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GLOBAL COOLING? Arctic ice rebounds strongly this year Comments

Will wonders never cease? As was accepted by most people, the earth was heating up, with summer predicted year-long by the middle of the 21 Century. The exact opposite has been learned - in fact, the Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year, at an increase of 60 percent! Continue Reading

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  1. Richard n
    1 year ago

    Its time the IPCC climatologist clique acknowledged that there is much they don't know about the earths climate. In reality it seems that the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming hypothesis is simply that . An hypothesis cooked up to explain a period of significant global warming in the 90s. True scientists would be calmly assessing how the temperature record over the last 16 years matches the hypothesis, not doggedly rebuffing anyone who dares doubt their precious theory.

  2. Keith Pickering
    1 year ago

    So C.O. tells us about Maslowski's 2007 projection, yet fails to mention that Maslowski himself revised his projection in 2011 -- as also reported by the BBC? And fails to mention that this year's "recovery" still amounts to less ice than any year prior to 2007? And fails to tell us even the names of any in this "group of scientists" who predict forty years of cooling?

    I guess I can understand why the "journalist" who wrote this piece too ashamed to attach his own name to it. It's the very same reason those anonymous global cooling scientists (unlike Maslowsk) are too ashamed to have their names attached to their ridiculous assertions. One has to wonder why such a non-sourced, inaccurate, and biased collection of words is considered to be news.

  3. Ridi James
    1 year ago

    An inappropriate tone pervades throughout this article. Catholics are not pro-oil. Catholics are not anti-science. Arctic ice is not a measure of global warming. Global temperatures are THE measure of global warming. Increased evaporation in the tropics may translate into more precipitation at the poles, in this case, snow and ice.

    We are commanded to be good stewards of God's gift to us all - a healthy, productive, beautiful earth. The headline "Global Cooling?" is embarrassingly naive and manipulative, bordering on false witness. Ice is not a measure of "cold." Twelve months at 31 degree weather is not colder than six months at 33 degrees followed by six at -33 degrees, but does result in more year-round ice.

    I know we are all no better than Peter denying our Lord three times, even after being warned by Jesus Himself. We have all been warned a multitude of times that our path of greed and power fed by a hydrocarbon-based economy, irresponsibly releasing sequestered carbon into the atmosphere, will be our demise, and yet we keep denying it. Not just three times, but every time.

    God rains down energy, enough to power every convenience and industry we could ever need, in the form of sunlight, every day. And yet half of Los Angeles' electricity comes from burning coal. Why? Even after fair warning, like Peter, we deny the truth. Peter may have feared for his life, but we only fear for our money while we destroy our earth and ourselves.

  4. arnastu buttwehak
    1 year ago

    Fun! Could you get a little more disingenuous or uninformed though, just to test the limits? 60% more than the least ice ever recorded is how much, relative to 1980? Guesses? Go on, guess. And here's a fun fact - 1996 showed more ice than 1980! And in fact, since 1980 there have been 9 times when the arctic sea ice was greater than in the preceding years!

    Sadly jumping on each upward fluctuation and ignoring the fact that the downs add up to much more than the ups doesn't add up to the same thrilling and convenient conclusion that is being pushed here.

    I also enjoy "the BBC had reported" which makes it sound as if hm, let's see, oh "a scientist" quoted in the BBC is somehow actually a sort of official policy position of the BBC. "A scientist!"

    "This revelation", is how this piece styles itself. Hahaha.

    Ok, now quit kidding around.

  5. Baby Hawk
    1 year ago

    "At the heart of this dissension lies two questions: the extent to which temperatures will raise with carbon dioxide levels, as well as how much of the warming over the past 150 years is down to human greenhouse gas emissions and how much is due to natural variability."

    The EXACT extent of temperature rise due to human greenhouse gas emissions can only be predicted at this point, so there should be discussion about the models used.

    There is a lot of variability in the size of the artic ice sheet, both throughout the year and from year to year. Last year had the least ice cover ever recorded. This year didn't set a new record. That does not imply a change in the trends.

    Nice headline though.

  6. john whalen
    1 year ago

    read this if you'd like to explore the other perspective:

  7. Ben
    1 year ago

    Let's tell the whole story here - Arctic ice rebounds...compared to 2012 - but will likely be the 4th or 5th lowest extent in the satellite record.

  8. Torsten Adair
    1 year ago

    And what is the long-term trend from the past twenty years?

    While ice coverage fluctuates from year to year, it appears that the ice is gradually receding, with an ice-free Arctic Ocean possible around 2040.

    As for whichever source is to blame, shouldn't we be limiting the possibilities which are controllable, to mitigate any natural fluctuations and the resulting damage?

    Read Wikipedia's article on "Climate change in the Arctic" for more information.

    If you wish to crunch the raw data, it is available from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC dot ORG).
    "Sea ice continued its late-season summer decline through August at a near-average pace. Ice extent is still well above last year’s level, but below the 1981 to 2010 average. Open water was observed in the ice cover close to the North Pole, while in the Antarctic, sea ice has been at a record high the past few days."

    "The monthly trend is –10.6% per decade relative to the 1981 to 2010 average."

  9. Jose
    1 year ago

    This story is simply misleading on many levels. 99% of the scientific data says that although Arctic ice rebounded for the short term, it is still in decline.

    There is no evidence of global cooling.

    For those who are happy in denial then look no further, yet, for those looking for a reality check, merely a Google search says it all. For instance:

  10. MadSat
    1 year ago

    The increased melting from Greenland has caused upwellings in the Pacific, which, being at near freezing have cooled significant parts of the ocean. This condition is obviously temporary on a global time scale, as Greenland does not have infinite ice.

    Something often ignored in the whole global warming discussion is this: adding heat to any thermodynamic system that is near static balance will make it less predictable until a new balance is achieved.

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