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Not Again! Barilla pasta under fire after anti-gay remarks Comments

An Italian pasta maker is giving a lot of people another reason to buy his products. The chairman of Barilla pasta took a stand for traditional family values saying he would never feature a "homosexual family" in his advertising. Continue Reading

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  1. Lauren
    1 year ago

    I am sorry you saw it that way, that certainly was not my intent. While I disagree with the stance that was taken by Mr. Barilla I did not wish to imply they could not say it. I just wanted to point out that in saying it he must face the social consequences that comes with a statement others find hurtful, just as the LGBT community must face the social consequence of being said to be hijacking matters for their own agenda.

    Aren't we all doing this by turning pasta into a venue of political debate. I also want to point out that Barilla is experiencing some positive social consequence in the form of the writers on this board who will be more of their pasta and all the like minded people who will be doing the same. Mr. Barilla can say just what he did, you, me and the LGBT community and its supporters can do the same.

    That is the beauty of free speech I think. We should all evaluate what we say and consider its impact on others but we most assuredly can say it.

  2. Bob Rees
    1 year ago

    I will purchase only Barilla products from this point on. And, I'm so sick of hearing homosexuals, lesbians and transvestites referred to as "gay". What is gay about their perverse lifestyle. I won't call them faggots, queers or lesbos, and I will not address them as gay.

  3. Valdes
    1 year ago

    I not eat pasta , but if I see Barilas I buy 10 of them.

  4. Robert Mazzella
    1 year ago

    I think that the Pope ought to give Guido Barilla some kind of medal for upholding traditional moral values.

  5. DLL
    1 year ago

    GBLT covers the rights of every sexual preference,except heterosexual. It is time for a heterosexual rights group to be formed to protect the rights of all heterosexual people.

  6. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    Good for Barilla pasta! My favorite and always will be!

    In America today you cannot be critical of nayhtign havign to do with gays or the gay lifestye. It's just not permitted.

    You can however be as critical of Christains and a Christain lifestyle as you choose and work to get those heinous "Ten Commandments" off the courthouse steps and certainly out of the schools, etc..

  7. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Lauren Mous, why are you defending the rights of the gays but denying Barilla their rights to express their opinion, etc.? You are one sided, just look closely at what you have written!
    When Mr. Barilla expressed his view on gays, he had all the rights int he world to do so as the gays have now, rights to do whatever they do. Yes, the gays are trying very hard to 'hijack' all they possibly can just because they can, the law is protecting them.
    Why don't I, as an individual, have the right to express my views but the gays have? Can you answer this question truly and honestly?
    Barilla is his company and he can do with it whatever he needs to. Gays have pushed and pushed and we are sick and tired of their filth. Why cannot they just be who they want to be, quietly, without involving the decent people of our country. Why cannot a Christian couple decide not to give them a room? It is their business! Allowing an abomination of homosexual behavior under their own roof would have been unthinkable. They lost their business. Tragedy! All that homo couple had to do is to find another hotel, etc. We do have rights, don't we? Or, do you think that homosexuals have them all and we have none?
    I would have done the same thing and pay the consequences rather than help them sin under my own roof. And yes, it is a great sin to be abusing your and another person's body the way they do. It is they who are spreading AIDS through their perverse sexual behavior.
    The world is sick and tired of their tirades, and justly so! If only the judges had more common sense and more decency!
    Keep bending backwards, and one day your spine will break - no doubt!

  8. zoofood
    1 year ago

    One major supermarket chain in the UK (Tesco) decided to sponsor London Gay Pride for a spell a year or so ago. Up until then, they sponsored charities such as hospices, children's charities, cancer research etc.(LGP has charity status).

    I used to shop there but, when this came about, I made the quiet decision to shop elsewhere and have not regretted since.

    Not long after that, Tesco's position at the top of the retail tree fell from the dominance it once enjoyed. Reports have tried to explain away the reasons why, such as rival supermarkets gaining ground where Tesco used to excel and became complacent.

    IMHO the silent majority of shoppers decided to vote with their feet as well as their wallets - not just because of the chain's ubiquity but the ill-judged choice of a 'charity' that a majority of people would not support.

    To make any strong, vocal opinion in opposition to LGBT issues brings out the usual accusations and obscene abuse that - for the most part - becomes vicious and personal.

    Also, there is the other side of the coin - Christian couple who refused to book a room with a double bed in their hotel for a male homosexual couple in a civil partnership. The cp couple in question took the Christian couple through the courts ... and won!

    One year on from making their courageous stand, the Christian couple's hotel website was hacked; they received abusive and obscene video material; a dead rabbit was nailed to their front door; they experienced hardship.Now, because of the costs of hiring lawyers and the loss of business, they are putting their hotel up for sale.

    God forgive me! I feel so angry and frustrated for the Christian couple that their rights have been trodden on.

    It is disturbing that freedom of conscience coupled with freedom to practise your faith to the full is being crushed in the USA, UK and elsewhere.

    The sooner the world wakes up, takes a firm stand and stop sleepwalking into perdition the better.

    We are told we can do small things for God. Making informed decisions about where we buy, what we buy etc. is a quiet but effective way to make a stand against what is clearly wrong.

    Next time I spot a Barilla product, I'll buy it with pleasure.

  9. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    We are sick of all the talk about the gays, etc. Why on earth do these people make so much noise? We have never stood in their way of life so why are they pushing the whole world to accept their perversity as a normality. Everyone knows that what they promote is a great sin but many hide behind political correctness, bending backwards and forwards til their spines break. I do believe that Mr. Barrilla has done the right thing and I applaud him for that. He had nothing to apologize for but his apology has taken nothing away from his statement.
    The Truth cannot be silenced. I am proud of you, Mr. Barrilla and every time I see your product ,I will remember your strong character. God bless you.

  10. Alessandra
    1 year ago

    Politics aside, Barilla is good quality pasta! And kudos to them for standing up for what's right.
    Addition: I see that they largely backtracked and apologized the next day after the Italian Gay Mafia had their tantrum in the media. Freaking sellout.

    Leon Stafford of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Chick-fil-A's sales soared 12 percent, to $4.6 billion, in 2012 after Cathy stood firm on his healthy family values. Obviously Barilla is being strong-armed to "apologize" - still Dan Cathy is much more of man than he is.

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