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Interview With Dr. Kheriaty: Are Mass Killings the Result of Moral Evil or Mental Illness? Comments

The hypothesis of the devil-a personal spiritual being whose will is turned toward evil and who can exercise some sort of influence over man-may give rise to scorn from rationalists. I challenge the skeptics to find a better explanation for Sandy Hook or Aurora. As Baudelaire famously put it, the devil's greatest trick is convincing us that he does not exist. Continue Reading

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  1. Editha
    1 year ago

    I really believe that there is a devil and the president of Syria is an example of demonic possession!!!! How are we in the free world going to stop him?

  2. fallen saint
    1 year ago

    Most people have never seen a person with extreme or manic bi-polar conditions. If they have, they would see a person that seems to be possesed. And because bi-polar people have legal rights, even if they are acting irrationally, if they are not a threat to themselves or to others, they cannot be forced into treatment. It is a sad situation because once the person is off the meds, some bi-polar people enjoy the manic high. For family members, it is a full time job trying to control the loved ones symptoms and usually nothing helps the individual. That is why our homeless and prison population is out of control. My advice 1. pray together 2. Try to avoid all stressful situations. 3. Sleep a minimum of 10 hours a day.

    Its a sad situation, I pray for all those living through the madness

  3. Matt C. Abbott
    1 year ago

    Josephine, with all due respect, I think you're missing the point of what Dr. Kheriaty is asserting. Nowhere does he suggest that the family of an individual who suffers from schizophrenia somehow causes the disease and thus should feel guilty. Nor does he suggest that the devil causes the disease.

    Studies pertaining to, and thorough treatment of, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are beyond the scope of the article.

  4. Vance
    1 year ago

    A great and honest article. Back in college Psych 1A the consensus was that psychological disorders did not lead to violence. The DC Shooter who killed many people on the Navy Base was reported as a psychopathic character who didn't take his meds. But was he psychotic or demon possessed? This character and the Infamous Son of Sam both talked about "hearing voices". These voices told them to do evil things. Where would these voices come from? Something evil. It is a shame that our Liberal American Catholic Church doesn't offer Exorcism Services. I once spoke to a possessed young girl who knew she was possessed. She shared her family experience and told us how her mother tried to exorcize her grand mother. We encouraged her to go to the local parish and talk to a priest. After the conversation, we realized that she would get no help from the Catholic Church. It's criminal.

  5. Josephine Boone
    1 year ago

    While it is true that mentally ill people are not violent by nature, it is also true that a number of high profile violent crimes, mass shootings, have been executed by individuals who are afflicted with schizophrenia. Science is just now beginning to understand the biological basis of schizophrenia, a disease that results from a combination of a number of genes and environment. The environmental component is most strongly associated with trauma at birth or during or pregnancy. An example of this environmental trauma is the high rate of schizophrenia in children born to women who were pregnant during the Dutch famine of 1944. I know of no evidence that TV, video games, or pornography is causally related to this disease. While it is always beneficial raise children in a strong family, I regret the focus in this article on the failure of the family to live virtuously and especially the horrific proposal that the devil has overtaken the afflicted individual. Among the many tragedies resulting from the occurrence of schizophrenia in a family is the sense of guilt. Everyone in the family wonders what they could have done to prevent the family member form developing this disease. This article will be of little comfort to parents of schizophrenic children. I wish the article had focused instead on what we know about the science of schizophrenia: 1. The causes are a complex interaction of genes and early environment. 2. Research is advancing rapidly due to advances in brain imaging and human genetic studies, and thus, there is genuine hope for new treatment in the future. 3. There is nothing that a normal family could have done to prevent this illness from occurring. 4. There is no evidence that the devil caused this disease.

  6. Clinton C. Somerton
    1 year ago

    I don't think we understand just how much we lost of God's grace at the Fall of Man. All of us are in a constant battle against forces that want to tear us away from God irretrievably, and these forces, as St. Paul and St Peter point out, are not merely "negative energies" or "mental illnesses", but intentional, willful, programatic malevolence -- they are personal, and the Lord Himself has identified this personification of evil as Satan and the demons.

    While the language of psychology is no doubt helpful in identifying and treating many conditions, it can also deflect our awareness of the spirits of evil against which we must struggle in our pilgrimage toward Heaven.

  7. Stephen Volk
    1 year ago

    ENTIRELY MISLEADING PHOTO! The photo to this article - of the bearded radical fringe with the Nazi-tattooed forehead - is entirely misleading. Misleading in a very serious way. Mark Fellows in his urgent and extremely well-researched book, Fatima In Twilight, shows how communism was offensive, fascism was offensive. Communism was an internationally coordinated revolution, fascism was isolated coordinated reaction to that revolution. International communism - like the internationalists today (WWII made the world safe for communism) is the driving force behind the mass murders we are witnessing today! Let's be clear on this once and for all! Instead of the bearded fringe lunatic with the Nazified forehead, replace with a photo of the de-Christianizing, highly-organized and systematic, hard left internationalists and this will tell the truth...

  8. Matthew
    1 year ago

    Anyone who has read Malachi Martin's "Hostage to the Devil" can have no doubt whatsoever that Satan and his minions are working ceaselessly to ensnare as many souls as possible, and there are millions of people in the USA alone who actively and directly worship Satan. Millions more worship him indirectly by participating in pagan cults, voodoo, wicca, etc. It is all satanic!

    I had a conversation with a friend not long ago and he questioned why Satan continues to fight, if he knows that he has already lost the war (Praise be to Christ!)? The answer is simple - complete and utter hatred for all that God has made! Everything that he does to corrupt mankind and cause us to fall is for the sole purpose of hurting God. Yes, Satan knows that he has lost the war, but he will battle on out of pure spite, as a way of hurting and insulting God as much as possible before he (Satan) is utterly destroyed.

    That fact alone is something that many people do not understand, but need to! Satan will (and has) put his efforts into overdrive to tempt people to sin and to form a habit of sinful behavior! We must stay strong, we must pray without ceasing, and we must battle Satan and his minions to ensure that our brothers and sisters in Christ do not fall prey to the evil forces in the world!

    God Bless you!

  9. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    The real mental illness is that people are shocked that these so-called mass killings happen, but fail to notice that their actions caused them by voting for mass murderers like Obama.

  10. Irma
    1 year ago

    Some people love monkey see monkey do, all the media today out there pulls the attention on many disturbed people that start to focus on the wrong thing.

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