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Insanity or is the Obama administration targeting Catholics: Priests who minister to troops during shutdown risk arrest Comments

The government shutdown has created some rather ridiculous situations, while other problems are much more serious. Among the most serious ones is the open hostility toward Catholics serving in the military. Priests were told they could not celebrate the Mass and Catholics in the military could not receive the sacraments. Continue Reading

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  1. mother of a soldier
    1 year ago

    not true-it did NOT cruise through Congress at the time this article was written.
    how long ago did the senate vote on it?
    did the President sign the bill? it was only worded on the House side as a recommendation.

    so, unless the Senate changed things drastically and the House reapproved it's still left up to the interpretation of the DOD and Commander and Chief, right?

    so, along with other certain contract workers that are in fact working on military bases during the furlough, it would behoove the Pres to let them carry on in the spirit of freedom of religion and morale.

    again, it's troubling it was a problem in the first place.

  2. Richard
    1 year ago

    Given that the fix for this scenario cruised through congress: has to wonder why the article was written in the first place. It served the purpose of a "call to arms" and an opportunity for people to complain about (President) Obama. Apparently even Catholic Online is not above publishing articles with an apparent ulterior motive.

  3. DLL
    1 year ago

    I think that if I were a victim of post traumatic stress as a result of combat duty that for me to see a Priest would be as important as seeing the doctor. Would it be true that this service would be denied me due to a government shutdown? If that is the case it is very sad and a dumb and punishing,political maneuver. A babies Baptism is an important event in life. Weddings are good and in general. Priests services are motivational to military personal that want and need them.

  4. mother of a soldier
    1 year ago

    Did the Senate vote on this? Did the President sign anything into law about the contract priests? There are two houses to congress, right? what was the Senate's vote?

  5. Vincent
    1 year ago

    May the Lord Jesus be blessed, praised and adored, now and fall eternity! What other pogrom does this President and his bogus administration have to foist on the faithful, until our bishops and priests clearly, succinctly and efficaciously declare that this man is a true enemy of the truth, morals and faith! What kind of man would even propose that abortion, contraception and sterilization be associated with the health and welfare of human beings and peddle items of death like candies to unsuspecting and naïve children? And now, depriving priests of their sacramental duty to the faithful in the military is another dirty and low down tactic borrowed by this administration from Satan's playbook to annihilate those who love and serve the Lord. Our Lord says very clearly, "you cannot serve God and mammon at the same time." I pray that this time the republican party will hold fast and break the will of this President by finally standing for the Lord, even if their motives are suspect and dubious. "For all things are possible to those who believe" says our blessed savior.

  6. mother of a soldier
    1 year ago

    Mr Provesek:

    Your interpretiation of events unfolding is left as wanting as Nancy Pelosi's interpretation of the Summa Theologica. not sure which book is bigger, but I'm going for the health care bill. On the contrary, it is people like Pelosi who are tools, who used the media and my faith to include and promote a culture of death into the health care law, misleading and intruding on the exercise free exercise protections She and others fell all over themselves when those nuns spoke against the bishops, confusing people with a muddled version of things of conscience.

    (that "anonymous money" by the way, of which you speak, not only comes from big groups, but little groups exercising their freedom of speech, in local issues, some of which have the same goal as me, a culture of life, thanks to the Supreme Court. There was a diverse group of people who filed briefs, if I remember right- was the ACLU even in there)?

    It saddens me when ordinary citizens are not taken seriously, An ordinary citizen is capable of calling up my representatives and discussing beyond the talking points of your post or Hannity and Limbaugh. This is the same kind of thing they told me over the phone when I asked them to vote no. Like that man Stewart said, do you think I'm stupid?(speaking of propaganda, nothing like promoting the law on comedy show-that was a blast) Do you think I also have not heard what my bishop has said, who is legitimately concerned about religious liberty? Do you think I do not know that over 40 diocese are suing the government on this account? Do you think I don't know that some of these diocese also provide some of the best care for the poor and downtrodden in the country? Do you think I don't know that in the Diocese of Washington DC they say an unprecedented attack by the federal government by one of America's most precious freedoms, the freedom to practice one's religion without government interference and it's about whether the government may be able to force religious institutions and individuals to facilitate and fund services which violate their religious belief? I talked with doctors and former health care admnistrators that disagree with your trite brush off of problems in the law. All this agitation was just some how whipped up? really? This is applied to deep convictions, of which people are willing to be civilly disobedient if they have to. yes, I watched cspan and the votes, and the reps treated that Ryan guy with as much contempt as they did when Bishop Lori spoke in Congress about his concerns. He kept giving them numbers and they just ignored him because they knew they had the votes, thanks to convincing a couple pro life dems turning their backs on their people's. At a later hearing, they mocked Bishop Lori and the process, saying something about a Kiev show trial, (that's ironic).

