that though he is not Catholic or professes any religious affiliation he has always shown a respect and honor toward Christianity forever acknowledging our great nations founders were able to give us the finest form of a peoples republic the world has ever seen only through their devotion to the Judeo-Christian they held in their hearts.
    The two of you have much in common when we understand the positions from which your voices are coming and the causes your represent. Certainly most of us who are patriotic Americans and faithful to the teaching and doctrines of our Catholic faith can and should be proud to have both of you on our side at this time as the world is on fire with division and hate.
    We have far enough enemies of the faith and capitalism within our ranks that are willing to abandon the cherished values of our Republic and the Church for political power or government benefits and control. We need not be snapping at each other over verbiage used to express basic positions of our respective stance on religion and politics.
    You are right to defend the intent of remarks by the Pope from your position and Rush has the right to show that those same remarks can and are used by those who wish to dilute and destroy your common values in their never ending propaganda aimed at what we are so obviously witnessing today as the "fundamental transformation of America" by the current administration.
    I would suggest you give Mr. Limbaugh the same benefit of relating to verbiage in his arena which your possess in yours.
    Peace to All

  5. Harold Olsen
    1 year ago

    I'm 64 and never thought I'd ever criticize an Pope. But the current Pope bothers me. I don't listen to Limbaugh -- not since 1995 -- not because I don't like him, but because I do not like talk radio. I have a great deal of respect for him. I'm not so sure he is wrong about Pope Francis. Some of the things he has said do smack of Marxism.

  6. maryellen
    1 year ago

    Rush is a great man, a lover of God, who is confused by the Pope's message, along with many other non-Catholic public personalities. Left-wing liberals are CONFIDENT that Francis is Communist (read their blogs and comments following articles!) but they fail to realize that the Pope stands for everything that Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao et al hated! Jesus was not a Liberal, not a leftist, not a socialist. He was and is the Son of God. Nowhere did He preach the message, "steal from the rich and give to the poor," or "murder babies in the womb" or "trust in the government for everything you need!" Sad what has happened to our country these past 5 years.

  7. jolosturo
    1 year ago

    I believe that Karen Finney and E.J. Dionne are aware that what this Pope is preaching is doctrine that has been around forever, the difference being, THIS Pope is making a definitive POINT of mentioning it now, as a reminder--because it seems that Conservative Christians/Catholics have conveniently forgotten these doctrines. They have, instead become greedy, selfish, anti- "social values," and are alienating and marginalizing the poor, the needy. Karen and EJ are pointing out these positive messages from this Pope because his voice DOES seem to stand out from the rest. He seems like a glimmer of light in a very dark atmosphere.

  8. BobRN
    1 year ago

    Too many (most?) Catholics have not allowed Christ to influence their thinking, much less transform it. Too many are more influenced by their own thinking, or by the positions of their political parties, or ideologies.

    Pope Benedict XVI also wrote on economics from a Catholic perspective, and it differed not a wit from what Pope Francis has said. Yet, I don't recall conservatives calling Benedict a Marxist. I don't recall liberals claiming Benedict as one of their own.

    Those who care nothing about Christ and the salvation He brings will only try to manipulate the Holy Father's message to fit their agenda, or will blast him because he doesn't fit into their neat little box. Nevertheless, the truth must be spoken. Pope Francis is either the Vicar of Christ or he is an Argentinian immigrant to Rome. While Catholics are not obliged to agree with every assessment he makes on all matters, we are obliged to listen respectfully and try to understand what he is teaching, rather than dismiss his teaching because it fails to match our personal ideologies. What kind of pastor, after all, says only what people want to hear? What kind of disciple listens to only those teachings with which he already agrees?

    In any case, Francis is in good company. Many people turned away from Jesus when He taught a hard teaching.

  9. Mark Anthony
    1 year ago

    "So now I'm gonna have to track this down, because I have to tell you, what has been attributed to the pope here doesn't make sense, with 50 years of the Catholic Church. It doesn't jibe. But it sounds exactly like what your average, run-of-the-mill leftist would say each and every day: unfettered capitalism, trickle-down doesn't work. I don't know this pope, but I don't know that the bishop of Rome speaks in terms of trickle-down. One of the things they're saying is that the pope didn't say "trickle-down," that the correct translation would be "spillover." He didn't say "trickle-down." So there are people that are telling me, "Hey, Rush, the pope was mistranslated," and my first reaction, "Come on, now."

    But then I had to catch myself. They are -- by "they," I mean the worldwide left -- they are entirely capable of this, and they wouldn't hesitate to do it, if they thought they could get away with it. Hell, they wouldn't hesitate to do it even if they do get caught doing it because they know that the original phony translation they put out will be the one that survives. The truth takes a long time to catch up when the lie gets out of the gates first. So I can't sit here and summarily reject the claim that the pope has been mistranslated. I know it sounds inconceivable. (interruption) The pope? He said something about homosexuals and later they said he was mistranslated? His original statement, he appeared to condone homosexuality, and then somebody said he was mistranslated. Well, there seems to be a pattern here, then, of the pope being mistranslated. "

    Rush was responding to a translation and did mention the possibility that the translation could have been inaccurate. Which has proven to be the very case.

  10. Fallen Saint
    1 year ago

    If only one could hear the words of the Holy Spirit through our hearts and not through the worlds view. Both Finny and Rush are wrong because they both use words to spin there agenda. The Pope stated a very simple concept, that we need ethics and compassion in business. It seems that with the loss of mom and pop businesses, we have lost the personal relationship that we once had with employers and employees. Many of the financial crisis that we have had.........have come from extreme greed of a selected few. The use of sex to entice consumers, the need to buy for self endulgence has gradually changed our society. Money in and of itself is not evil and in many ways it is the best system. Money is based on the rewards of working hard. But to say Pope Francis is a Marxist is completly false. Marxism is based on the simple philosophy that the state can solve all the problems of society. That is why Christianity is despised by the Marxist. To my Brothers and Sisters, Pope Francis is not a Marxist, he wants all of us to become Saints. What ever your vocation is.........he wants us to be compassionate and ethical. That is it, plain and simple. To all those that have been given the vocation of running a business. Your responsibility is great in Gods eyes......because in reality you are not only in charge of your employees but of their families. May God Bless all those Brothers and Sisters who have been called to a vocation in business. Thank you Papa Francis.

    May Gods will be Done.

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