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Even if the world acts now, climate change will persist for centuries, official says Comments

The World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Michel Jarraud says that the world has made its bed - and now must lay in it. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases reached their absolute peak last year, and even if the world were to stop using CO2 emissions today, mankind will have to endure the changes wrought by climate change for centuries. Continue Reading

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  1. Peter M.
    1 year ago

    Jerry N hit the nail right on its head. Bravo.

  2. Peter Anderson
    1 year ago

    The expert is incorrect as the presumptions he's using are not valid Ta-152-H, not due to some previous period of fossil fuel use. You'd confuse still particulate pollution with release of CO2, a rather too common mistake made by 'warmists'. The warming trend pre-existed the 20th Century and the claims made of fossil fuel use, the political process attempted by the Greens is 'scape goating'...they'd blame CO2 using its release as a proxy to measure Capitalism.
    "Strange Doings on the Sun"
    The Greens still are too intent to find fault within any weather event, the Green is a thing of 'headlines' and not ever Science. The issue of 'climate change' is all that's ever existed and not because there is an environmental problem but as the 'world wide' political platform of the Green relies on that climate-change issue for its political life. The Green Politicknic then equates rhetorically its own survival with that of humanity in a perverse application of egotism, of Pride (recall the Seven Deadly Sins; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride).
    "Greens feed on another disaster"

  3. Ta-152-H
    1 year ago

    What's the surprise ?Sure the effects will be with us for hundreds of years it took hundreds of years to get to this point .centuries of billions of coal fires lit to cook or heat ,smoke stack industries and power plants,ships and trains that vented directly into the atmosphere the western world ran on coal for 150 years and that's not counting the 10s of millions cars and trucks venting directly to atmosphere Americans alone operated before clean air standards of any kind.

  4. Louis Barta
    1 year ago

    Jarraud's assessment of future world climate conditions is completely inaccurate because he fails to take into account the Biblically-foretold fact that, when Christ visits the earth to annihilate the kingdom of the beast, He will also use plasma lightning storms to purify the earth back to Eden-like conditions to accommodate the coming of the very lengthy Marian Holy Age of Peace and Bounty. The coming of this epoch was also announced by Our Lady of LaSalette and Our Lady of Fatima.

    The ionized plasma which Christ will call upon to form lightning bolts is already in place. in 2008, NASA's THEMIS mission discovered that earth-sized breaches had suddenly formed in the earth's protective magnetosphere, allowing plasma particles from the solar wind to pour through and accumulate in near-earth space, forming a cache 4,000 miles thick. In 2012, the European Space Agency's CLUSTER mission ascertained that the breaches were still open, and that the plasma inventory has expanded to 60,000 miles thick. Now, nearly two years later, the plasma cache is being estimated at 80,000 miles thick.

    Alarmed by all this, NASA is preparing to launch the 2014 Magnetosperic Multi-scale mission to study the plasma build-up further, and also to study the the recent emergence of electron diffusion conduits connecting the sun's magnetic fields to the earth's magnetic fields. These conduits, which open and close dozens of times each day, are allowing millions of tons of highly-energized solar plasma particles to be transferred by the sun directly into near-earth space -- kind of like Charlemagne's awesome army assembling for battle.

    Since 2008, plasma has been building up in the earth's plasmasphere (which abuts the earth's outer atmosphere) at the rate of approximately 40 miles per day, with no end in sight.

    If Jarraud is unaware of these startling developments, all he needs to do is download NASA and ESA websites -- all these data are accessible to anyone.

    Ironically, the elevated levels of carbon dioxide which Jarraud whines about will help feed foliage and greenery during the holy age.

    If Jarraud thinks Bible and Marian prophecies have no scientific credence, maybe he should think again. The Lord of Hosts invented science and nature. All the God-directed forces of nature are presently aligning themselves with what has been foretold in Holy Scripture about the future of the world and mankind.

  5. 1 year ago

  6. Tom
    1 year ago

    Hearing these Clowns you would think they believe the world would be better with out us.

    (even if the world were to stop using CO2 emissions today, mankind will have to endure the changes wrought by climate change for centuries.)
    (The organization reports that this accelerating trend will have devastating consequences on the world's weather, unless developed nations do more to rein in emissions. )

    Does any one else see the irony of these two statements being in the same article.
    We know the truth, its not about warming its about tax and spend.

    Now they're bringing back a blast from the past the Ozone Layer

  7. p
    1 year ago

    What do the people see done by these political rent seekers? Such situations made as is noted within:-
    "Locking up Tasmania’s forests - and the jobs"
    "... Come again? “Damage to native forests”, “destroying the environment”? Tasmania has, or rather did have, among the world’s best managed forests. Some areas have been logged two or three times over the last century an half. They are not “damaged”. They have not been “destroyed”. There is little difference between harvesting a field of wheat and harvesting a native forest when it is done properly. The only difference is the time scale over which recovery occurs."
    ...Note how the 'greenie' has substituted their 'human time frame' to attempt a framing of s (supposed) problem from their otherwise pointless issue mongering. That whilst the final point is the most telling:-
    "The people of Tasmania don’t want handouts, they want industries and jobs."
    ... as Tasmania persists in presenting above average unemployment rates whilst the 'greenie' persists only is showing themselves to be totally clueless.

  8. Peter Anderson
    1 year ago

    maryellen, a return to conditions similar to those OBSERVED during the Little Ice Age is what is being spoken of...the 'greenie' (which you obviously are) is OBSERVED again to be inadequately equipped to deal with FACT.

  9. Denise
    1 year ago

    Really, Catholic are reporting a story that has it's roots in the United Nations? Appreciate the comments of Jerry and Peter as well.

    This "Climate Change" hysteria is nothing more than a political attempt at control. Period. (Not to be confused with President Obama's 'Period.')

    Have a blessed day....and get outside a bit! Take in the beauty of God's creation..... We are to be good stewards....not puppets.

  10. maryellen
    1 year ago

    Jerry and Peter, Thank You!! Have you heard of the other chicken-littles who are huffing and puffing about an oncoming ice age?

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