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China, Hell, and American Delusion: 'Praying for Abortion' is the Screeching of Demons Comments

Pardon me if I don't have much faith in the American voters to stand up and prevent the full-blown emergence of a forced-abortion/one child policy like China's here in America. If it's cloaked in the desired political rhetoric and framed as a safeguard of "women's rights", then I think many people will swallow it gladly. We're already willing to kill our own children if they get in our way. From there to China is not such a giant leap. Continue Reading

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  1. Virginia
    1 year ago

    I feel so pitiful for our world today, and also i feel scared for our world today. Honestly, people are becoming more and more heartless as they make their own rules. Worse part is, they're not even hesitant to show their "demonic" side :(

  2. Grey Bear
    1 year ago

    Great Article ! We need a thorough cleansing inside the Catholic Church USA. One tragic example: Our Bishops, the USCCB conducts the annual CCHD collection. For years they let a man named 'ralph mccloud' distribute the millions collected from the dupes in the pews. He was the treasurer for the campaign of 'wendy davis', the Pro-Abortion Texas Senator that led the fight against the ban on abortions after 20 weeks, with her party of death zombies screaming 'hail satan'. This is not the first Pro-Abortion politician that 'ralphie' has helped get elected. The USCCB refuses to listen to faithful Catholics, when this type of outrage is pointed out to them they defend it ? How can this be ? Pope Francis needs to clean out the Homosexual-Collective that has controlled the USCCB since the infamous 'bernardin' !

  3. Rush
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much, Jennifer. You have stated exactly what I and others have felt for some time. I firmly believe that our once great nation is now under the judgement of God. How else can one explain the insanity all around us that is now becoming the accepted norm with an ever-quickening pace? The fact that a majority of people who call themselves Catholic continue to vote in the monsters who, as you aptly put it, RULE over us and bring on these disasters with increasing rapidity, is a constant area of pain, sadness, and disgust to me.

    To say nothing or do nothing is to join in with the present chorus of demons seers our present culture. Besides those who have evidently been blinded to evil, how many Christians did not bother, for whatever reason, to vote in 2012, let alone 2008? Much of the blame falls on our own laps. Please, let's let our voices be heard. It's good to be meek, but our collective backs are to the wall. Does meekness imply that we have to be docile sheep on the march to the slaughter that we know lies ahead? The shepherd of this world will not lead us to heaven...

  4. Mike
    1 year ago

    Ms. Hartline, your articles are always insightful and accurate.

    What makes your case even stronger, both against abortion and the false claims of it being a women's health issue, is the empirical evidence that we in the U.S. practice intentional, selective abortion against female babies. I wonder, how is that selection representative and supportive of women's health, when in essence you are intentionally killing women because of their gender?

  5. Helen baker
    1 year ago

    All sin will be accounted for. When each of us stands before god we will answer for our choices. These protestors are under the illusion that there are no rules no commandments. This is what they want and anyone that reminds them any different are insulted with thete blasphemy.

    1 year ago

    Touche! Ditto! Amen! Thank You Jennifer for words that many people know but could not arrange into the overall horrible portrayal of the number of people who souls and lives ARE home to satan's power. Spiritual death is satans goal and yet physical death is all some ever fear. I imagine that being egocentric is much easier when you don't think, let alone worry about, concieved babies(souls) that did not get born because of selfishness and ruthlessness. When I think of the Eighth Choir of Angels, Cherubims, I believe this Army of Heaven, is composed of all the babies ever conceived that never saw their day of adolescence, whether by God's direct Will or by the sin of man. I believe that God so loves some conceived souls that they are snatched up to Heaven at His timing and discretion so quickly, that to us, who suffer loss and grief, these are horrible times. God does all for Love, for that is what He IS! May the legends of Cherubim teach all to contemplate in prayer the Beauty and Perfections of God!. Amen! Allelluia! Vivat Jesus'!

  7. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    So you want me to pay for your abortion? You want me to just close my eyes, deaden my conscience, kill my feelings and emotions because you are promiscuous, immoral, unethical and crude, because you insist on living in sin, because you have no moral backbone, you are selfish and egoistic, because you think of nothing but yourself? You demand of me total submission to your whims! I am a Christian, a mother! I can only pray that you see the Light, that you accept the Love of Jesus in your heart, that you repent and conform to the ways of the Lord - the only way to a peaceful heart.
    The photo of the people screaming demanding free abortion is just that, an image of hell that is slowly encroaching on all of us.Their faces need no explaining! God help us!

  8. Patrick Butler
    1 year ago

    Jennifer, thank you for your article. It perfectly articulates the truth of the matter - abortion is murder.
    It calls the American electorate out for what it insists on doing, killing our children for any reason or none at all. Americans chose this path in 1973 and Americans insist on calling the infanticide it is, a right.
    The truth is that its blatantly wrong, yet until the unjust laws that allow innocent life to be killed, mutilated and thrown to the trash, the killing will continue. Americans love to indiscriminately kill in this way. We learn the procedure, then invent the semantics needed to make the killing more attractive. Fact is that for the baby, the only choice is death. Somehow our society has gone horribly wrong. Your article will hopefully help more folks to see abortion for what it truly is - the murder of the innocent life of our children. I fear it will only be read by those who are Pro-Life and were among those of us who only vote Pro-Life; people in love with the killing of innocent children are only seeing dollar signs while mouthing the myth of reproductive freedom. Life means nothing to them.

    Pray and Fast that Pro-life policies prevail in the courts, in the statehouses, hospitals, clinics and society. We as Christians, Catholic-Christians especially, can no longer trust Americans in general to preserve life. Its too easy to make murder semantically sexy and profitable. The vote seems about the last option available to Christians, but evil lurks in the minds of heretics who continue to favor the savage murder of innocent children who find ways to outvote those who favor life.

    Thanks again,
    Patrick Butler

  9. James
    1 year ago

    Praying for abortion rights is beyond disgusting. I still shake my head to see a nation that says they are majority Christian elect such an abortion loving monster. I pray for him and his family even though it makes me very angry to see things like this. He wants to bomb Syria so he doesn't look bad for his red line, and to pretend he cares. He has shown his self to be a very cold, egotistical, heartless, individual. He doesn't stand up for the Christians in this country or anywhere else, but that's fine for the rollover Christians that elected him. Pray for these people who want the right to murder their children. A baby is not a mistake or trash, they are God's blessing to us all. Thank you Jennifer for writing this.


  10. robert
    1 year ago

    Question 1: How did we get to the point where many of our church leaders vote the same way as the people who wrote that disgusting prayer?

    Question 2: How can we change this disgusting fact?

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