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Rush Limbaugh is Wrong, Karen Finney of MSNBC is Nuts: Pope Francis and Capitalism Comments

Do you get it Karen Finney and E.J. Dionne? It is not "progressive" to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life! The lie of your brand of political progressivism has been exposed, rejected and dismissed by the Pope whom you think you can use to bolster your political agenda!  Also disturbing were words spoken by Rush Limbaugh. His contention, offered on the EIB Network, that some of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I understand that some may not fully trust our past Popes and our present Pope Francis.

    My humble advice to you: PRAY. Seek SINCERELY The Desires of God and you WILL FIND. If not, you will NEVER be wholly part of The Church for all time, NEVER be fully taken up into Christ's Body ... NEVER. Some little insignificant (we imagine that it's significant) thing will come up (if it hasn't as yet) to pull on your strings (temptation) to get you going against Church/Pope (sin). Pull yourself up and out of this snare set by the devil.

    The Truth is very simple: Our Popes represent Holy Father on earth. They "proclaim Christ's doctrine infallibly" (Lumen Gentium 25) [Bible: Matt. 16:17-19; Jn. 21:15-17;Lk. 22:32].
    How do you regard God as Heavenly Father? And are you thankful for Him bestowing to The Pope "The Keys of The Kingdom of Heaven"?

    FLEE REBELLIOUS SPIRITS! SCATTER FALSE PROPHETS! Rebellious angels are cast down to hell by God (Mt. 25:41). Do you think Jesus' Way is that we rebel (against The Kingdom) on earth only to be ushered into heaven judged obedient to God? NO. False prophets and disciples will have the same fate as the rebellious angels.

    SO ... strive ALWAYS to be obedient to The Pope, love him, pray for him. He is there to guide us. Please, if your desires do not conform to his, if you do not love him, if there is a lack of trust in him, PRAY. Bring to The Altar a clean heart. Ask for God's Forgiveness in His Mercy.

    "Let us keep firm in the hope we profess, because the one who made the promise is trustworthy." Hebrews 10:23
    "May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, give you a spirit of wisdom and perception of what is revealed, to bring you to full knowledge of him. May he enlighten the eyes of your mind so that you can see what hope his call holds for you, how rich is the glory of the heritage he offers among his holy people, and how extraordinarily great is the power that he has exercised for us believers; this accords with the strength of his power at work in Christ, the power which he exercised in raising him from the dead and enthroning him at his right hand, in heaven, far above every principality, ruling force, power or sovereignty, or any other name that can be named, not only in this age but also in the age to come. He has put all things under his feet, and made him, as he is above all things, the head of the Church; which is his Body, the fullness of him who is filled, all in all." Ephesians 1:17-23

    God bless you all.

  2. labman57
    1 year ago

    Marxism and organized religion are mutually-exclusive ideological constructs.

    But let's cut Limbaugh some slack. Rush is well overdue for a colonoscopy, as previous attempts to perform the procedure have been unsuccessful due to a chronic cranial obstruction.

  3. Bob C.
    1 year ago

    I must say that I was disturbed by the Pope's comments regarding capitalism. Some have suggested there was a problem in translation. Maybe this was true as the English version clearly advocated for some kind of socialist system.

    Many defenders of the Pope's comments have been excoriating those who disagreed as ignorant, etc. Rather than resorting to vitriol, perhaps you would better serve the Catholic community by asking the Pope to clarify his comments.

  4. Katie
    1 year ago

    While there are great comments here, regarding the Church, it's teachings, conservatism and so called liberalism, the one sad note, is how many people are taken in by Rush Limbaugh. It makes me really worry for this country, because he does not believe what he says, nor care.

    I once saw an interview with Glenn Beck, who was speaking off the cuff, and said, "I am a comedian and satirist , I can't help what people think about what I say ." The same can be said about Rush. I also saw a video of an interview done with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell after the Roe v Wade decision , in which they told the reporter that it was a "Catholic issue". I guess politics does make strange bedfellows.

    I have been alive long enough, and Catholic long enough to know that the Church is composed of human beings, who never agree on anything. Thank God that once in awhile Popes come forward, who try to bring us back to basics. Not all of them have been so saintly. And the Church goes on. Mass can be said anywhere, as long as the Eucharist is there. Isn't that what it's about for most of us? The Ten Commandments from the father, and His presence from the Son. So simple.

