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GLOBAL COOLING? Arctic ice rebounds strongly this year Comments

Will wonders never cease? As was accepted by most people, the earth was heating up, with summer predicted year-long by the middle of the 21 Century. The exact opposite has been learned - in fact, the Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year, at an increase of 60 percent! Continue Reading

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  1. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    how do you explain that the sea levels have been rising close to a constant rate for over 100 years?

    If increased CO2 was causing the sea level rise, one should see an acceleration. So where is the acceleration?

    P.S. Use of the "Denialist", instead of some factual info, says it all.

  2. Ford Whyte
    1 year ago

    No use arguing with Denialist whose credo is: My mind is made up. Don't try to confuse me with facts.

    Let's just wait a few more months and see what next summer brings. More storms like those the devastated parts of America's East Coast? The seas are warming and rising. There are a lot of coastal cities all over the world that are at risk. Arctic ice melt does not cause the seas to rise. Glacier melt of ice on land, as in Greenland and Iceland, does cause the sea to rise.

    Don't believe it? Put an ice cube in a glass, carefully fill glass right to the brim and observe ice cube's melting. The glass will NOT overflow. That's Arctic ice melt. 2nd experiment: Fill glass to the brim. Let ice cube melt in a cup. Pour melted ice [we call it water] into the already brim full glass. Observe what happens. That's land-based glacier melt. Enjoy.

  3. donner
    1 year ago

    I just cannot stand manipulation. Especially when an attempted of manipulation is soooo obvious like this. This article, this journalist is just twisting around the results of NASA studies and making some totally fake conclusion. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE WITHOUT TAKING A DEEPER LOOK AT THE BACKGROUND. Here is an article, what u should read to figure out the truth:

    1 year ago

    Concerning Bill Butler's useful contribution, might I suggest that in his :-

    "2012 set the record for the lowest Arctic ice extent in history. (So far.) The average Arctic ice pack extent for Aug. 2012 was 4.72 million sq. kilometers."

    that we consider the value of adding the word "known" between lowest and arctic ?

  5. Vance
    1 year ago

    The 'Climate Commies' are having a fit. They want warming not cooling. The weather patterns over the past decade has shown 'cooling'. This gets in the way of their Marxist agenda. Our Capitalistic SUV's, gas leaf blowers, hair spray, and plastic items are warming the planet and killing cute fuzzy polar bears according to the Climate Commies. They have used this fraudulent hype to kill our energy production and manufacturing. It has been highly successful. This bit of climate news sends them into convulsions.

  6. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    For those who claim Maslowski changed his predictions in 2011, here is a quote from 5/20/2011, by Joe Romm.

    Last month, Maslowski emailed me “the sea ice behavior during the 2009-2011 does not provide arguments to change this projection based on volume trend.”

    Here is a more interesting recent analysis of arctic ice:

    Here is also a time history of estimated NH sea ice, noting that there appears a stabilization going on.

    So in effect the caption about ice rebound is correct.

    As far as comments from Mr. Butler like, "ignorant Global Warming Deniers". It reminds me of Kierkegaards' quote "“Once you label me you negate me.”. So one could imply that discussion is not wanted on this article, just go away, & don't confuse me with facts.

  7. Bill Butler
    1 year ago

    The "story" originated with The Daily Mail/Mail Online.

    The Daily Mail/Mail Online is claiming:
    “Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year”

    What’s interesting is that the Daily Mail/Mail Online is proving that it flunked elementary arithmetic.

    2012 set the record for the lowest Arctic ice extent in history. (So far.) The average Arctic ice pack extent for Aug. 2012 was 4.72 million sq. kilometers.

    The average Aug. ice pack extent for 2013 was 6.09 million sq. kilometers. (The 2013 minimum hasn’t been reached yet, but it will be near 5.0 million sq. kilometers.)

    The Aug. 2013 figure of 6.09 was a rebound from last year’s record, but was still below anything seen before 2007. (All ice extent data is from )

    Now, for the arithmetic:

    An increase from 4.72 to 6.09 is an increase of 29% - not 60%.

    Flunking arithmetic appears to be a necessary qualification if you are going to be hired by the Daily Mail/Mail Online. Then, what else would you expect from ignorant Global Warming Deniers. (Please excuse the redundancy.)

  8. Catholic
    1 year ago

    Melting and cooling, this is the Earth circle. Usually when the difference becometo big, heat and cool by the following years it can be critical. That is happened before the shrot ice age.
    It is make sence in a simple physics lab, too.

  9. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    While much of the talk seems to be about the Arctic ice increase, a better view would Global sea ice area. In this case total N & S pole area which has remained fairly constant since late 1970's. As shown in ref.

    Regarding the 97% hot air consensus, this ref. pretty much sums up the conflated results.

    In looking at the bottom line global temperatures. Comparing primary global temperatures since 1979, it would appear a definite "pause" has taken place, in spite of CO2 increases.

    Finally, one could wonder why the HadCRUT global temp increase from about 1910-40, was the same as the recent 1970-2000, only the former passed with little notice & much less CO2 increase?

    Anyway a very good article!

  10. James
    1 year ago

    I was horrified to read this article! How can you just repeat lies from the Daily Mail (of all papers!) like this? Is this how the members of my church behave?

    1. Last years ice was an extreme record low (remember it being in the news), so it's fairly unsurprising that there would be a recovery this year. It's still well below the average (this year barely reaches above the trend line).

    2. The numbers and images you have are taken directly from the Mail/Telegraph article and are flat out wrong. They might be from September, but it's hard to tell: they might just be made up.

    3. The BBC did not predict anything, as the BBC are not scientists, they're a broadcast organisation. They report what scientists have said. The actual quote was "...maybe not by 2013, but almost certainly before 2040." Your rewording is nothing short of a lie.

    Frankly, I'm ashamed. This is the kind of article that will be linked to by other websites as an illustration of the gullibility and foolishness of Catholics. You're bringing the church into disrepute. I sincerely hope you *check the numbers for yourself* and publish a retraction before this gets noticed further.

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