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Obama's Campaign of Pain leaves families of fallen soldiers without deserved 'death gratuities' Comments

Absolutely everyone is outraged over the report that grieving families are being denied their rightful benefits due to the ongoing government shutdown. Approximately $100,000 in "death gratuities" are being delayed to families who need them to cover funeral and transportation costs for the deceased. Continue Reading

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  1. Rishi Kumar
    1 year ago

    I found this article to be particularly poorly researched. Obama's Campaign of Pain. Really? Obama's "demands an increase to his debt ceiling limit without any agreements to rein in spending" - are you to ignorant to recognize that the only thing Mr. Cruz and his band of bandits want to do is defund the Affordable Care Act? Have the Republicans proposed reducing the Pentagon budget with its $250 toilet seats?
    You guys are an embarrassment to Catholicism. Now go preach more creationism.

  2. Paul
    1 year ago

    "Embarrassing is right. Democrats, and in particular President Obama, are caught in an impasse because they flatly refuse to negotiate with Republicans on a solution to Obamacare and the out of control debt spending "

    Wrong. Spending has not been even a peripheral issue in this debacle, and only recently when speaker Boehner mentioned it in his press address but refused to mention the true demands regarding the house's efforts to circumvent the legislative process in order to attack a duly enacted law was it included. Spending and cuts were not and are not the deciding issue here, and both parties have before made progress on that front, which is clear from the reduced spending levels and receding deficit the current WH admin has demonstrated. The president has made clear negotiation on the law is not reasonable or justified. However, were the republicans to drop their demands regarding the ACA and instead pursue only the usual budget compromises, there is little doubt the process would move along swimmingly.

    The democrats are anything but caught in an impasse. The republicans have painted themselves into a corner by attempting to derail the democratic legislative process through force. Laws are enacted and repealed through bills, admendments and votes, not by refusing to do your elected duty until one part of the government agrees to your demands. Were this to succeed, it would set a devestating precedent and seriously jeopardize the very core tenets of our system of government, not to mention make a mockery of our constitution.

    In addition, the republicans are not offering any solutions or changes to the ACA. They are attempting to gut and destroy a law that was duly submitted, voted into law, and upheld by the supreme court. And they are doing this in complete contradiction to the legislative rules of our form of government, and in blatant disregard for the responsibilities and trust placed upon them by their elected positions.

    The republicans are playing with fire, and this could very well be the defining moment when the GOP finally hit the tipping point with the public and damaged their party's credibility beyond repair.

  3. Wat
    1 year ago

    What a load of garbage. Assigning blame to one side. Imagine if your kid came to you and said "give me more dessert or I'll burn the house down!" Would you be inclined give her dessert? Do you think you'd open yourself up to such threats indefinitely if you did give in?

  4. "Citizen
    1 year ago

    Let me get this straight. Democrats and the president should "negotiate" with the tea party for... government to function? For our bills to be paid? Try this. Would you agree with this method of hostage taking if house dems in '03 said they wouldn't pay bills nor allow government to function unless Bush and Cheney resigned? This isn't how a government works. This is the beginning of the end of our republic.

  5. Carrie S
    1 year ago

    Civilly put - this is an attempted coup. Regardless of how one feels about the ACA, holding the country by the neck while explaining calmly that "If this doesn't change, the whole economy is going down" is a coup. Regardless of the flaws in the law, I will not stand for this! I do not stand for this. Fix the flaws, yes - but keep your hands off my elected democracy.

  6. concerned citizen
    1 year ago

    It's so irresponsible and ignorant to write such a poorly written article! President Obama refuses to negotiate with terrorist Tea Party who are trying to blackmail the country! To say that Obama and the Dem's "don't care" is so inaccurate and irresponsible. It's the Rep's and Tea Party who don't care. They started this "crisis." They could end it tomorrow. They are just playing politics by cherry picking certain programs to keep going while refusing to pass a clean CR and end this nonsense!

  7. Pete H
    1 year ago

    It's simply unfair and untrue to blame President Obama for this shutdown. The Republicans, specifically the hard right-wingers in the House of Representatives are forcing this on the American people. President Obama is willing to negotiate, but he cannot do that until the Republicans in the House vote to end the shutdown. Otherwise, like terrorists, the Republicans will always threaten a shutdown, holding the country hostage, in the future whenever they don't get their way. That is not the way this country should be governed, and that was not the intention of those who set up our system of government.

  8. Tim
    1 year ago

    Why is "Catholic Online" of all websites sensationalizing this story? Why aren't they focusing on the myriad of public social programs that aren't operating? Food banks that are closing? Child services that aren't being performed?

    The Catholic Church that I am a member of cares more about the disenfranchised, poor, and sick. While tragic, the above story seems to indicate the Catholic church is explicitly advocating on behalf of Congressional Republicans by targeting Obama by name here. I suppose Catholic Online thinks the GOP is innocent here?

    This is a publication I will not patronize as a practicing Catholic. This shouldn't be presented like the New York Post.

  9. David
    1 year ago

    slanted Journalism...I know Boner is Catholic but that isn't a good reason to blindly back everything he does and says.

    Also, I'm sure that if I went to your archives, you have suggested or stated that Obama is a Muslim. You know them, the religion whose member were slaughtered by Catholics during the Crusades

  10. Robert Keller
    1 year ago

    Your statement "...caught in an impasse because they flatly refuse to negotiate with Republicans on a solution to Obamacare." Is ridiculous. 'Obamacare' is now a law. It was upheld by the Supreme Court. It is not up to Congress to 'find a solution' - it is their job to uphold the law, and not try to subvert it. To suggest that the President is at fault is absurd.

    I am a Catholic, and it does my heart good to hear Pope Francis boldly speak out against right-wing conservative Catholics like you, who defend the Republican agenda of systematically ignoring the poor and weak... WWJD, brother?

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