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Bishop Thomas Paprocki Prevents Blasphemy, Stands Up to Homosexual Rainbow Sash Movement Comments

The Rainbow Sash Movement is numbered among a segment of the homosexual and lesbian community which insists that the State use its police power to enforce a legal equivalency between marriage and homosexual and lesbian partnerships. However, that is apparently not enough for the Rainbow Sash Movement. They wanted to enter into a consecrated church on Tuesday evening and commit a blasphemous and sacrilegious act. A courageous bishop ... Continue Reading

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  1. Atilla The Possum
    1 year ago

    Michelle, let me spell it out to you about the way things are at the moment with regards these RS people.

    Our Blessed Lord drove moneychangers out of the temple by overturning their tables, lashing with a cord whip and strong words, not nice words or platitudes. He told them that the temple is a House of God and not a den of thieves.

    Our church is a House of God and not a platform or soundboard for propagating mortal sin, which is clearly what the Rainbow Sash mob intended to do in this case and have done on several occasions.

    They are not content unless they behave like a hybrid of vicious gangsters and stroppy, attention-seeking narcissists! They like to destroy livelihoods of decent people because people do not countenance their lifestyle and tell anyone who will give them an inch what victims of discrimination they are!

    They have entered several Catholic churches at Mass times to deliberately mock and disrupt our sacred space and sacred time with Our Blessed Lord. They have no intention of seeking God's Mercy or to listen to His Word to help change their lives for the better.

    A group not much unlike the Rainbow Sash ran into Westminster Cathedral in London, England some years ago and let off inflated condoms.


    If those in the RS group have a change of heart about their disgusting protests and wish to throw themselves at Almighty God's Mercy at His Altar in the Real Presence, that's fair enough.

    Christ said to the woman whom he saved from being stoned to death: Go away and sin no more.

    He would say exactly the same to these people.

    What he won't say is 'Go away and keep doing what you are doing.'

  2. Michelle
    1 year ago

    Jesus stood on the side of the oppressed and urged his followers not to exclude but to include, not to adhere to the letter of the law but rather practice a radical love of neighbor and self. I know what Jesus would do--welcome all to the table.

  3. Kathy
    1 year ago

    As it goes, when people try to make a bad behavior acceptable, a majority accept that behavior as normal..those of us who do not accept the behavior are put in a position of being call, racist, haters..etc. I took a minute one day, and tried to see if I could find anything about
    the homosexual behavior that I thought was OK. I could not. I have decided that I cannot accept it. It is truely a behavior that is not normal...or the so called( new normal.)

    I appreciate this Bishops efforts to stop anyone from presenting themselves in church, as disruptive of the church.

    It is all from satan. We all must be careful, to do as the church the person, but do not condone the bad behavior. Invite them to acceptance of Christ, who will be merciful and save them if they chose to change and repent fo their sins. This behavior along with other behaviors, like having many children out of wedlock, and alcoholism, and adultery, theft and drug addicts. All need the saving graces of Jesus Christ.

  4. Joe
    1 year ago

    Thank you Bishop Paprocki. This article should be read at every mass. Bless you.

  5. David
    1 year ago

    I am wondering why there are ads for violent video games on this web site. I just saw one and it spoke of new and inventive forms of assassination. Before we point fingers towards others, if ever we are to do so; should we not be removing the planks from our own eyes? I am not commenting on not supporting or supporting homosexual acts; marriage; or anything else which the Church opposes but why is a video game which so blatantly disregards any words spoken by our Lord and God allowed to advertise on a Catholic website? I've seen this in numerous other advertisements on this website. If a moral compass is being held up for all to see and regard; should not this moral compass be all encompassing? This article sparks this question as it clearly teaches of the Church's stance on a moral issue yet when I read the daily readings I saw the advertisement for the video game of which I speak. It seems quite hypocritical. If we are to follow the teachings of the Church why does this website allow ads which clearly state the intent of the video game which is assassination. This is wrong and I call upon whomever is responsible to reexamine which advertisements it allows and which ones it does not. Especially when the advertisement is right next to the daily reading from the Holy Gospels. I do not understand why this is being permitted.

  6. Atilla The Possum
    1 year ago

    A gazillion times 'THANK YOU!' Bishop Paprocki! Well done! Way to go! It's about time!

    May the Holy Ghost inspire those in the hierarchy and parish priests to follow your wonderful example and stand up to these bullies and refuse to be intimidated by them!

    It's evil that these 'trolls' have taken the symbol of the rainbow as hostage and turned it into a symbol of depravity.

    I guess the good Bishop heard the alarm bells ringing at ear-splitting deafness when he discovered that these people intended to recite the Rosary - not to honour Our Lady but to mock her Son and Her!!!!

    What these idiots don't realise is that The Holy Rosary is a weapon AGAINST evil, sin and heresy.

    To disrupt Holy Mass the way they do is positively satanic!

    'When wicked men blaspheme thee, I'll love and bless Thy Name!'

  7. Carlos
    1 year ago

    Thank You Bishop Thomas. You stand up for the Faith and we need more priest to do the same. Everyone, please pray for our priest, that they remain faithful to Christ and His Church.
    God Bless,

  8. cecilia pereira lagos
    1 year ago

    doy gracias a DIOS por ser catolica ,y muchas bendiciones para el obispo valiente y tambien feliz por el papa francisco que le hace tan bien ,nos enseƱa a vivir con humildad

  9. Jimmy Chonga
    1 year ago

    Bravo, Bishop, BRAVO!

  10. Jerzy Gawor
    1 year ago

    Bishop Thomas Paprocki - a courageous and fearless 'spiritual warrior' for the Catholic Faith and one who is not afraid to personally confront evil and blasphemy! That is a rare gift and we should treasure it. Pray for our good Bishop - in fact pray for ALL our Bishops so that evil may be routed and put to flight wherever it rears its ugly head. Pray for Pope Francis also and do not underestimate our Holy Father - who does things his way.

    At the same time we should pray for our brothers and sisters who are struggling with Same Sex Attraction issues. May the good God give them the strength to overcome their temptations and return to the right order of the sexes - ' Male and Female He made them' , not male and male nor female and female.....

    Semper Fi

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