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Homosexual Marriage at the Dusk of Liberty Comments

In the long run, Christians won't be prosecuted for objecting to homosexual marriage as such. They will be prosecuted for denying that the State has the power to define what is morally licit under the legal rubric of civil rights. We are one step closer to the catacombs. Bishops, priests and deacons need to take special note because they will become the first targets of the coming hostility in order to demoralize the faithful. Clergy ... Continue Reading

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  1. Adrien
    1 year ago

    I came here for religion, not politics? "Love thy Neighbor".. did you miss that part? and what's with all the Obama bashing??... Thou shall not judge!

  2. Vincent Magaraci
    1 year ago

    May the Lord Jesus Christ be adored, glorified and revered, now and forever, amen! Had our priests and bishops here in the United States preached the gospel truth about the sanctity and sacramental nature of marriage from the get go and avoided the reticence about the grotesque and adulterous disorder of homosexuality from the ambo, not in magazine articles, books or on-line venues, then by the power of the Holy Spirit, Catholics could have effectively rebuffed this demonic attack on the United States of America. Ever since Obama had run for office, there have been clergy who mistakenly thought that they could "work with him" and "persuade him" that Christians should be treated with due process of law and as bona fide citizens. Really? Our clergy never mentioned that Obama was, still is and will always be a staunch advocate of eugenic manipulation which included his infamous vote in Illinois as a state senator to put to death post born children whom their mothers still refused to care after delivery and to prevent their adoption as well. Until we and our brothers and sisters stop being "respecters of men" instead of lovers of Jesus and his eternal word, then we will certainly be imprisoned in this ever expanded prison of immorality and insanity. We depend on our priests and bishops to be like Pope Leo the Great and Saint Jerome, both of whom had tenacity, fortitude and a no-holds barred love of God and their neighbor. As our Lord says very clearly that "the kingdom of heaven is taken by force", "strive to enter by the narrow gate" and "whoever loves father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me", we should take him at his word and pray that the Holy Spirit will be that very sword to slay the enemy as Saint Paul alludes to in Ephesians 6. May Jesus bless you and your family and grant us all eternal life!

  3. Jerome D. Gilmartin
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Father Jacobse, for this troubling but timely article. Genesis and Leviticus severely condemn homosexual acts. Leviticus 20:13 states, for example: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.” [RSV, Catholic Ed.]
    Under the New Covenant, thankfully, Christ is more lenient. Jesus calls all to repent of any sin without delay, but he allows weeds and wheat to grow together until the harvest, i.e., Divine judgment.
    The Catholic Church has been wrongly accused of hating homosexuals. The Catechism states: “homosexual ACTS are intrinsically disordered,” #2357; but that homosexual PERSONS are called to chastity, #2359, and they “must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.“ #2358.
    In addition to the Old Testament caveats, Christians who would support same-sex marriage are confronted with passages in 1 Corinthians, Romans, Timothy and Jude. In Romans 1:26-27 Paul writes: “Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural and the men likewise . . . were consumed with passion for one another” and notes the judgment that awaits such acts. Paul adds that the wrath of God awaits those who “suppress the truth” [Romans 1:18 - RSV-CE].
    Jesus said we cannot serve two masters. As you indicate, Father, given the trajectory of politics and law the future looks ominous for faithful Catholics – priests and Bishops in particular.

  4. Jerzy Gawor
    1 year ago

    So, nothing changes!

    Because Jesus Christ IS the TRUTH, the LIFE and the WAY the devil and his minions continue their persecution of our precious Catholic Faith. But take heart people, the war is already won! The Church is Victorious!

    I have just finished reading a great book titled 'The Church Under Attack', by Dr Diane Moczar (2013 - Sophia Institute Press). I recommend this to all as it will lift your Catholic spirit to new heights!

    Absolutely brilliant summary of the sustained persecution, specifically over the last 500 years, which our Catholic Church has not only endured but triumphed over in the most spectacular way - superb reading material for every Catholic after which you are left in no doubt whatsoever that Jesus remains with us and will remain intimately involved with His Church until the end of time!