    Look, I'm an ordinary, simple citizen, who is sick of the games and the trickery and the bribes that it took to get this thing through. We simpletons, and "chattering classes" are tired of it. Yeah, blame Hannity and Rush, really? It's sickening. Washington just doesn't get it.

    So, why not a clean CR on real conscience protection for businesses and individuals? what's one more exemption? Hobby Lobby, what do you think?

  7. mother of a soldier
    1 year ago

    if this is the Defense department's interpretation of the law, then it seems to me unconstitutional on its face as the effect on Catholic priests would be to deprive the Catholic Service members of their religious freedom. A priest isn't just doing a "job". Good thing it was brought to the attention of the public, because as a Catholic I would rather face court marshal than to have to put on the door to a chapel that Mass is cancelled til the shut down is over. Yes, I understand they are contracted, but so are other services such as food prep, fire coverage, and many others that are not furloughed. To the soldier, to my soldier it IS an essential service, whether she be posted on a small base or large. I thank those who voted to fix this oversight. the fact that it is an oversight at all is as troubling as Obama's generals who can't testify off the top of their heads to simple questions like troop strength of the enemy. But, as Hillary said, what difference does it make?

  8. Frank Provasek
    1 year ago

    mother of a soldier who remembers LeCompton -- It saddens me to see people who sincerely believe the massive campaign of lies against Obamacare -- aimed at the very people who need health care the most -- with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on ads -- where the money comes from is anonymous, thanks to the Supreme Court. But the health insurance industry liked things just like they were. They would sell insurance only to the people who were healthy and didn't need it. The could cancel if you DID get sick, If you had high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of cancer or heart disease -- you couldn't get it --and some 50 million uninsured Americans either use the emergency room for all health care ($5000 vs a $100 doctor visit) and paid for by us though higher taxes or "cost shifted" to our medical bills and insurance. Some families try to pay, but are soon overwhelmned at a 1/2 million hospital bill for a child. They cash in their investments, retirement savings, "borrow" their other children's college funds, get a 2nd mortgage on the house, max out the credit cards...and often still go bankrupt (2/3 of bankruptices are for huge medical bills) --- The Bill WAS read by our lawmakers -- many times -- in 18 months of hearings -- hundreds of hours shown live on C-Span (Pelosi's comment about having to pass the bill to know what's in it -- was in the context of Hannity and Limbaugh making some untrue claim every day -- death panels, abortion, free coverage for illegals, whipping up outrage and telling their listeners to JAM THE SWITCHBOARDS at the Capital such that they could hardly work, And the Republicans were not shut out..the Democrats approved over 100 GOP amendments, GOP Senators Baucus and Grassley chaired 31 Republican hearings over 8 months. If you don't want to buy health insurance, the tax (or fee? is there a difference?) DOES NOT APPLY for families making under $20,000 a year..and if you make more, the dreaded penalty is ---drum roll---- $95 for an adult and $47.50 for each child...That is PER YEAR.

  9. Frank Provasek
    1 year ago

    The prohibition is not against priests who are military chaplains, but against those who are civilian government contractors at smaller installations. An 1870 law known as the Antideficiency Act prohibits government contractors from working for free. Several reasons -- such "free:" work could be abused to make people work 'off the clock" which still happens today. There could be claimed government liability for an accident. With military installations, civilian contractors are NEVER allowed entry if there is there is a furlough of the military (or even just a holiday) -- no way to supervise them or make sure a "Snowden" event doesn't happen. A small group of non-military contractor priests were affected by this law that's been in effect almost 150 years. Catholics have not been singled out -- the shortage of men entering the priesthood has also caused a shortage of Catholic priest chaplains, which is why only Catholics have a significant number of contractors. Why are people seeing everything as an Obama plot? The only thing the President had to do with this was as soon as it became known, he asked Congress to exempt this group of priests from the ban -- which they did the next working day with a 400 to 1 vote.

  10. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    To me this is clear evidence those in power within this administration have been given priorities based not on real needs or economic common sense but rather on the Demander in Chief's personal friends and enemies list. The way he has used his wrath on Christians and especially the changes within the military where he has purposely tried to limit or curtail the ability of our faith to reach and serve the spiritual needs of the brethren we depend on to protect us from Evil forces displays a contempt for our religious beliefs and melts the mask of deception he uses to hide such intentional discrimination!

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