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Obama Administration Considers Military Action: Pray for the Christians of Syria and Pray for Peace Comments

As Catholics we need to be very careful as we watch the news reports concerning the situation in Syria. The Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo, Antoine Audo, S.J. told Vatican Radio that  "If there is an armed intervention, that would mean, I believe, a world war. That risk has returned." Metropolitan Hilarion, the head of the Department for External Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate offered sobering words concerning what appears to be the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Stephen Volk
    1 year ago

    WE MUST UNDERSTAND MUSLIM AGGRESSION IN CATHOLIC HISTORY! And Michael Coren's amazing book says it well: "Christendom was provoked over and over again by vehement and highly aggressive Muslim expansion...." And so it is today! One does well to pick up a copy of this amazingly bold book! "Why Catholics Are Right" by Michael Coren

  2. Fred
    1 year ago

    Excellent article. The horror of what is going on all over the Middle East is almost incomprehensible. We are not to despair, because we know what our Lord has promised, but like his Passion, the path to victory can be horrific. Islam is a political system that contains quasi religious elements. Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world, but for Islam, jihad to convert the world for Allah is everything. Muslims differ as to how this should be done and who should be in charge, and they share the mindset with the various totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century that if you can just kill enough of your opposition, paradise will be yours. So we see constant Muslim sectarian conflict with horrendous and inhuman brutality as they struggle to force their particular flavor of Islam on the people of their nations. The only area in which they appear to be united is that the "infidel" must be expunged, and that would be the Christians in their countries. Their Koran certainly countenances this, and their imams regularly condone rape, torture, and murder of non-Muslims. There is no Christian government to save our brothers and sisters in these Muslim countries, so their only hope is a relatively secular government that will protect them simply from a civil rights point of view. In Syria, prior to the conflict, Christians were perhaps the safest of any in the Middle East, but the conflict has changed all that. Indeed, as Deacon points out, the governments we have overtly and covertly installed throughout the Middle East are extremist and have condoned if not perpetrated the persecution of Christians in their countries. Since the various shifting alliances of Muslims are impossible to decipher for Westerners, since there appear to be no "good guys" from a moral point of view, and since any of the groups seem willing to perpetrate atrocities of one sort or another, out best foreign strategy should be to stay out altogether. If intervention is contemplated, it should be on the side of whomever protects our Christian brothers and sisters, not the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida, who comprise the "rebels" in Syria, that are torturing and killing them.

  3. Jerzy Gawor
    1 year ago

    Remember Lepanto?

    Praying the Holy Rosary averted a catastrophe and changed history.

    Our Blessed Lady has asked us time and time again to PRAY THE ROSARY. Well if ever there were a time IT HAS TO BE NOW!

    Dear Pope Francis - mobilize the Catholic faithful in this great hour of need and lead us in praying the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed ever Virgin like never before! Our Blessed Mother WILL listen and history will once again attest to the POWER OF PRAYER.

    To all of our dearest brothers and sisters in Christ caught in the Syrian conflict we suffer with you as our hearts break daily with every new tragedy that is reported in our press.

    PS - I agree with Emma, who has written earlier that a massive airlift of food, water, medical supplies, clothing etc... (on a scale that would dwarf the Berlin Airlift!) would be far more effective than launching any new military offensive and far less costly in $$$'s as well as human lives.

    When will we ever learn that fighting solves nothing.

  4. Joe
    1 year ago

    Deacon Fournier, I can not Thank you enough. If it weren't for your and other articles, we would not have know the truth. Going to church today, I expected something being said about how Pope Francis is against any attack, negotiation is the answer. Sadly, not a word was said. Most Catholics who watch the news have no idea how the church stands. I pray more like you will stand up for Christ and the truth.

  5. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    This is the same arrogance and self-righteousness that Obama and NATO exhibited in the first place with Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and now with Syira, in where Al-Queda is able to install a puppet government without a shot.

    Obama and the demoocrats think that the muslim world is somehow going to be magically our friends if we aid them in their jihad???

    DUH, you got another thing coming!

    Our government thinks that they can by the sword force peace, while they war against the unborn???

    Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.

  6. Emma
    1 year ago

    IMHO ...a better way to show our strength, a more powerful response would be a massive military airlift of supplies of food, medical supplies etc. to the one million children who are now refugees from that conflict! We show our support for the Syrian People without killing them. Obama saves face (which is really what this is about) and enough human interest would be generated to satisfy msm. The question is will corporate interests who exist by profiteering in arms sales be satisfied?

  7. Rose
    1 year ago

    The Obama Administration doesn't care about Christians in Syria or Egypt, or the U.S. Over 100,000 people have been killed in Syria with no outcry from Obama. Over 1000 were killed in the chemical attack. Does it really matter if people are killed from bullets, bombs or chemicals? This president is trying to save face because he drew "a red line." He is willing to risk the survival of Israel, is willing to put Al Queda in charge of another Muslim country and possibly start World War III. Personally, I think that everything this man does is the devil's work. I no longer care how crazy that sounds.

  8. Joe
    1 year ago

    I couldn't agree more with Patricia. The American media is out for blood, they didn't get their way with George Zimmerman so now Syria is the target of their hate. They must have death and blood to feed their evil needs. Truth, love and understanding do not sell. Pope Francis and King of Jordon do not want war but the death of Christ is what they demand. History is repeated again. May God save us.

  9. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    "Dialogue is and remains the only solution to the Syrian crisis. Pope Francis and King Abdullah II of Jordan both oppose the idea of international military intervention against the Bashar al Assad regime."

    Today the news story of the Syrian school hit and children burned was as inhumane as any report could be. All citizens of Syria are suffering. War and more use of violence will solve nothing. All must pray yes, but also engage in dialogue. Dialogue requires great care that the words we speak do not cause more conflict and contribute to war. Words we speak, even about our enemies, must be words of love. What we do and say either contributes to peace or to war.

  10. Patricia
    1 year ago

    The American people are being fed lies about this situation in Syria. We must listen to the voices of the religious leaders in the Middle East. They know the real situation and are telling the truth such as Patriarch Gregory III. President Assad was protecting the Christians until the rebel forces, with our support, began to destabilize the country with their attacks. God help us all.

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