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Why the media is WRONG about Pope Francis and married priests Comments

The Vatican's Secretary of State has told a Venezuelan newspaper that the issue of mandatory priestly celibacy may be discussed. The issue has been largely dismissed since it is a long-standing Church discipline. Continue Reading

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  1. Elena
    1 year ago

    First, Isn't Jesus WORTH giving up marriage/family life for?.....for Him and His
    Kingdom? After all, Jesus thought We were WORTH SUFFERRING AND DIEING
    FOR, right? A Priest is a sign to the World that Jesus is REAL and WORTH
    giving up marriage/family for Him and God's Kingdom. Anyone who doesn't
    Truly believe Jesus is worth it, SHOULD NOT become a Priest.....PERIOD.

  2. Kugonza
    1 year ago

    The church is safe with Pope Francis. The supreme pastor is watching and he will guide his servant to take his church to the right direction.

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    CJ, Hi. Your heart seems to be searching for negatives of celibacy and so you find. However, I think you have not been attentive to the negatives of marriage amongst priests. Use the Anglican religion as a prime modern example.

    CJ. Married priests has been a recipe for church disaster!!! There are "married" homosexual Anglican priests and female Anglican priests! It has caused a split down the middle of the Anglican church. Indeed, on this subject many Anglican priests (and pastors of other faiths) have crossed over to the Catholic Church. BE ATTENTIVE TO THEM, CJ. The Catholic Church tradition has steered them Home. In this regard then, I see celibacy as positively protecting the Church in a very real way; and the Pope guiding the Church as to how celibacy should be used for the building of the Church and according to the Will of God.

    In addition, I LOVE our priests (and nuns). I feel safe with them. I revere them in their holiness. I am grateful for the sacrifice they make for me, Church and God. And given the modern sexual heresies, CELIBACY shines out as a BEACON pointing to the authentic Catholic priest and the authentic Catholic Church. To me, THERE IS NO OTHER PRIEST or CHURCH THAN THE CATHOLIC!

    Indeed, religious celibacy is an extension and partner of CHASTITY for the married laity.


    Let me say also, I intend to live a celibate life if my husband was to pass away before me (so difficult and sacred marriage is), unless of course, God Wills differently. And I am a layperson CJ! Why would you want to put this onto our priest? The priest is to give WHOLE body, mind, soul to the love of God and Church, to make up for the sins of humanity that prevents us from loving God as HE deserves.
    Lastly, removing it will reduce the amount of persons who wish to practice it for the salvation of souls and the love of God. This, will be foolish.

    No need to worry though. Pope Francis is well equipped to steer the Church. May we too also be guided by the living Holy Spirit (and not our own little wills) that calls us each to holiness and previews the eternal life of Heaven where we will all be sisters and brothers under God, the Father.
    CJ, All Catholics are called to FORGIVENESS, PRAYER FOR PRIESTS, CHURCH LOYALTY. Let's live up to our end.
    BTW, those "chronic difficulties of priests to maintain their vows of celibacy" you speak of are really not chronic. You have accepted this portrayal of priests in the media. But CJ, BE NOT AFRAID! God bless.

  4. Thoma b wamalwa
    1 year ago

    Let the church remain the church and priests remains priests and do according to Catholics rules

  5. CJ
    1 year ago

    Look at the negative role that mandatory celibacy has had on the clergy of the Church. This is particularly true related to several areas, including the:

    retention of qualified priests, many of whom have left the priesthood,

    difficulties of recruitment of qualified new initiates to holy orders,

    chronic difficulties of priests to maintain their vows of celibacy and the resulting scandals,

    often interfering with parish life and ending up in the press,

    struggle and anguish celibacy requirements have caused many good priests,

    hierarchical “group think” of celibate men, who have shown little insight into the care and concern for children, especially related to the sexual abuse scandals

    many fallen Catholics who have lost confidence in a male only, celibate priesthood and hierarchy.

    The earliest Church allowed married Priests, we should revert to the earliest teachings of the Church on this matter.

  6. Uju Frances
    1 year ago


    Thank you very much Michael, that was good. Please keep up you faith, Christ needs people like you.