  5. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    I am just returned to the United States from the American Missionary Congress in Maracaibo Venezuela. There were more than 3,000 participants., mostly young men and women from the American continent, excited to be missionary disciples in permanent mission with heart felt desire to share their faith. They were profoundly moved when speakers made reference to The Joy of the Gospel; Francis has given them a direction for how to be missionary disciples.
    I suggest instead of continuing to engage in polemics we begin to "contemplate the city" and become personal friends with poor people who can evangelize us. This is why Francis, Bishop of Rome, wants a poor church for the poor.

  6. Marcela from Buenos Aires
    1 year ago

    Wonderful just wonderful article. I am pleasantly surprised to find that someone who writes something that ends up on the internet finally gets what Bergoglio is talking about. This is the first time I read something from you.
    But after reading many comments I can't help but having a very bad feeling in the center of my stomach. The very feeling of observing intolerance in its core, the feeling one gets when one is about to witness an injustice.
    Cardinal Bergoglio used to cook, walk and bring a meal to someone who was living on the streets and sit and eat with them, maybe an older person, maybe a child, maybe just any person really.
    When the crisis hit Argentina in 2001-2002 and the outskirts of the city became home for hundreds of unemployed people, him as a Cardinal appointed dozens of priests to live and to build churches inside these horrible slums, he said that the Church must touch people, the Church must get dirty and walk those mud streets where people in the slums live, therefore we must all touch people.
    Why are we so quick to judge other people's struggles? We truly ignore the circumstances that led to where they are today, therefore it is ignorance, fear. Nobody said it is easy being a Catholic but it is certainly easier being a Catholic with white gloves and we all know that those who wear white gloves do not shake that many hands. It is as if in this society people chose to live their lives through a glass container or as we say in Argentina "living inside a ravioli", all sealed up from any harm or ugliness from the realities of the outside world.
    And who are we to say that them won't be us tomorrow?

    Just as you mentioned above, the Pope is not talking about politics yet I dare any of the commentators to write anything without the words: left, leftist, right, progressive, liberal conservative, secularist, Marxist...

    I am puzzled at the latest reactions towards him from Catholics in the United States. Maybe I was blessed with a different kind of Catholicism, maybe this is why I understand Bergoglio's words.
    In a recent interview he was asked "who is he", he said "a sinner".
    I think it will do all of us good to start remembering and admitting that first.

    God bless you all.

  7. Sam Osborne
    1 year ago

    In an effort to be a faithful Catholic I an bound by my faith to respect all popes of my Church, however John XXIII is first and last pope that I so greatly admired to the point that if there were saints on Earth I thought he had to be one among them. And since Pope Francis has been emplaced in the chair of Peter, he has seemed me to have variously expressed himself as another.

    Such as the pope’s reflection on the ways of Jesus as in what one does to the least of God’s children that he has done unto the Son of God---the Golden Rule vastly different than Rush Limbaugh would have it for the Church to be a servant of what Rush venerates as sacred capitalism. And then just yesterday the pope smilingly revealed to some people gathered to meet him that as a young man he had been a bouncer in a bar---wow, the speaker from the chair of Peter also spending some youthful years in a bar as has done a humble U.S. Speaker of the House Boehner in his dad’s.

  8. Starzec
    1 year ago

    Wow! Deacon, judging by the vitriol of those who post here, you have set the world on fire. You and I have agreed on some discussions but mostly disagree. I am happy to count this as one where we agree.
    Make no mistake, if one were to label me, I am one of the leftists mentioned. Sort of an ill-fitting, ugly sweater to wear but it keeps me warm.

  9. Kathleen
    1 year ago

    I totally concur with the comments of "Bill Sr." I am a conservative republican and a conservative Catholic. While I do not demand the universal return of the Latin Mass, I am very happy that I had the opportunity to experience the Latin Mass as a young girl. I am sad that my own children have never experienced the beauty of the liturgy. I regret to say that they also experience a watered down instruction of their Catholic religion. When they were in school, the Catholic schools had pretty much been imbedded with priests and teachers that became smitten with social justice and moral relativism. I am still very uncomfortable with Pope Francis and I can really understand why Rush would make the comments that he did.

  10. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    If the most poor and defenseless, the unborn, are not defended, then everything else is Marxism.

    In fact, I dare say, that Jesus would like ALL other charities to cease if we are not making abortion the number one charity.

    Because if a baby is not born, then everything else is mute.

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