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Forced Abortion of 9 Month Old Child in China: Obama Administration Complicity Comments

Sadly, because the Maoist Atheists currently ruling mainland China wear business suits, smile a lot, and hold commercial paper which represents a substantial amount of American I.O.U.'s, few politicians in either major political party have the courage to call them out for their egregious human rights abuses. The treatment of children as commodities in China, products to be accumulated only with the permission of the Central Government, seems ... Continue Reading

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  1. Marcela
    1 year ago

    The truth for China is as this article has stated, a lot of families and especially women suffer from the one child policy. Forced abortions are grusome especially because a lot of times the children in the womb are almost at the end of their term, formed and ready to be born. As I have taken many women studies classes I have learned that a possible solution can be education. Education on the effects ot forced abortions and the long lasting effects on the women and families. Another issue arising from the one child policy is a large gender gap. This in consequence creates earlier marriage which in turn creates grave consquences for women as they are married earlier and leave their education and beome mothers which an be dangerous at young ages such as sixteen. After stating that, I noticed this article talks about the U.S. and how abortion is horrible. Just to put something into perspective, there are many countries around the world who have laws against abortion. You may cheer about this thinking that if abortion is outlawed then everything is solved. You may want to think again, as in those places where such strong laws occur, abortions become more dangeorus. They do not stop but instead are done in more dangerous conditions as it is hidden, women have to turn to dangerous and unsafe methods of having abortions. Thus, women are ultimately affected by these laws as they put themselves in danger because of abortion bans.

  2. Paul-Emile Leray
    1 year ago

    A courageous article. It isn't too harsh at all. It is refreshing having fearless writers put forth the truth. It is even more refreshing when the writers are rooted in proper faith and reason.
    Paul-Emile Leray

  3. nikorb
    1 year ago

    God help us and save us.
    It saddens me to see not only the truth about the evil going on in the world, but also the pathetic ways some people react to it.


  4. Greg
    1 year ago

    Jesus Christ did not come to fix the world. He came to bring us back home. We are in a Titanic that is sinking from its own virgin travel. The world is ruled by satan, and it will be till the end. When I look at the 'problem' I see us, the US, being upset with killing children in Syria (which *is* killing,) and calling for an action, while we forget that we kill one million of our own children in the wombs of our mothers. We kill the gift, and thus such child will receive no more gifts through our hands. Why? Because we do not want to love. Because we are sinners. Any anyone claiming the "right to choose" knows very well in the depth of his/her heart that it is a lie, and that they justify their own selfishness. This comes not from science but from God, and the heart He created in us. We all are lairs. We all know when we do something wrong. We do not understand maybe why is it, but we know in the heart that what we do is wrong. When I was a pagan, when I was a kid, I was curious to 'know' how it is to go and steal something from a store. I successfully did it. The feeling of a guilt was killing me for a few weeks, and no one knew that I stole anything. I said no one about it. No one could 'induce' guilt feeling to me. At home their trusted me, and nobody was even explaining to me that we should not steal. And yet - I knew! After a few weeks I could not take it any longer, and I went back to the store, and I paid four times as much for the stuff I stole. I don't know why four. I knew it in my heart that I had to pay more. The moment I pushed the money into the hand of surprised clerk, I run from the store. And phew! The guild feeling went away. Said part is that I never paused, and asked myself what did just happened. I was too young? I was living in a family without God? But till today I remember, and I know - everyone knows when one does something wrong. Everyone. And those, who kill children of God, and say to God "I don't want You to push a child unto me, for I don't want any part in love" live in the front yard of hell. It is a very dark, cold, and terrifying place. There are billions of people living there. And they will be attacking you, in their pain, for they do not want their wounds to be touched, for it is too painful. And they are right - do not touch the wounds! Die to yourself, and let Jesus touch the wounds. He knows what to do. Only He knows. And we cannot touch the wounds of Syria. We will do it because we are bullies. We are *not* Rob in Hood. We do not fight more powerful to defend weaker. We attack the weak countries. We will do nothing to China, for we will not give up our laptops, iPhones, contraceptives for anyone, even a child being killed seconds before being born. Our gadgets are more important. We want control Syria, and we will be trying to attack it. We were cooperating with Iraq when Iraq dropped chemical weapons on Iran. We did not condemn Saddam at that time. We do not need Assad. We do not care about these Syrian Children. We do not care about justice, for we would try to catch Assad, and not plan bombings of Syrian soldiers. We do not care about our children for otherwise we would be walking in tens of millions in Pro-Life Washington marches. We care for no one. And I hear this cry on the Cross. A lonely cry of God born man who out of love for His Father died for us, but we do not want it. We do not want it. And do I want it? I think I do. But what is at the bottom of my heart? Only God knows. And only God knows what is in the bottom heart of these Chinese people, and Assad, and yes, even mosskie's heart. I hope there is still some light and life and love. That you for your patience if you read all I wrote. It is an act of love. Thank you.

