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Guest Opinion: We Are Our Enemy. Catholics and the Cultural Decline Comments

Catholics have melded into the secular American culture so completely that their views on moral issues and their behaviors are indistinguishable from the population-at-large. Politicians, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, can take the positions they do because they receive support from Catholics, many of whom do not know or willfully ignore basic elements of their faith. When only one in four Catholics attends Mass weekly, it is not surprising ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    Obviously the real problem the Church has today is not its teaching or the relevancy of its values. It is more in the ability of its members to distinguish those teachings and relate or apply them to the twisted values the Deceiver has so easily devised in our world today where he has found a home for himself in the hardened hearts and confused minds of our people.
    People like Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Joe Biden, John Kerry and the numerous other Catholic politicians who have abandoned the faith and devoted their unconditional support to abortion on demand, free contraception for all women and girls as the young as twelve¸ the teaching of homosexuality in our schools and the denial of vouchers for poor black school children in D. C.. These same people cooperated in a shameful display of bribery and collusion to parlay just enough votes to rush through and pass the misnamed Affordable Health Care Act without reading it for a president who promised to have a totally transparent administration. Transparent was their desire to impose their will upon all the people rich and poor young and old regardless of race, creed or religion at all cost to further entrench their power base in Washington. Obama stated he wanted a single payer government run healthcare system and Obamacare is the vehicle that will eventually get him there.
    These properly described Bleeding Heart Liberals with the help of a national media willing to serve their every cause have over the years built a modern welfare state portrayed as social justice with overlapping agencies and tens of thousand of bureaucrats supposedly to help relieve poverty but in reality has actually afforded this huge bureaucracy billions of dollars for lifetime jobs and posh retirements at taxpayer expense only to realize their war on poverty has done little to change conditions for those relying on them for help. Now as always, any attempt by opposition to try to seriously approach fat and failed policies of the past fifty or sixty years and find ways to see the money is spent in the community on the people in stead of in Washington is met with hate heated by those same bleeding hearts who are more interested in holding on to their posh jobs, expensive homes, and beefy retirements than establishing decent ones for those across the nation who truly need them. But these are only the facts and today they mean nothing to those who chose to follow the yellow brick road to utopian bliss espoused by the likes of Pelosi, Sebelius, and of course the Obama administration who have begun a war on religious liberty and conscience.
    Our hope and prayerful efforts to defend our freedoms is necessary NOW to see that their agenda which supports and sustains the culture of death will fail.

  2. Jbriar
    1 year ago

    In one sense it can be claimed that Catholics are responsible for the current state of abortion and gay rights in the U.S.. If Catholics would stop blindly voting for pro-abortion/gay rights Democrats, the laws in the U.S. would be much different. How can a professed Catholic vote for laws that directly contradict the church? Who are they serving God or man?

  3. Joe
    1 year ago

    Yes, the two Supreme Court justices, Nancy Pelosi and VP Biden are a disgrace to our church and the Bishops and Cardinals do nothing about it. They should be ashamed of themselves. They have all made the Gov't and money their God. I have moved churches and bishops because I refuse to give to this false worship. I have stopped the local paper and stopped watching cable news including Fox. Catholic Online is where I get most of the news. God Bless you at Catholic Online.

  4. DLL
    1 year ago

    I am a Catholic convert. I practice my faith. I am a Catholic convert because the theology is right and the Catholic Church teaches the true Christian faith. That Aside! agree or not,when I was younger and Protestant,a Protestant was most likely to be Republican and the Catholic was most likely to be Democrat. Most Catholics I met were potitically like a Nancy Pelosi people who claimed to be Catholic but they didn't agree with most of the teachings of the Church especially regarding birth control. These Catholics were and still are loyal to the Democratic agenda no matter what. The Democratic Party is the Party of the Kennedy Family who endorsed Obama as the best Candidate running for and as President since JFK. Today they are called Cafeteria Catholics. The Protestants who claimed to be as such were not likely to go to Church every Sunday but they claimed to be the most knowledgeable Christians on the planet,hence the judgemental Christian types. They are the so called "right wing fanatics. This is a problem of inbreeding and family orientation,as a family either claims to be Protestant or Catholic,but the times are changing because Christianity is not COOL it is cool to be an atheist or agnostic a pseudo-intellectual,secular and socialistic in viewpoint,pro Obama,pro birth control,pro abortion,all in the erroneous title,disguised as woman's right to choose. The churchgoers that are loyal either Protestant or Catholic that always go to Church every Sunday,or to daily Mass,have not changed,they are the salt of the earth that Jesus applauded. The good people in the pews write for Catholic on line for instance! These people are not guppies,THEY THINK! praise God!

  5. ManassasGrandma
    1 year ago

    Speak for yourself! I have 8 kids and nobody left to vote for.

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