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Trappist Nuns in Syria Send Open Letter to Obama, Ask Him to Drop His Sentence of War Comments

The people are straining their eyes and ears in front of the television: all they're waiting for is a word from Obama! A word from Obama? Will the Nobel Peace Prize winner drop his sentence of war onto us? Despite all justice, all common sense, all mercy, all humility, all wisdom?  The Pope has spoken up, patriarchs and bishops have spoken up, numberless witnesses have spoken up, analysts and people of experience have spoken up, even the ... Continue Reading

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  1. jh
    1 year ago

    Eloquent. Courageous. God bless these Trappist nuns, all Christians, and all people of good will.

  2. Judy
    1 year ago

    Thank God for the sisters. I remember in the bible it saying in these times the Lord will change the minds and hearts of those who govern.....I pray it is soon that the nations rulers will have minds as Christ and hearts as Jesus. This I humbly ask swiftly, in the most precious, merciful, and mighty name above all others, Jesus. Be not all of your hope trust and love in the Lord of Lords and King of Kings
    P.S. In times of war our mother Mary always asks us to pray. I also believe the hebrews in Syria need us to pray for them to be hot for the one true and only God their first love. Be blessed and may Gods face shine upon you. Thy kingdom come They will be done.

  3. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    Obama could care less what "Trappist Nuns" think. He doesn't even care what US citizens think about waging war on Syria.

    It's all about Obama.

  4. Paul-Emile Leray
    1 year ago

    Humans puzzle me.
    1. On the one hand, experts are gathered to help prevent any further damage from the Fukushima reactors. On the other hand, some seem to be planning for attacks that would hurt many innocents in Syria.
    2. On the one hand, we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner; on the other hand he seems to be drumming up support for the use of violence. Dialogue, using ends and means that are peaceful, ought to not only focus on ends but also on the means towards peace. Dialogue has openness to it. Power, control, money, which are present in politics, often use coerced force in their means towards defined ends.
    3. On the one hand, some seem to believe in democracies; on the other hand it is the nature of truth according to a former ArchBishop that truth usually separates itself from the crowd. The majority, therefore, following this line of logic, would usually be wrong. If truth is often met with violent opposition, then building consensus towards majority opinion ought to leave us humbly questionning ourselves.
    4. Why is it that politicians are able to unite people while campaigning, yet these skills seem to be often lost while governing? If peace is about harmony, love, trust, then should dialogue not be used in both means and ends reflecting harmony, love, trust? Justice? Those enforcing so called justice often do so unjustly resulting in the most innocent and weakest suffering injustices far greater than those targeted.
    5. As one sociologist once put it, humans when considered individually are generally intelligent; collectively, however, we are possibly the most stupid species on earth. Instead of using an 'us versus them' win/lose approach, could not an orchestral approach be implemented? Everyone must win focussed on a common focal point, a set of principles, rules, with the means and ends being harmonious. If symphonies and orchestras the world over, regardless of cult-ure, can accomplish this then why does it not get accomplished in the political world of geo-politics? Are artists that superior in wisdom and intellect to politicians and those holding the reigns of power? Is the gap that large? If so, then it would logically follow that artists ought to be governing the world and not the current gang of power, control, money hungry crazed lunatics that we sadly need to be reading about in our daily diet of world news. When will all this nonsense end? What are people, world leaders included, learning at universities? With all their studies and courses on diplomacy, can they not dialogue in good faith and reason? If not, then they have simply been instructed (a 'how to' school) but not educated in the latin sense of 'educare'. In other words, our world leaders are instructed but I fear the reality is that most are poorly educated. It is a blunt comment, but I am quite certain based on observable objective reality that it is an honest and accurate one.
    Paul-Emile Leray

  5. DLL
    1 year ago

    The greatest weapon we have against every force of evil ,is to be committed as Catholics to live every moment of our lives with Christ ever-present in our minds,in all we do and say,as that is to be in ever-present,continuing prayer. Seize each moment as that is the time in which we are truly alive. Live Christ! Christ is the way,the truth and the life. In Christ is a perfect model for being truly alive and happy. The past is what it was and the future is not under our control as circumstance creates opportunity or devastation,in varying forms. Again! Seize each second of ones life as if it were to end in any second. Love one another and be kind. Real prayer is to be consistent and one in Christ,as Christ was always pleasing to God,as well as perfectly obedient. That attitude is an attitude of gratitude in serving each other,that gives God praise and thanksgiving,while making the evils of stress and war foreigners to our human nature,instead of being the necessity of action against injustices and human misery. Prayer? That time is now in every thought word and deed. Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you." True peace is a state of mind and being. Do not be afraid to speak of peace and to be at peace,within oneself or with each other because War is the weapon of fear.