  5. Rob
    1 year ago

    It is sort of ironic that we want someone to condemn the Chinese but yet we can't even clean up our own house? Maybe our energies would be better spent taking the log out of our own eye frist.

  6. DLL
    1 year ago

    Abortion is the termination of a human-life somewhere during the first 9 months of pregnancy. We are talking about real time,actual time,not relative time. I bought a puppy at age 4 weeks old on December 8th of last year. I could not bring him home until he was 10 weeks old. So that was in January of this year. It is now Sept 1st and on the 5th he will be 10 months old. In the time that I have had this dog,he has grown from a puppy to an adult sized dog. Nine months and he is grown up! This is the value of 9 months of life lived. A baby in the womb develops for nine months before it is born and that period of life is essential for it's development from conception until birth. It takes almost a year to anticipate this eventual birth. Human women are very special to have such a long time for them to be pregnant. My point being is that maternity takes time,patience and good health in expectation of each and every human birth. This is why women and children are revered and protected by men who were once,in times past,the soul providers for families. Motherhood/maternity is unique rightly referred as even Holy and blessed by God. It is a form of rape to force any woman to have an abortion and no society has any business forcing any woman to abort by legally imposed demands. That is murder and hatred of women and children by the rulers of any country that would force abortion on women. The picture that accompanies this article is as bad as the recent pictures of the nerve gassed victims of Syria. Their is no dignity for anyone in any society that disrespects human life and treats it as nothing better than garbage. Such societies that murder their young and treat women as if they are contaminated breeding insects are septic governments and they should be overthrown as they are unjust.

  7. Emma
    1 year ago

    Mooskie....What gives you the right to tell me that I do not deserve to live? Mother..unwed and fifteen yrs. old. Yes. We were poor, but it did not rob me of my childhood! Quite the opposite! I met some great people growing up. I learned to use my imagination at a very young age. I couldn't rely on the latest trendy toy or gadget when a bucket of mud and a stick would do. I learned to read and my most precious possession was my library card. I didn't learn defeat, but how to thrive during challenging circumstances. Our homeless community introduced me to the power of community and the value of sharing. I only this past June received my degree in Environmental Toxicology and I completed my fourth yr of study while pregnant. I am NOT a criminal. Your post is basically telling me that I should have been killed because I would be nothing but a worthless piece of garbage. I can tell you one thing. The pleasure and sense of accomplishment that I felt at graduation pales exponentially when compared to the joy I experience when I share a bucket of mud with my little son! You have some nerve saying that I should have been killed! Deacon Fournier, we are a visual culture. Could you please tell me why it is acceptable to publish videos of the victims of gas attacks in Syria but not photos of the victims of abortion? If people could see the tiny little fingers and toes in that supposed glob of cells, their argument of "it's not a baby " would evaporate. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  8. Gabriella
    1 year ago


    Killing of an unborn child is never a right! A murder is always punished - except in the case of an abortion because we will so through the law. Death is a death is a death, no matter how it had been procured. THINK, Mooskie, is there such a thing as an evil baby?
    Babies fill our lives with happiness, joy and give us an opportunity to experience innocence, once more - unless, we do not want them and then we just kill them! - because we are good, generous, compassionate and loving people, eh?
    May you have your eyes and your heart open to the goodness of Love.

