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NO ENTRY FOR GAYS: Muslim countries to perform forced tests on tourists to determine if they're gay or not Comments

Kuwait is joining the list of Gulf states that is saying "no" to the entry of gays into the country. A medical test is being developed in that country to "detect gays" and will be the basis for barring some individuals from entry into the country. Continue Reading

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  1. lost soul
    1 year ago

    This is a difficult is someone Christian and also accepting of homosexuality. I wish I knew. We all agree it is a sin to be homosexual because it goes against nature itself. There is no good that comes from homosexuality accept gay pleasure. In Gods perfect plan, the blessings of a union results in children. Which in turn creates a family that worships God. My greatest problem with homosexuality is that the militants and media are forcing the lifestyle on our children. Thats the bigger issue. I really don't care if someone is gay but why do they have to celebrate it. What is the big deal that they have parades with banners stating Im gay and im proud. Its not like i say i am a heterosexual and forcing the world to be like me. By pushing their lifestyles at our public school, they are trying to change the culture of morality. And if we say something, we become biggots. Overall this becomes a major it right to ban homosexuals from a country. I don't think God would allow it, but rules against publicly pushing the lifestyle should be allowed. We have free will to sin, but I shouldn't be forced to accept your lifestyle.

    This is very hard issue to discuss.

    May Gods will be done

  2. DLL
    1 year ago

    Truth is that in many heterosexual or homosexual relations,sodomy,anal sex other illicit sexual acts,seem to be a part of many of those relationships. Abortion is the direct result of sex without responsibility. That Is the real crime. Homosexual marriage is the only thing that I can legitimately have issue with. Sexual preference aside there are many very nice same sex attracted people and at the same time very many not so nice heterosexual people. A law to ban homosexuals from any country is not Christian and is obvious discrimination and almost impossible to enforce,without a great deal of cruelly administered forms of persecution.

  3. youkokun
    1 year ago


    I get where you're coming from, I really do. It's true that Pope Francis is shooting for a culture of encounter. However, the trouble is that the past few decades it's the people with liberal and relativist agendas who've done the most effective evangelizing. Too many Protestant churches have gone off the deep end starting out with good intentions, thinking that by accepting the person as a whole the culture of the church would change the person's actions. Unfortunately secular culture is everpresent, unlike church on Sundays, and the person persists in his sinful actions because he's already been accepted; there's no need for him to change. Catholics and Protestants have to take a lesson from Russia, countries in Africa, and even these nations--lay down the line, and don't budge.

    I'm not saying we should actively counter-persecute gays, but they have to know they're asking for too much when they demand to unfurl the fabric of societies.

  4. rv
    1 year ago

    My guess is that the tests will be for the exotic bacteria that homosexuals have in their digestive tracts that the rest of us do not harbor. One need only the most general knowledge of how homosexual men engage in their "acts" and some basic knowledge of how infection proceeds to deduce how the bacteria gain entry and are established.

  5. scooter
    1 year ago

    Gabriella, just because you allow someone access to a nation does not mean that you are tolerating their behavior and seeing them as normal. You say that they need to be helped. But, how on earth do you expect to help them if you're pushing them away and refusing to engage with them? That is completely illogical. Open your doors and hearts to them so that you can then have a dialogue and hope that their hearts soften to the truth. Have you learned nothing from what Pope Francis has been saying?

  6. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    EXCELLENT, the perfect combination of truth and charity. God bless you for your courage. And if more people had your courage, there would not only be less perversion, but less abortion also.

  7. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Homosexual acts are a perversion, thus, unnatural and worth condemnation. Yes, our Faith teaches that we need to love everyone but hate the sin. Countries have right to conduct their business the way they see fit. Why is the world in such a denial regarding homosexuals? They spread AIDS, don't they? So what is good about they sexual behavior?- Nothing. They need to be helped if that is what they want, they need to be loved as Jesus asked us to but we do not need to accept their behavior because it is sinful and an abomination! They abuse their bodies -and that alone is a sin, Lust and lewdness - would be the right description of their acts. - then why should we tolerate them and consider them "normal"?

  8. scooter
    1 year ago

    I am flabbergasted and disgusted that any Catholics or other Christians might be okay with this. Although I am a faithful Catholic, I have to question what kind of message this sends to gay individuals? How about, instead of treating people like diseased pariah (avoid them or you might "catch it" too), we shake hands and start evangelizing with rational discourse. Just because some gays are militant and forceful does not mean that all are. There are faithful Catholics who have homosexual desires and do not act on them. Would Kuwait kick them out as well? Would we be okay with it if they did? What if someone's family member is dying and they are trying to visit them? The existence of militant homosexuality is no justification for this kind of attitude. Pope Francis would never condone it and we shouldn't either. Let's try to bring people back into the fold and engage with the world rather than pushing people who disagree away and refusing to be in the same room with them.

  9. abey
    1 year ago

    Recently there was some Muslim & Christian organizations in Russia calling for the ban of Singer Elton whose Agenda is more than just singing. Countries are indeed waking up to the danger of Sodom, against all that false Liberty, its awards tainted.

  10. Greg
    1 year ago

    Insane. There is no test for that. It is a sin, not a DNA attribute. Well, they will be able to expand this test to check for rosaries, and tell that this is proof. Or whatever. Fear creates bigger and bigger division, and I guess this is the point God starts making - we have to know that there is division, but we need to understand in our heart where the division really is, and on which side do we want to be - Love or sin, His way or my way.

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