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Obama's Campaign of Pain leaves families of fallen soldiers without deserved 'death gratuities' Comments

Absolutely everyone is outraged over the report that grieving families are being denied their rightful benefits due to the ongoing government shutdown. Approximately $100,000 in "death gratuities" are being delayed to families who need them to cover funeral and transportation costs for the deceased. Continue Reading

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  1. Paul Schyvinch
    1 year ago

    This article is not accurate. The house controls the purse strings not President Obama. The bill the house put through to continue paying our troops did not include death benefits which was an oversight by both parties and is being rectified

  2. Woz
    1 year ago

    Sect 4 14th Amendment, requires congress to fund the law of the land. Affordable Health Care is the law of the land. Their sworn oath is to fund this and all other legal obligations, any further delay will constitute a breach of the fiduciary responsibility of each member of Congress.

  3. Jo Nun
    1 year ago

    The article says: "As Obama continues to hold up any progress by refusing to settle down at the table with Republicans, more and more problems are manifesting as a result of the government shutdown." Not true! Obama has offered to talk and compromise many times but only after Congress opens up the govt. and does not push the country into default. The Republicans have tried numerous times to repeal the Affordable Care Act which is now law and failed by using the normal ways of changing/repealing a law. So then they said repeal the law or we shut down the government (Cruz and others have said this publicly). That is NOT the way to change things. Boehner accuses the president of wanting 100% ---- well isn't that just what the Republicans have said? Repeal or we shut down the government. Then they say the President doesn't want to negotiate? There definition of negotiate is give in to our demand to repeal the law.

  4. Alexis
    1 year ago

    Why would you blame democrats for this crisis is beyond me.

    Obamacare is the Law. It was passed by congress and upheld by the supreme court. It has already been discussed, negotiated and settled.

    What gives the republicans the right to hold this country ransom because they dont agree with it. There is a more civilized way to getting your message across.

    This is a republican manufactured crisis.

    And all those who willfully fail to see the facts, are charlatans.

  5. Concerned
    1 year ago

    This is a poorly written hack piece that places the blame squarely on one man's shoulder's while the entire Congress (led by the Republican majority) is at fault. Let me break this down:

    A criminal holds a gun to a hostage's head and demands that the police negotiate or he'll shoot. The police say that they will not negotiate until the criminal puts the gun down.

    Would you write an article blaming the police for failing to negotiate then?

  6. John
    1 year ago

    Lifetime Catholic. I blame Boehner and the Republicans 100% on the whole mess. They won't get my vote again.

  7. Daniel Phelan
    1 year ago

    Sounds like nonsense to me. Obama is just one man. Congress needs to get their act together and stop acting like children. The debt ceiling is not something you want to hold as a card against winning concessions out of the other Party.

    Negotiations require compromise, which is not something the Republicans are considering. Republicans want to get what they want and that be the end of it. So they are not really negotiating they are dictating using the debt ceiling and our economy as the bargaining chip.

    On another note, where are all the pro-lifers when it comes to wars? Their silence on the war in Iraq etc, is deafening.

  8. John Calvin
    1 year ago

    If, for the sake of uncontrolled spending, Republicans want to target an entitlement (Obamacare) that is already the law of the land...why not go after bigger fruit? Social Security and Medicare cost America much more than Obamacare, but I don't see the Republicans trying to repeal those entitlements. Why not? Because they'll get booted out of office. This is nothing but pure politics.

  9. Bob Brunius
    1 year ago

    The headline for this article is a complete falsehood and a misleading lie. It is not Obama's Campaign of Pain, it is the Tea Party's campaign of pain..

  10. Craig
    1 year ago

    This is, without a doubt, the dumbest headline out there. To suggest that the shutdown is due to the President's actions is blind and misleading... so much so that it brings "bearing false witness" to mind.
    The GOP is doing this, plain and simple. This kind of thing is why you can't trust Christians.

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