  9. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    This statement of Congressman Smith is not true. "The uncontested facts are these: Any Chinese, Tibetan, or Uyghur mother without a birth permit is put under coercive pressure to abort - if need be, she is physically forced to do so. All unwed moms are compelled to abort. In what can only be described as a search-and-destroy mission, disabled children are aborted as part of a nationwide eugenics program."

    In my visit to China, I met families with more than one child. There are homes for unwed mothers in China where babies are born, likewise homes for disabled children. China is a big country. It is true there is a National policy of one child family, but it is not uniformly enforced. So when the Congressman says "Any" meaning all, his statement is false.

    What good will come from shouting down the Chinese Communist leaders in China? I prefer the course that many Chinese Catholics are taking. They attempt to be in dialogue with the officials at the local level. Through conversations and actions common values are discovered and that begins the way for cooperation to end violent and inhumane results of many polices.

  10. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I was reminded of the Holy Family in exile as I read about the experience of Wu and Pan. God be with them and those who keep them safe.

    Unfortunately Deacon, when we are sheathed within our cultural walls, it may be difficult to understand the sanctity of life.

    In our little modern rooms of convenience neatly arranged to our liking, abortion makes sense, within legal limits of course: rape, too poor, illness, lack of spousal support, in the 1st (or even early 2nd) trimester etc. Abortion affords a better way of living for the mother/father. And of course, those Chinese and Romans are not like us Westerners. We are modern, decent, caring folk. We give to charity and are helpful. We don't kill babies. We give the right to choose if you wish to choose the pregnancy or not. And you extreme Catholics and other pro-life folk are just too old-fashioned and restrictive and crazy.

    Little do PRO-ABORTIONISTS know that the reason they support abortion does not really have to do with all the reasonable reasons they give for abortion, but because the cultural norms that they uphold are opposed to life.

    You see had they supported life, they would allow sacrifices in order that life (all life) might exist. They would oppose the extinguishing of life despite those logical reasons people give to end life understanding that the value of life outweighs the reasons.

    They would behold the stark reality that pro-abortionists all suited to modern tastes with reasonable reasons and pro-abortion safe laws - with regards to the value they assign to life or the direct opposition to life the culture makes - are no different than the Romans or the Chinese or indeed, the lowest, common murderer.

    They might even see that the fact that life started has been ended means that life has been taken.

    Their minds might even extend to accept that life taken at any stage is life taken; they might wrap their minds around the truth that life taken anywhere (clinic or the streets of Syria) is life taken (even animal activists and animals know this).

    Indeed, they might be brazen enough to understand that they would most likely never have existed, never have had a chance to live, had the abortion culture of the Roman empire spread more aggressively through the world. And so they would take the purpose of their life seriously and be more mature in their life's decisions, being less concerned with mere personal gratification.

    True story: A childhood friend about to do an abortion for reasonable reasons of course and in a safe American clinic, found out she was carrying twins. She cried her heart out (she knew it would be difficult), but then came to the realization that she couldn't end the pregnancy (she knew too that though difficult, all would be well). Her exact words to me (bear in mind she was modern-thinking and not very much Church-going): "God can forgive me for throwing away 1. But 2?"
    Her twin girls are now teenagers.
    My friend came to accept her pregnancy and took courage. She came to terms with the aspects of her self that was choosing abortion. She chose to continue the pregnancy because she understood that she was taking life at that point and her reasonable reasons no longer were sufficient to take the life of her unborn twins (the foetus/pregnancy was really life); she came to accept the value of the life she was carrying.
    May all pro-abortionists do likewise.

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