  6. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    The non-believers, the followers of Islam need our prayers. We need to pray for the safety of all people, Christians and non-Christians as well. The Lord loves us all.
    It is the Muslims who need our prayers the most , prayers for their conversion to the Truth, Love, Peace.
    It is the evil message of Mohammed that they follow. They need us to help them open their hearts and their eyes to see the Truth. - then, the world will experience true peace.
    Today is the day to join our prayers so let us do it! Amen.

  7. Tommy
    1 year ago

    "" it is the Evil One who, these days, is really acting up.

    The torture,murder and rape carried out in the name of Islam is in accordance with Mohammed's wishes-- after all the infidel is a vile creature worthy only of contempt and hellfire
    and the sooner gullible western politicians realise that there can be no accommodation for Islam the better of we all will be.
    Obama wants to step in when some muslims have been gassed yet is content with the abduction,murders,tortures and rape of non muslims throughout the Islamic world

  8. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Thank you, I passed on the message of the sisters to many others. Pray for the people of Syria and for the conversion of our own hearts. The way is not of violence, but of peace.

  9. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    If it were not for technology, we would not know the many cries of hope from the inside camps of Syria. If it were not for the persons getting the word (alive and true) out, then what, pray tell, would have become of Syria, neighbouring countries, the world? It is indeed a crying shame that had there not been countries like Russia - no saint in diplomatic circles - shouting their disapproval of war above the din of yays, the US may have already declared war on the Syrian people (without UN approval) manifesting an urgency for war when there's none, using its political prowess and savvy ploys to gather support.

    I think it's high time the US start reeling themselves back in. They/You behave as young, runaway horses stomping as they/you please, despite the caring words their/your tongues acclaim or your generosity/charity. On the international scene, whilst there's a sense that the vast majority of US citizenry does not want war, there's also a sense that this same majority will submit to Obama's call for war (Obama must be supported, after all). It's time for Christianity to redirect the path of America on the way to peace/wisdom and in so doing, help to redirect the world.

    What values are being promoted in the US? What propaganda is being spread? What sort of education is being transmitted via the network of institutions? Have the US gone astray? Are Americans truly peacemakers? Where is the US going? What does Syria teach Americans about themselves and the other? What did Obama and America miss in the analysis/problem-solving of the Syrian conflict? Does America have the truth and is she living by the truth or a lie? Check yourself America. To whom much is given, much has to be expected. It is easy for ALL to lose their way.

    A despicable shame that as it stands right now even with the natural/international allegiances of the world's countries, America is more war-mongering and is displaying less wisdom than China and Russia (who btw are composed largely of atheists). Mr. Obama and supporters, please come down a notch and treat the world with greater respect. You may have just been saved from sending the world to war!!! I don't appreciate that you are so trigger happy. Talk to Russia; talk to China; talk to Syria etc. ... real talk. And please, you also need to LISTEN.

  10. Jerzy Gawor
    1 year ago

    Rose writes - 'There is so much evil thriving in Syria on all sides'.

    Someone else once wrote that, 'it only takes a few good men to do nothing for evil to prevail'!

    Well, one very good man, Pope Francis is doing much to curb evil in our world and tomorrows Day of Prayer for Syria will see that St Michael and his Angelic Army strike a mighty blow against the devil's spiritual forces of evil that are turning men's minds and hearts to thoughts and actions of war, hatred and violence.

    No doubt our heroic Trappistines will be on their knees in Adoration of the Blessed
    Sacrament tomorrow as all the rest of us in the 'relatively free' Catholic World should all be.

    Here's my suggestion, just pop in to your local Parish Church or any open Catholic Church even for 5 minutes of prayer in front of Jesus, who is truly present in the Tabernacle. Ask, beg Him to bring peace to Syria and the world.

    Jesus will hear the world's prayers for peace and miracles will surely follow!

    May God help us all.

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