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Obama orders closure of Vatican Embassy Comments

It's very hard to deny that the Obama administration isn't fighting a war on Catholics. In his latest move, Obama has ordered the closure of the U.S. embassy to the Vatican away from the Holy See to a more distant compound in Rome, allegedly for "security reasons." Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    This is an ongoing thing. First we had Catholic Online giving us the video of Syrian rebels beheading Father Murad, when every aspect of the video and accompanying article was a lie.
    Now we have this, and no part of it is true. The US has NEVER had an embassy in Vatican City, nor has any other country. The US did NOT remove its ambassador, simply moved the embassy- which has ALWAYS been in Rome- to a better location. The US has in NO way diminished the role of the Vatican embassy.
    This story is ANOTHER lie.
    Can we count on our brothers and sisters at Catholic Online to fix it? Can we expect the website of an ordained Deacon to stand for truth, rather than disseminating sensasionalistic politically motivated garbage? Or should we just expect once again to see a small "explanation" added to the story, and an increase in stupid political propaganda and rhetoric to distract us from the TRUTH:
    This purportedly Catholic website regularly lies to its readers.
    Deacon Keith? It's OK to lie as long as the target is the right one? Is that the message of Catholic Online now?

  2. Steve Vincent
    1 year ago

    It's not wrong shifting diplomatic operations away from the Vatican.Being located within the Vatican may not even assure good relations between the duo.

  3. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    It's almost beyond belief there are Catholics who still do not get it that Obama has the Catholic Church on his personal and political enemy lists.
    He deliberately chose from among his ardent admirers within the secular progressive wing of the Democratic Party (that would be those who support strict adherence to the statist view of separation of Church and State) any number of Catholic legislators and academics and even clerics to stand at his side as he empirically demanded the lockstep liberals in congress and within the media to formulate and pass his legislative agenda without reading any of it and to parade it in front of the public as benevolent benefits which, according to the press and Hollywood, his opponents were trying to deny to all the needy and poor among us. This was designed to prove that he alone should be recognized as THE ONE who can bring about the great Transformation of America as outlined in his beloved Rules for Radicals handbook.
    Speaking of denying the public, we were not to question his application as a Foreign
    Student in college or dare seek his transcripts or papers. Nor were we to question his many radical acquaintances or spiritual directors and felonious benefactors for this would only prove we were obviously vehement white racists or Uncle Toms wanting to see our first Black president fail. Never mind his anti-Catholic senatorial record of three time blocking legislative attempts to allow life saving medical help for infant survivors of botched abortions. This from a man now so intent on providing health care to those without it!! What hypocrisy. His notorious championing of free contraception and unfettered abortion are among his most cherished anti-Catholic accomplishments as he is pictured standing beside a host of his Roman Catholic political friends, you and I know them by name, all who have been asked by their bishops to refrain from presenting themselves at communion and as yet refuse to obey.
    He shocked many of his black followers and their pastors when he came out of his long held social doctrine and announced his unbridled approval of gay marriage declaring the need for all states to accept and acknowledge this anti-Christian anti-Catholic policy and make it the law of the land.
    And now we have in our midst his signature legislation, a must have Marxist mandate in order to take control of a the most important rudimentary aspect of our lives next to education, illegally begotten in congress and declared constitutional by a Catholic justice who actually saved it from defeat by redefining the imposed "fees" to renaming them "taxes"ΒΈ which Obama's administration had been swearing they were before it went before the court. It has now, thank God, been shown to be a disastrous debacle as piece by piece of it instead of being beneficial for the nation's healthcare system is actually destroying or dismantling the whole structure. Even as the president continues to lie to the people about its contents, political correctness must be sacrificed if we expect to survive this regime, it is yet to be determined if this is simply a monumental blunder or part of (let's use a term from the liberal playbook) a vast left wing conspiracy to drive us to the presidents ultimate dream of a single payer healthcare system.
    History will provide the answer for us just as it has revealed that the once proud party of the working man was high jacked and infiltrated by communist in preparation for Obama's transformation as predicted clearly years ago by Premier Nikita Khrushchev himself.
    But facts and history have no place in the minds of those carried away in rapture of this very anti-Catholic president.

  4. GW
    1 year ago

    I'm disheartened (but not surprised) to see this kind of false "reporting" in Catholic Online. On the other hand, I'm elated at the way people have responded in the Comments. People are responding with facts and reason in the face of the falsehoods in the article.
    If those who run this web site will re-commit themselves to true Catholic ideals (as opposed to being a propaganda tool for the Republican Party), our Faith might once again be the conscience of the nation.

  5. Chad
    1 year ago

    This polemic and some of the supporting comments make me sad. You are certainly entitled to disagree with the President, as I and many others often do. You are not entitled to "make up your own facts". Please resist the temptation to engage in vicious calumny and detraction. As to denying that the administration is fighting a war on Catholics, I find it easy to deny, and I do. Like any other administration, it chooses policies believed to appeal to more voters and, especially, contributors.

    I actually believe you know better than what you write, but think that any stick will serve your political purpose. Please read carefully Pope Francis' guidance on how we can be more effective in building the Kingdom. especially though our example of love for all.

  6. Troy K
    1 year ago

    Evidence points to the Obama Administration's attack on the Catholic Church (see HHS mandate). This appears to be another jab. Though, taking offense at it just makes us look like the bad guys. The embassy is being moved. It will have its own separate entrance from the other countries (2 others) that share the embassy.

    Obviously, moving the embassy to be combined with another embassy seems like a slap in the face especially when it is explained as for safety. That is definitely a slap in the face. Then again, maybe they know of people wishing to attack the Vatican.

    The Obama Administration had plenty of ways to spin this that would not have been a slap in the face. Trying to reduce costs or moving the embassy closer to the Vatican (I read somewhere that the Italian embassy is actually 0.1 miles closer to the Vatican than the current US embassy to the Vatican. Costs would be easy to understand, but then again this is not the reason that the Administration gave us. It is somehow "safer" this way.

    As followers of Jesus, we are to "turn the other cheek." Slap away, we have Jesus!

    NOTE: Not a fan of the "From The Web" "by Taboola". Do you get to filter that?

  7. Steveagainstfakenews
    1 year ago

    Lest anyone believe this is reality. It's a complete misrepresentation of facts. Shame on you Catholic Online.

  8. Wayne A. Schneider
    1 year ago

    You do know that lying is a sin, don't you? The embassy isn't closing down entirely, it's simply moving its operations. And they're being moved to a location closer to the Vatican! Your comments about the Swiss Papal Guard and how protected the Vatican is are meaningless, since the embassy is not actually located within the Vatican itself.

    If you wish to maintain the idea that providing false witness is a sin, then you need to correct the inaccuracies and deliberate distortions of this article. And for crying out loud, don't listen to Bill Donohue. No right-thinking person does.

  9. bob burford
    1 year ago

    This is not an issue . It was opened in 1994 and closed in 2013. There is no political statement here. It is an office building and that is it. To be honest if America expects its embassies to be attacked they should be in a place where they can defend themselves. You would not put your wives and kids in a crossfire why would put Vatican city in the same position.

  10. ChrisBoBiss
    1 year ago

    There is no, and never has been a U.S. Embassy in Vatican City.

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