  7. Uju Frances
    1 year ago

    To those who have shared their views, thanks for the contributions. It shows people are making efforts in their search for truth.
    I would like to point out my views here that the priestly celibacy was and is not a discipline. However that came to be accepted into the Catholic teachings, I do not know, I can only attribute it to human reasoning. The priestly celibacy is exactly as Christ wanted it, He only made room for married people to be called, as He did with Peter, Phillip and Nathaniel. These were the only married apostles and they understood becoming an apostle and the future leaders of the church will demand dispensing with their marital obligations. Whatever was Christ's reason for choosing these married men, we will only find out when we get to heaven. But as for me, whatever the devil is doing to ensure that this is changed will never succeed, even if we wake up one day and hear the Church is letting go of this teaching. Does anybody ever consider that the priesthood we are talking about is that of Christ and not some kind of profession for some supposedly eligible men? Do we ever consider what the Catholic church could have been if Christ was like any other ordinary man in His days, married and with family? Maybe by now, His descendants would be suing for the control of the Church. Do we consider what the Church would have passed through if all our missionaries from the early times till date were married, what with all the saints and matyrs we have and the spread of the faith to all corners of the world? Many people use the excuse of sexual abuse as the reason for calling for a change, but of course, we need to examine all other religions and especially families to understand the situation fully. Please I am calling on all well-meaning Catholics to pray seriously that this most precious gift God has given us would not be sacrificed on the alter of sexual revolution. Let us also not think that men would no longer desire the priesthood if celibacy remains. In fact, the statistics would tell us what is obtained in other churches including the Eastern rites that make allowance for married priests. The priest is a "persona Christi" and the Christ I know did not, does not and will never have a wife and children, I mean biologically. Celibacy is not difficult to live, in fact, those of us celibate religious know that married life is tougher and to burden our priests with both marital life and priestly function is not something we should pray for. Christ said, "It is not everyone who can accept what I have said but only those to whom it is granted, let those who can, accept this". Mtt. 19:11-12. Those who cannot accept celibate priesthood should leave, particularly priests who are clamouring for this. Christ will always call on even stones to worship Him so that from east to west a perfect offering will always be offered to the Lord.

  8. Maurice Held
    1 year ago

    You should be more informed about celibacy for priests in the Roman Catholic Church and know that in Lebanon the Maronites are part of the R.C. Church and their priests are allowed to be married before ordination, while those desiring to be bishop will remain celibate. Serious omission that hurt Maronite's feeling and shows our ignorance. I am afraid that Catholic online may be not that CATHOLIC after all...

  9. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Bless the Church for celibacy...celibate priests, celibate nuns. (yes, that by which "in a world of corrupt and sinful people ... [they, the religious] shine among them like stars lighting up the sky" (Phil 2:14-15). Bless them all and may we all be blessed through them. AMEN! And may the faithful truly encourage celibacy and chastity even amongst our own friends/families and within ourselves accordingly that the Tradition of celibacy remains, is celebrated, and multiplies ferociously throughout the Church. God guide the Church and our beloved Pope Francis.
    Thanks Catholic Online! Blessings to you all!!!

  10. Robert Seed
    1 year ago

    Celibate clergy are not second class priests; celibacy is not a sigh that sexuality is impure; even if in the future men are allowed the choice to become be a married priest, not all priests will have that choice. Within the Eastern rite most priests are married and they are not inferior priests. Yes, there are challenges or issues that arise with married clergy, but this is also true with celibate clergy. The argument that claims certain priests will not be good priests because of celibacy is unsound. Certain priests are bad priests for all sorts of reasons and celibacy is among those reasons. Just because we can point to priests that are not effective because of celibacy or marriage does not mean the fault is with with celibacy or marriage and this argument excludes all the cases where, in the case of married clergy, married clergy are wonderful priests. Celibacy is an eschatological sign. It signifies that this life is temporary and a transition, what the Buddhist call impermanence. Holy Orders is a sacrament, and sex is an essential part of marriage which is also a sacrament. In the Eastern rite bishops are selected from celibate clergy, so not all priests are married. In the Roman Catholic Church, many priests are members of religious orders: Jesuits, Franciscan Orders, Dominicans, Benedictines, etc., will never be married. I think it is time for Vatican III to deal with the challenges and issues of the 21 Century.

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