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Guest Opinion: We Are Our Enemy. Catholics and the Cultural Decline Comments

Catholics have melded into the secular American culture so completely that their views on moral issues and their behaviors are indistinguishable from the population-at-large. Politicians, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, can take the positions they do because they receive support from Catholics, many of whom do not know or willfully ignore basic elements of their faith. When only one in four Catholics attends Mass weekly, it is not surprising ... Continue Reading

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  1. will
    1 year ago

    Catholics need to be a little more like their protestant brothers in Christ-START READING THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF- HAVE SOME CONVICTIONS OF YOUR OWN. "You cant serve both God and mammon" These "Catholics" can call themselves whatever they want....God sees right through to the heart- that's what needs to be emphasized in the church - obedience to the truth or your souls at risk...

  2. Generation X Catholic
    1 year ago

    The challenge I faced as a modern Catholic was marriage. The large pattern of young Catholics dating outside their religion means it's very, very hard for a devout Catholic to try and date within the religion. A long time ago it was the other way around, but the reason Catholic marriage is on the decline is often due to blatant interest of young Catholics in dating/marrying Non-Catholics. The "bad boy" type prevails and nice Catholic guys finish last. I always got rejected by beautiful Catholic women 100%. So I gave up. Now my girlfriend is a beautiful blonde Protestant from the Deep South (Bible Belt).

    My decision has been a compromise. It's far too hard to find a Catholic wife, but I can still have Catholic children even though the mother will most likely be Non-Catholic. I've gotten rejected by Catholic women so many times I can't even conceptualize another attempt. But Protestant women are great to meet and date. It's the best I can do. The last time I got rejected by a Catholic women I felt like Jim Carrey when he got rejected and said "So you're telling me there's a chance?"

  3. John Mainhart
    1 year ago

    It seems to me that we are missing some important aspects of social discourse which we have severely limited in recent years. , We decided as a culture to not be individually responsible ,for our behavior. In ,addition we decided to let money and power people define our individual consciences. Each one of us must seek the truth when we make serious decisions about the welfare of ourselves and the people for whom we are responsible. Since all of us have a conscience we are obligated to learn the long term and short term consequences of our decisions to all the people whom we are obligated to love. No one can escape that responsibility because it is in everyone of us no matter what conditions we were raised in. Each soul has a conscience and cannot deny how our decisions affect those other souls in our social group. Most of what we have (abortions, same sex marriage, contraception devices ,etc.) is what a segment of society wants because it will make things easier on that group but has serious consequences for the rest of us..

  4. TC
    1 year ago

    In terms of the issue regarding gay marriage, I firmly believe as a devout Catholic that the government has no right or authority in regards to the relationships of its citizens. Just as I do not need, want or expect the government to justify, validate or acknowledge my Christian marriage, I want the government to be LESS involved with the personal behaviors of its citizens. It also deeply troubles me when the USCCB uses politicians to exact our beliefs. We are Christians - our job is to evangelize to the world by displaying Christ's teaching in our actions. Our job is not to get our bishops to get our beliefs legislated in man's failed attempt at self government. We need to focus on the life, dignity and freedom of the human person and that is where our bishops interfacing with government officials is extremely important. For us to engage in issues with any government beyond those subjects is nothing more than us trying to force our will on others and not allowing them to have the freedom to respond to God's call.

  5. Larry
    1 year ago

    We're here because of several things: 1) The confusion and going all over the place after Vatican II - lots of experiments, ecuminism, opening the doors to the world, etc. - lots of good came of this and I'm glad it did, but lots of ill defined Catholicism

    2) No real distinction of Catholicism vs. other Christian expressions and other faiths - they have some of the same practices and beliefs as we do so some thought they may have some of the truth and maybe they are worthy to listen to - Eastern Religions and their famous leaders, etc. Catholics in Latin America getting involved in Liberation Theology, Catholics here in the Democrat party assicating with communist and socialist leaders or ideas as just different ways of living life, especially since they are concerned for the poor and equality. It took a while for a pope to condemn Liberation theology and communism but some people I know are getting Masters degrees as Church leaders and are still enamored with Liberation theology. Too often I still see and hear the 1970s all around.

    3) Church leadership did not publically condemn those who are Catholic and acted against the faith in issues of abortion, issues of marriage, interfering with religious practices and practicing your faith, etc. The Kennedy family especially Teddy and Caroline, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Beiden, etc. If the leadership says little publically and keeps saying it and if local actions are not taken with these people, then Catholic leadership has blood on their hands too. I know politics is involved but this has added to people thinking some Catholic teachings don't matter - look at the leadership and what they don't really do.

