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'King Money' has failed humanity, Pope Francis says Comments

Fearlessly denouncing capitalism and the pursuit of financial gain, Pope Francis now says that the worship and obeisance of "King Money" has done nothing for humanity in the long run. Francis, speaking out on the issue of high youth unemployment in his first interview in his native land of Argentina this week, warned that today's "throwaway culture" had discarded a generation of young Europeans. Continue Reading

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  1. Kathrine Manizade
    1 year ago

    Perhaps Pope Francis means to attack usury. Otherwise his words are self-contradictory, On on hand he condemns capitalism. On the other, he condemns youth unemployment. Wouldn't the youth be Does he suggest a solution? Surely he's not naive enough to suppose that printing money will solve Europe's problems. Does he not think that Europe's problems stem from a low birthrate and nanny governments? This one is a puzzle. He is intelligent, too intelligent to have said anything this stupid.

  2. mathew T.O.Praem
    1 year ago

    Pope's concern while speaking on Capitalism is not to abolish it, rather to take its original intent as Jesus tried to instill the spirit of love of God and neighbor in the Sabbath Laws. His point is that of " sharing with the deserved", nevertheless either to rob off from those working hard or to make the recipients ever a depended. A government controlled capitalism is as dangerous as a free market Corporates. In the economic theory, a middle path should be sought. Capitalism without concern for the needy would render " formation of trade unions" and " unjust society" leading to " social unrest and revolutions". Charity of Catholic Church is ultimately to make stand the poor on their legs.As much as the real concept of King in the Church is for service, the king capitalism is meant for servant socialism.
    Mathew T.O.Praem.

  3. Marie
    1 year ago

    Scary things being said if this is really translated correctly to begin with. This scares me very badly. What are the other choices that we have - communism, Marxism, socialism - all variations on the same theme, and we've seen time and again how those end - not good, unless your the one wielding power. He should read the a Catholic encyclopedia, which has a well written section on socialism/communism and it's evils and perils. Free will is the natural state of man & God created us with free will. Capitalism, while allowing man kinds flaws to show, allows the most free flow of ideas, money, goods and opportunity to the most people of all economic strata. Charity cannot be forced - it is then tyrany. Charity is done with a giving spirit - redistribution of hard earned goods wealth brings about resentment on one side & sloth and a sense of entitlement on the other. The worst of all, redistributionist policies kill growth, innovation and most of all FREE WILL. So sad. If anything will kill our church, it will not be views on women's roles, how to address gay marriage etc... It is this issue alone.

  4. Vance
    1 year ago

    It appears that a Liberation Theologist made it to the Papacy. Liberation Theology, Neo-Marxism, was ramped in Central and South America in the 1960's through the 1980's. Pope Francis showed his cards when he said that the Church is overly concerned about abortion and morality. I didn't get any answers from Francis' anti-capitalism speech. If capitalism is the evil of Europe that is causing high unemployment among its youth, then what is the answer??? He doesn't give one. Communism is the answer??? I'd love to know.

  5. jwb
    1 year ago

    I urge everyone not to make assumptions and false judgements based on headlines. From this article, the Pope said "King Money", but did not castigate capitalism nor have I seen him recommend socialism (or Marxism, Rush Limbaugh).

    I've been reading the Pope's document Evangelii Gaudium. It has some really good things to say about the worship of money, and how a life of luxury leads to boredom and lack of purpose. He has a lot to say about how to live a full life, find purpose and engage the role set out for us by Jesus and our faith.

    The role of the rich is to "promote" the poor, he says. The role of governments is to provide opportunity. And the role of ourselves is to engage those around us, not to abandon or shut the door on them, but to understand and come to common ground.

    Anyone who spends time with Evanglii Gaudium will be changed by it. And you will quickly know people who are commenting without knowledge, and feel sorry for them.

  6. P
    1 year ago

    The Catholic church & the vatican is historically, the largest collector of wealth with its own bank and one of the richest institutions in the world. (pay for the church roof, my a##e)
    Hypocrisy !

    Governments are the largest organised crime units in existence and somewhere the 2 meet.
    Divide & conquer !

    An ex catholic

  7. michael
    1 year ago

    The great evil is not capitalism, but rather the liberal, enlightenment, rationalistic capitalism of Adam Smith and his disciples. In this evil form, the means of production are in the hands of a few. This liberal capitalism brought on the rise of Socialism, an even greater evil, where not just a few, but nearly all are greedy and envious. But to quote the great Catholic commentator, G.K. Chesterton, the problem with liberal capitalism is that there are too few capitalists. In short, the ideal economic system allows for as many capitalists as possible with nearly everyone sharing in ownership and benefiting from profits. I think Pope Francis needs to step back a bit and see that the problem today is an ungodly "corporatism" where government and big business work together in a very incestual way leaving very few to share in the profits but those who are connected.

  8. HD
    1 year ago

    Are you kidding me? I totally disagree with Pope Francis on this one. Socialism & big government is destroying Europe not capitalism. Socialism creates more poverty and disenchantment. Read Pope Leo XIII RERUM NOVARUM.

  9. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    If we make money King it will fail humanity.

    If we do Kingly things with money it will save humanity.

    It is not Capitalism that is inherently evil, it's greed.

    As opposed to Communism/Socialism, which is inherently evil.

  10. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    My view is that King Socialism and King Big Government have failed humanity. Jesus said love of money is the root of evil. Some people vote for Big Government, whose politicians steal money earned by someone to pay someone else not to work. Those voters who cast their ballots for Big Government coveted the goods of their neighbors who earned what they have by working for it. Instead of breaking 2 of God's Commandments (i.e. against coveting and stealing), we should have a limited government which allows the creation of wealth by individuals and businesses, whether large or small. We need low taxes, as few regulations as possible and a minimum of government spending. This would be the biggest help towards people like me at the lower end of the economic ladder. My wife and I use our tithe for our Church and for poor kids around the world. Those kids would not be so poor if they were not being smothered by Socialist and Marxist "social justice" and Compassionate" government. America would have a lot fewer poor kids if their parents stayed in school, got married BEFORE having kids, and lived in a country with less, not more government. These parents, rather than being paid not to work, would then be working and giving tithes to the truly poor of the world.

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