    Let the modernists, aetheists, schizmatics, heretics, scientists, cynics and all the rest of them do their worst, one thing is for sure - Jesus WILL find the Faith alive and well all over this world when He returns!

    Time after time, as Dr Diane Moczar shows, 'persecution has not snuffed out the Faith but has brought forth great Saints whose holy deeds and brave examples frustrated their persecutors by communicating to the besieged Church a vigor greater than that of her persecutors - she will not be vanquished but will endure to the end of time'.

    In the words of Tertullian almost 2,000 years ago 'the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church'.

  5. Rob
    1 year ago

    You know what I find shocking? There is still virtually no mention of the state of marriage before the gay marriage debate began. No mention of the divorce rate. I don't recall seeing the battle cry to save marriages. I didn't see the robust marriage programs starting around the country.

    Sexual immorality is becoming so commonplace these days that it's becoming normal (SAD!). But I'm sorry, our society's general failure to respect the institution has played a huge role in this. If we'd done our part all along, I really don't think we'd be here.

    Will be interesting to see what homosexuals do with "marriage." Who knows, maybe there will be some aspects they do better.

  6. Krey Werth
    1 year ago

    Very concise and clear, good message, and all of that. Here's my question, in the time when the state eventually does force us into the catacombs, will that be after the gay fad has left the world or will it be our own doing because of recent (as in within the last few hundred years) scandal and corruption forces the true followers to abandon hope of freedom of religion and from want, as declared by FDR's Four Freedoms speech? What stops us from imploding from past transgressions after this movement eventually looses its wind?

    And why are there not more schools dedicated to molding young minds and teaching them in the first place--which is one of the reasons the Church, as an institution, is failing? That's the issue first and foremost above the homosexual priests. Children, teenagers, adults, whatever need to learn the doctrine and the beliefs or else they rely on the culture of death to do it for them. What's the point of pushing against the "mainstream" if we cannot do it as an informed and knowledgable community. Maybe we ought to worry about this and the moral shaping of our people before starting a crusade to clean house--which won't solve the problem anyway, only create martyrs for their deeply misguided cause.

  7. catholic
    1 year ago

    Welcome to the Americanism and the pagan catholicism.

  8. Stephen Volk
    1 year ago

    UNPARALLELED TIMES! Incredibly Our Blessed Mother releases special Admonitions and Warnings on samesex marriage and their "dark" adoptions of children... As well as warning clergy and nuns what must be done! Go now to !!!

  9. Vance
    1 year ago

    Fr. Jacobse, very well said. We can go back 200 years with the rise of socialism and read where the persecution of the Church comes from, anti-God, anti-Christ Socialists. Pope Leo XIII wrote an Encyclical on Socialist and their attack on the family. Vladimir Lennon is quoted, "Destroy the family, you destroy a nation". Today's Communist Democrat Party lead by hardcore Communist Obama is hell bent on destroying western society. The Communist Democrat Party has used "Clean Air", "Clean Water", "Save the Planet and all the cute fuzzy animals" as a ploy to destroy Capitalism. Back in 1965, the Lyndon Johnson regime hatched the "Gay Rights" movement. "Out of the closets and into the streets" was the slogan. This was the beginning assault on the 'Family'. Today, if anyone reads scripture that quotes God and what he says about sodomites, you can be fined and jailed for being Homophobic.

    How did we get here? The faithful were deceived into voting for this. They were deceived by the Media, the Communist Democrat Party, our education system, and our own Liberal Bishops, Liberal priests, Liberal nuns, and Liberal Deacons. We the Faithful need to get off our couches and get engaged with Life and Family issues. You don't need to start anything new. There is 40 Days For Life Groups throughout the country. There are Catholic and Protestant Groups focused on saving Marriage. We will all die one day and when that happens we will be asked, "What did you do or say about these problems?" NOTHING is not a good answer.

  10. Tom
    1 year ago

    That picture needs a warning label.

    The Middle Class needs the support of Christians and capitalists because without the Middle Class, there can be no democracy. Christians must be stifled and Capitalists must be regulated out of business.
    Abortion, same sex marriage, and more are all designed destroy the Middle Class and their values. Once successful, the US implodes and with the US gone, so goes Western Civilization.

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