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Sophistry Slouching Toward Apostasy: Response to the Commonweal Essay of Joseph Bottum Comments

I read the 9,000 word essay entitled The Things We Share: A Catholic's Case for Same-Sex Marriage last weekend. It was written by Joseph Bottum for Commonweal magazine. In fact, I read it several times. Each time, it broke my heart at an even deeper level. The first thing I did was to pray about my response. I decided to wait until I could let my emotional reaction to it calm down a bit. I knew the utter despair that this essay would ... Continue Reading

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  1. Dan
    1 year ago

    Spot-on, as usual Deacon Keith! I believe Mr. Bottum has twisted himself into an academic and intellectual pretzel...abey said it so well, Mr. Bottum is relying on his intellect rather than the Spirit, I will pray for him. Thank you for your Charity as well.

  2. Michele
    1 year ago

    Why did he write such a looooong article on this subject? Why and why now? He is certainly not hiding his goal since it's in his title. One of his main argument "for" it, is that it is "inevitable"... then what's the point of this article!

    He wrote a piece of propaganda and why is the Luce foundation paying for this?...

    J. Bottum is wrong about his conclusion, it is far from inevitable (maybe in his circle), he is on the wrong side of history for this subject and he is certainly on the wrong side of spreading the Good News! Salvation is through faith and conversion. Remember the narrow gate?

    But the fruits of the narrow gate are wonderful! See, one of them is that our faith tells us to pray for each other and I will pray for him.

  3. Deacon Keith Fournier
    1 year ago

    To Peter Northcott: Thanks for writing. I published your comment because it is sincere and, indeed, some of what may be calling itself 'radically orthodox' and 'emergent' is a problem within some protestant circles. However, I work very closely with sincere evangelical protestants on the defense of marriage, life, religious freedom and other genuine concerns. We have discovered much in common as we pray and seek to adhere to what CS Lewsi once called 'Mere Christianity". The term 'Mere' does not communicate well in our current parlance. Lewis was referring to the basics of the Creed. In fact, as you have read in my other writings, I think Catholics have an obligation to do so. The best we can all do is try to be fully Christian and trust that the Lord is building His Church. I am a revert to the Catholic faith, I returned home to the Church of my childhood over forty years now. However, if I were not raised a Catholic, I would become one. I love the Catholic faith. part of that love helps me to love other Christians and long for the day when we are fully one.

  4. Peter Northcott
    1 year ago

    In Evangelicalism, it's called being 'Emergent'.
    It's all part of the 'ecumenical' effort academics are making to find a common ground with those Protestants calling themselves 'Radically Orthodox'. First Things posts articles by such Emergent/Radically Orthodox Protestants, so it's to be expected - and it's likely to increase wherever Catholics are trying to make themselves Protestant-friendly. It's impossible.

  5. abey
    1 year ago

    A typical case of the 'Error of Modernism" that which has sunk the Anglican & others of the day, warned by the Saints of 'ole against trying to understand Faith intellectually, instead of by the Spirit. For the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints came forth not by the minds of men but by the works of the Spirit, such that leavening the second commandment of Jesus is but to reject the First Commandment of God, for they cannot be separated, even unto the union of Male & Female to the Fruitfulness & Multiplication given by Him. The challenge is not to contest but to understand His will..

  6. michael
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Deacon Keith, for answering the sophistry of Mr. Buttom. His arguments demonstrate a dangerous trend within the membership of the Church, namely, a leaning towards a pragmatic "faith," as we as libertarianism. First Things has always seemed to be more interested in neo-conservatism than Tradition. You have fought the good fight on this one, good deacon!

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