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Poster Couple for an Anti-Theology of the Body Comments

The LGBT crowd has been busy touting as poster children to their cause the strange and curious (and one might say perverse) engagement of the transgender Welsh couple Jamie Eagle and Louis Davies.  Behind all of this propaganda is an erroneous view of the human person, even what might be called an "anti-theology of the body." Continue Reading

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  1. Edward Q Guerrero
    1 year ago

    Is this 'Anti-Theology of the Body' movement part of satan's deceptive antics, an antic one's spirits; natural mental and emotional outlook? Simply to create, by which IT usually manifests, a sort of fragile facade to stir chaos? I question this because all of sudden this culture accelerates. Just like at other times when all corporeal evil entity promulgates it to make these kinds of culture wide spread.

    As for David B. Hart, critiquing Pope John Paul II's book 'The Theology of the Body'; he struck a sour cord when he wrote "Simply said, the book does not offer arguments, or propositions, or (thank God) “suggestions.” Is Hart literally "thank[ing] God" for the Pope offering no "suggestions?" BTW, many pundits of all faiths tell us how bad its going for us Christians, but all I can hear are the crickets when we expect to hear of a remedy to stand up to those that have serious intent to have the Christians soften the church's dogma or go down in flames! Are they cowards? Are they afraid to offend those that are against Christianity, including our present government's administration? Let us remind them....that God, our Creator, is NUMERO UNO in our reverence and respect He deserves. Remember, we are ordained to say God comes First (by law in our lives with no hindrance)... Long Live the US Constitution and God Bless America Forever!

    Suggestion: For 3 decades I have relied on the best weapon from God's arsenal to provide that Suit of Armor to protect me, my family and and the stability of our nation, protecting us under all situations, including ego-socio perversions. Before becoming aware about what has been written in Ephesian 6:10-18 I had to carry a concealed weapon for protection. Personal threats to me were occurring daily, but after a personal friend introduced me to the passages in Ephesians 6 my fears of daily dangers faded away, so did the threats on my life evaporated away like the morning fog as well. Never to see the faces who wanted to cause harm. I discovered that my fears of evil forces was my greatest enemy. When 'Fear is Absent Satan Abandons You'. So let us affirm our courage by reading Ephesians 5 6:10-18 daily to stand against those that want to destroy Christianity and our God ordained American way of life that we love as we Love our Creator, who has a huge stake in our Nation! Dedicated Christians are needed to join the 'Suit of Armor' brigades to promulgate the power of this invisible sword...the WORD contained in the inspired scriptures! Our Courage and our continued dedication to His Universal (Catholic) Church is what God wants and needs from His children!

  2. abey
    1 year ago

    Overexposures to "Love & Fresh Air" stuff.

  3. Welch
    1 year ago

    How can nature be denied as truth? How can biology be denied as truth? How can you do better than God? And if you don't believe in God, how can you do better than nature!? Unbelievably, the ideas of relativism have invaded something as simplistic as "I'm a male" and "I'm a female." What can one say? " Well YOU can have a vagina and breasts and say you're a male, but I have a vagina and breasts and will say I'm a problem." To a large number of the population, this is entirely impossible to wrap one's head around. And, because of relativism, it has become increasingly difficult to offer loving support to people who are experiencing this kind of confusion because it is viewed as uninvited judgmental God-freak talk. But really, it is the same kind of love and support I would offer a beautiful friend who did not like her stomach or small breasts and was considering plastic surgery - I would tell her, "You are more than your body - you are beautiful - and your body exhibits the beauty inside of you. Don't change it. Love it."

  4. Adib Mady
    1 year ago

    Very interesting and well written! So true too. The important thing is that not only well-informed Catholics read these articles, but also the ill-informed and misinformed Catholics and non-Catholics. I'm afraid that when we, Catholics, write and post our informative and educational articles that shed light on the teachings of the Church regarding the well-being of man as a whole and his human rights, the majority of our readers are people, mainly Christians, and Catholics in particular, who already know what we're talking about. We need to let the truth be known to more people, especially those who need it. The secular media has taken over, and most people tend to refer to it rather than to us. More people now believe the secular media and doubt the Catholic media. That's why our media has to work harder to compete with the secular media and regain people's trust. I think we have a long way to achieve that. I also believe we can do it if we join hands and put our efforts together.

    I would also like to add a link, if you don't mind, to an article I wrote recently on homosexual "marriage", which could be related to this article.

    Thank you, and God bless.

  5. Vance
    1 year ago

    I love this article. You took the Philosophy 101 approach which lays a comprehensible foundation to understand the psychology of an Arquillian. Your article will be a little academically challenging for our liberal left readers. I remember back in the 1960's there was a common question circulating in the media and academia that asked, "What causes a person to be a homosexual?" There were many speculative reasons thrown around but nothing definitive was ever agreed upon. Now, there are no questions asked. As you accurately pointed out, the 'political pressure' reassures homosexuals that their behavioral choice is a correct one. They further reinforce their sick behavior. I remember twenty-five years ago the 700 Club Christian TV program had an episode where they interviewed four people who were 'former' homosexuals who found the Lord. All were asked at what age did they begin having same sex attraction. They all curiously answered at age 7. These people were interviewed individually, not as a group. They had no connection to each other. Belief in Jesus Christ and giving their lives to him is what converted them and their sexuality.

  6. DLL
    1 year ago

    See no Goodness,hear no goodness,speak no goodness! This seems to be the motto of our times. If this is true than the future is nothing to look forward to. When women deny motherhood,than women deny their own dignity,even their very own sexual identity. As for men,men are becoming effeminate because to simply identify oneself as a man is admitting ones own insignificance as a human person. Now it seems that both men and women are experiencing a sexual identity crises. Family and parenting is a natural part of life and there seems to be no identity problems with people who understand that sex and family responsibility go together and even create a healthy dose of happiness,for those that are family and properly sexually oriented,realizing that sex and responsibility go together. See no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil is common sense as well as good judgement. GBLT life choices and choices for recreational sex and abortion are poor choice. Natural family planning does not compute with these folks and I am willing to bet,they will never ever try it. Quite simply common sense is inconvenient for those who insist on alternate lifestyles as the way of choice,the newly redesigned and poorly advocated human right,as a civil right,especially one for only woman,when the unborn,children and even men,are not a part of,but are separated from women,because of THEIR right to choose,specifically,ABORTION!

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