    4) Catholics emphasize the Catechism, a synthesis of Christian beliefs from the bible, theology, traditions, customs, etc. Many Christians emphasize the bible and they are constantly asking where can you find that in the bible, which I know is more a miopic view in the long run. If Catholicism is based on the bible, and it is, people don't hear this much and where in the bible, quote the verses, we get what we believe. Forget about which books are in whose bible - not even priests can quote references in the bible where we get our beliefs - we just quote the catechism. It comes across as one more approach to God no different than Hinduism.

    There is lots of work to do with those who still call themselves Catholic. Its not just weekly attendance that makes one a Catholic - start with clarifying beliefs, how to make those work in daily life, how to infuse Cathoilc life into your daily life, meaning of Catholic practices and beliefs - Catholic converts see this so we need more of their voices involved - they see the light that maybe has become dim for many of the rest of us. We may have to start working on spirituality tied in with beliefs, not just rules and laws. If you have a rule and don't enforce it, no one believes its a realy rule at all or any more.

  6. Joe
    1 year ago

    The dark one will do and any thing to win our souls including using the Bible for his defense. Nancy Pelosi and those like her are responsible for millions of unborn babies being put to death. Fr, Frank is trying to save babies life's and give them a decent burial. .

    At last judgment do you really think God will agree with her arguments? I choose to pray and give to Fr. Frank Pavone's cause, (Priests for Life). All she has to offer is death to the unborn and discarded someway...

  7. DLL
    1 year ago

    Tom I agree with you,but but those you said mentioned,want to use the civil law to force their issues on others. Wrong policies must not be forced,as some sort of a questionable human civil right,that some think is good and most do not. Religious freedom is at stake,as well as the ability of Catholic Charities and such philanthropic organizations to reach out to help the poor and the elderly and for the protection of the unborn,by free speech protests,against the practice of contraception and abortion.Catholic adoption agencies are already affected by GBLT causes in states like Massachusetts. Remember religious charity organizations are more economically efficient and equitable than the government is when providing services and their volunteers are God's highly motivated,willing workers for the less fortunate. Pray that the Church is not limited in it's charitable capacity but that that capacity might increase in it's effectiveness. Tolerance for alternate life style people is not so much of the problem,it is a kind of political bullying of Religious institutions that is the real problem. To extinguish the effectiveness of Catholic charitable organizations by forcing them to accept immoral policies and Catholic hospitals as well,is not separation of church and state,it is state using civil laws to bully our church teachings and organizations. Now lets all pray and keep perspective,as their is such a thing as right and wrong,just like their are right and wrong answers to everything one can think of. Wrong is not right. Wrong is wrong. Our new Pope is not redefining the meaning of what is right and wrong through tolerance of what is wrong. The Pope is challenging our society to overcome all evil with our inherent God given conscience to do what is good. Conversion is listening to our God given,good conscience.

  8. Tom
    1 year ago

    The Gospel teaches us to love our enemies. In this case that might be Biden, Pelosi, Sebelius, the entire pro choice movement, and the LGBT. radicals. As Catholic's we should pray for their conversion, and hard as it may be love them like brothers and sisters. I believe this is what our Pope is teaching us.

  9. Vance
    1 year ago

    Good article. It accurately describes the Catholic following. "Catholics ignore church teaching" What Teaching??? Catholics don't get any teaching from the Bishops and clergy. This has been the problem. Pope Francis says we are overly obsessed with abortion and morality. I don't know what country, what planet he's talking about but it sure as heck isn't the American Catholic Church. Abortion, Morality, What's that?? We don't hear a thing about this from the pulpit, nor will we hear anything soon.

  10. Lou Soileau
    1 year ago

    Grayson makes an excellent point. I believe the root of the issue is that human beings shy away from discipline of any sort and Americans, in particular, shy from submission. Christianity is all about love, mercy, service. These require a focus on others and submission to an Almighty, All-knowing God. We are following our non-Catholic fore-fathers' founding concepts including self-sufficiency and independence. With these foremost in our minds, concern for the health of our next baby (who was alive from the very beginning since both sperm and egg had to be alive for conception to occur) can easily be set aside for concern over self, inconvenience, and economics. Our nation has priority over our God as the focus of our lives and the future of our children's lives. We do have a lot to correct. Will we take the time to learn and to spread the Good News?

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