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NO COMMUNION FOR YOU! Pelosi MUST be denied communion under the law Comments

CNS News is reporting via various sources that the Vatican is affirming that House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) must be denied communion under the law of the Catholic Church. The statement originated from Cardinal Raymond Burke, archbishop emeritus of St. Louis and Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. Continue Reading

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  1. kathy
    1 year ago

    More than 50% of Catholics voted for Obama and his agenda...they should recieve the same. THey voted this man in...and on the first day of his presidency, he reversed a bill that Bush had stopped, where money goes to Mexico to pay for abortions. Catholics are responsible for this too. We must separate ourselves from political agendas. We are Catholics first....the Catholic church is not Republican or Democratic...we are Catholics..followers of Christ Jesus.

  2. rajk
    1 year ago

    And this is why the Pope told everyone to not concern themselves with abortion or gays. Everyone including the passover egyptians deserve bread. men with nothing better to do pretend god showed them a problem in creation.

  3. Beatrice
    1 year ago

    I agree with Sum Nemo. I know I am a sinner who needs to go to Confession every 2 weeks, at least. I have to take care of my soul first and also pray for those who are in error. Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kathleen Sebilius and others need our prayers so their minds will be open to the teachings of Holy Church and so that they will remember what it says in Isaiah about our Father calling us by name when we were in our mother's womb. We all fall short and it is only because Jesus died on the cross for our sins that we are redeemed. He not only died for me and for you. He also died for Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebilius and other like-minded people. They need our sincere prayers.

  4. DLL
    1 year ago

    Nancy Pelosi party affiliation is her prize,as she is highly esteemed as a Democratic well trained puppy,that will never deviate from the Democratic party platform. To her,the teachings of the Catholic Church must line up with the professions,mandates and false teachings of the Democratic Party. God is not as the Church believes God to be,He must be as the Democratic Party mandates God to be. She is a lawmaker that says that religious law must conform to what she and the democrats think it should be. She is a dangerous threat to religious freedom. She believes the church is the state. She makes no distinction between a separation of church and state,as it was truly meant to be,as defined by the Founding Fathers of our Nation. Despotism is what she ascribes to as the King,hers and our President,are divine right monarchs to be in awe of and never questioned. A democratic president is her god,as well as her party victory. She is completely perverted by power and party affiliation. A truly ignorant person is ignorant of the dignity of the human person because they refuse to protect and rather defend that ignorance,that insures oppression of human dignity. Abortion is a multi-church/religious issue because it not only is concerned with the protection of the life of the unborn,but also with the protection of life for those of all ages,so it is an all inclusive human dignity and right or life issue overall. Pelosi and the like are really people who remain lawmakers that have no wisdom just a political agenda that must mandate all law to be conformed to the ideaology of the Democratic Party. The refusal to work with the Republican Party on most any set of issues is fact that the Democrats eventually want to destroy the two party system so it will be the Democratic Party that reigns supreme. To be Christian, Protestant or Catholic and to receive communion while supporting abortion,is a complete,preferred ignorance,of the teachings of the Christian faith. Unfortunately a preferred ignorance is becoming the basis for mandating so many changes in civil law in these times. The politicians of these times have becomes puppets for this age of preferred manipulative ignorance these days. These politicians should not on not receive communion they should be removed from power,impeached. Cancer eventually destroys the whole body. There is a politically malignant force in government today that seeks to destroy human dignity as well as to make all as slaves subject to mandates and decrees of a single party system of Despots. The question is! Are the likes of Ms.Pelosi really so ignorant of their faith,or are they knowing exactly what they are trying to accomplish by continually manipulating their faith,so that there will one day be no teachings about the 10 commandments at all. The basis of law is faith,a faith in justice and peace,at least! The 10 commandment are os simple but they have long been a basis for preserving human dignity and respect,freedom,justice and peace.

  5. abey
    1 year ago

    Jesus said unto St. Peter of the manner "Those whom you bind or loose on Earth are bound or loosed in heaven". This Spiritual Authority given by Christ Himself & it is true. For The Faith that is Apostolic, likewise its Succession which none can change other than the Giver. Unto the Prince of this world did He command "Get thee behind me". True to a vision, of the spirit of a supposedly great one Excommunicated by St. Pius V, seen moving about in Lawlessness, Spiritually cut-off , which integral Spiritual Characters being "Hatred & Deceit", off the rebellion come down from Eden.

  6. Sharon
    1 year ago

    Now, please tell me any priest must and WILL actually follow through on Cardinal Burke's declaration. After all, this is the same Catholic church that allowed Pfleger to continue as a priest after an all too brief suspension for hateful comments toward Clinton, suspended him again in 2011 for publicly threatening to leave the priesthood if he couldn't stay at St. Sabina's and then caved to his threat by allowing him to stay (as if Pfleger is the only priest in the world that could effectively serve the needs of Chicago). How can anyone expect to find Pelosi being refused communion when the church refuses to hold accountable a priest who is so defiant.

  7. Vance
    1 year ago

    The church needs to throw in Joe Bidden and John Kerry and other like minded leftists.

  8. robert matzinger
    1 year ago


  9. Rose
    1 year ago

    I want to say "finally!" But as I think it, I also can't even imagine a world where I couldn't receive the Eucharist. Hopefully this will lead her to repentance.

  10. Michael W. Clemons
    1 year ago

    I'd feel bad about giving Pelosi regular food , let alone administer to her the Body of Christ.

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