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Forced Abortion of 9 Month Old Child in China: Obama Administration Complicity Comments

Sadly, because the Maoist Atheists currently ruling mainland China wear business suits, smile a lot, and hold commercial paper which represents a substantial amount of American I.O.U.'s, few politicians in either major political party have the courage to call them out for their egregious human rights abuses. The treatment of children as commodities in China, products to be accumulated only with the permission of the Central Government, seems ... Continue Reading

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  1. Ladyclaire
    1 year ago

    To mooskie,
    Why don't you focus your "right to choose" for the unborn child too? Or does that challenge you to live the truth you deny, but know is right?

  2. Rob
    1 year ago

    What I find interesting about articles like this is how they only tell a half truth. There is no dispute that an administration that believes abortion is ok bears some complicity in this. But this one child policy isn't new. Every government official that stands idly by while we borrow and finance our operations with Chinese money is complicit. Every American citizen that consumes Chinese made products is complicit and every business person who shuttered a plant here to save a buck is complicit.

    China would not change anything if the GOP was in least they haven't yet.

  3. TK
    1 year ago


    Your arrogance and naivete regarding abortion practices in the US are extraordinary.

  4. jgray
    1 year ago

    It is sad that there are abortions like this in the United States whether they are lawful or not. We do not see the pictures is the only difference. I believe that adoption is an option. We have seen babies capable of survival have their spinal cords cut. Then we see the parents that will do anything to save their child born prematurely in our country. They make the news for the smallest infant ever to survive premature birth at just 15 ounces. I have nieces that were born prematurely many years ago. They have survived in this world. We are happy that they are here. I have friends that have adopted children with developmental delays or physical difficulties. There are people out there that would gladly take and raise a child so that they would have a good or better life. It is too easy to say, "lets abort", but it is very difficult to live with yourself after your choice. My views, my right, for now. God bless the children.

  5. violett
    1 year ago

    I totally agree with this article, the "RIGHT TO KILL" is an atrocity. What about the child!!!!!, You can not choose who to kill, that´s not a right!!!

  6. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Deacon Keith. You said Obama's administration defends killing in the womb. Don't forget that Obama supports killing girls and bouys outside of the womb even after they survived the attempt to kill them in their mom's womb. We have Catholic democrats (and other people, of course) to thank for putting such a man in the White House.

  7. Krey Werth
    1 year ago

    (In reply to "mooskie") First of all, most "rape" children are not rape children. This country loves to play the martyr in that arena--most victims of rape either lend to that situation or the place themselves, stupidly, in certain instances that lead to "rape". So don't EVER use that as an excuse. Date rape is 100% preventable anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and a waste of human intelligence. Next, people have sex for a reason, self-gratification will never be the one. If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex. It's not rocket science. It's not hard. It's not even complicated. Abstinence has never killed anyone.

    Also, what is the difference if the baby is 9 months or 90 days old? It's a child, a human being that deserves a chance to experience life. The mother is the one without the rights--she got herself into this situation, she doesn't get to decide her consequences. This instance wouldn't work anywhere else anyway. If a drunk driver kills someone, he has NO RIGHT to pay off any damages and get off scott free. So why should a mother?

  8. Beth
    1 year ago

    Mooskie, mooskie, mooskie, listen to what you are saying. You are placing a value on the life of a child based upon the circumstances of his/her conception. We all start small, Mooskie, and many of us were unplanned. Where is your empathy? Many children live in poverty (has abortion made this better?), and many come from broken or abusive homes (and this has also become less frequent as a result of abortion?). If poverty, brokenness and abuse are the problems, then kill *them* - not the child. My father was one of seven children in a very impoverished home, with an alcoholic father and a mother who struggled to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. Holes in the bottoms of their ill-fitting shoes were repaired with cardboard from discarded boxes, and toothaches were soothed by the heat from the radiators against which they would place their faces so they could sleep at night in spite of the pain. You know what? They all survived. Yes, there are scars to be sure - but every one of them married, had children, and have grandchildren. My dad has eight grandchildren, including my three. Are you going to say that his life wasn't worth living just because he grew up in deprived circumstances? What you're essentially saying is that the children of the poor have less right to exist than the rest of us. But the Church (as the bride of Christ) teaches that we are to have a *preferential* love for the poor. If groups fighting for the "choice" to abort had spent as much time, money and energy working for positive social change that actually improved the lives of women and the poor, our society would be a much better place. The fact is that many women abort because they feel they have no other choice. And while it may be true that states restrict abortion in the last month(s) of pregnancy, there are broad exceptions due not to Roe v. Wade but rather to Doe v. Bolton, so that the right to life is not fully guaranteed to ANY child until after birth. Just this past year, a woman and her unborn child died following a botched abortion at 33 weeks. It was a legal abortion. Babies at 33 weeks do not typically die of prematurity in the U.S. anymore. A child born at that gestational age would surely live with adequate medical care, and it would NEVER be medically necessary for the mother to have an abortion at that stage of pregnancy. The baby could be delivered much more quickly - and safely - than it could be aborted. So why does it remain the mother's "choice" to kill that child? And how, exactly, is that any different from killing a child in the 9th month? I think you have a very skewed notion of what constitutes true justice and authentic love for the women and the poor. Nobody has the right to take anyone else's life simply because they perceive that life as miserable or not worth living - one could argue even less so when one is attempting to predict the future. Who are you to say what a child is or is not capable of doing or becoming? That is neither love nor compassion - it is eugenics wrapped in pretty language and tied with the ribbon of "choice". Inside it's still the same rotten garbage.

  9. Dan Brogdon
    1 year ago

    I think your article was speaking the truth and it needs to be made front page headlines. Indeed the US government is complicit and part of the culture of death. In a short spectrum of time (this is already done) doctors will be able to determine thru genetics, before the baby is born, what problems, diseases, and other issues the child will have up thru the age 10-15. It is a short step to take to see how our government and obamacare can approach parents and coerce -- for the good of the country, abort and try again --, because your child will grow up with xxx disease and it will cost you and your country. Money will dictate life - and that is no different in China today. Children will become a commodity, like a loaf of bread on the shelf at a store - anyone can have one, anyone can do with it what they want. Love one another unless you are younger than 9 months, then you're not part of the love. Pretty twisted world.

  10. mooskie
    1 year ago

    the fact that this article compares the horrible crimes against humanity to the abortion rights in the United States is disgusting. this author should be ashamed of himself for doing this. by diluting these horrible atrocities occurring in China with the abortion rights in the US he's making it harder to condemn these horrible crimes against humanity for the disgusting acts they are, as well as disfiguring the integrity of good people here in the US that have the right to dispel an unwanted pregnancy that, would otherwise, birth a child into this world in such a cruel way that would ruin it's life.

    we have this right here in the US for a reason. abortions are an important part in our society, and a mother's RIGHT TO CHOOSE.. whether to keep a rape child born in to a world where it's totally unwanted or to keep a child from being born into poverty where it will not receive any kind of parenting and without a doubt become a burden on society later on as an angry misguided criminal who never had a chance at life.

    nice embellishment of the truth BTW. in NO PLACE in the US is it legal to abort a pregnancy in the 9th month. what an outrageous claim. despicable for you to compare an honest american mother's right to choose with the disgusting atrocities occurring in China. you should be ashamed of yourself for mucking up those murderous scumbags in China with decent american human beings who retain their right to protect an unborn child from a painful life it doesn't deserve.

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