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Poster Couple for an Anti-Theology of the Body Comments

The LGBT crowd has been busy touting as poster children to their cause the strange and curious (and one might say perverse) engagement of the transgender Welsh couple Jamie Eagle and Louis Davies.  Behind all of this propaganda is an erroneous view of the human person, even what might be called an "anti-theology of the body." Continue Reading

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  1. Edward Q Guerrero
    1 year ago

    Rob wrote: "Sadly, there seems to be so little attraction to Christianity because quite honestly we've left Christ out of it."

    Yes Rob, acknowledging Christ in our daily busy lives has waned badly that some of the younger generation and those that consider themselves the so-called "thinking mature adults" of today find no connectivity with Him, our Redeemer. The past two or three generations we have succumbed to the secular world of the "Me" generation. This destructive Me mindset, yes mindset, has eroded the mortar that binds the Rock of our human foundations. This human mindset trait places people to have a false center of gravity; which manifests itself to have those afflicted with this state of mind, a tendency to acquire an autonomous view of life. Religious passivity is their only MO (modus operandi). Their moral clarity doesn't exists! NOT at all, sadly. This mindset conditions breeds these kinds of scenarios. One of these conditions sets the theme for this informative article.

  2. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I wonder too, if there is some scientific correlation between society type and family type. AND if the incidence of the "mental illness, homosexuality" is related to family types?

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I wonder if one was to conduct a scientific study to find out the type of societies that has the highest (and lowest) incidence of this "mental illness, gayness", what the findings would be?

  4. Edward Q Guerrero
    1 year ago

    Kudos to Andrew M. Greenwell for his latest article, an essay which he writes about this subject analytically. He certainly behaves like a true Christian, not a slight hint of a vile thought towards the writers of the Anti-Theology of the Body article. Pope John Paul II's (now Blessed John Paul II) titled book 'Theology of the Body' and the Theology of the Body is, also, is the topic recap feature of a series of 129 lectures given by Pope John Paul II during his Wednesday audiences between September 1979 and November 1984 on Wikipedia. The Wikipedia writings,also, has pro and con commentaries from eight individuals. Most these writers are certainly die-hard Pope John Paul II's detractors.

    Come to think about in The New Alantis article; I get a sense that: perhaps the two theologian's involvement in the article was part of a prelude or an effort to undermine St. Peter's successor papacy. Perhaps, are they part of an anti-Pope trend? Now that the present POTUS administration, I read, is thinking about breaking the traditional ties by the two states by not installing an ambassador in the Vatican.

    Please note my typo error: 'So let us affirm our courage by reading Ephesians 5 6:10-18 daily to stand against those that want to destroy Christianity and our God ordained American way of life' A comma after Ephesians 5, is missing; I intended to suggest that Ephesian 5, and 6:10-18 is part of the daily read. Thanks.

  5. Rob
    1 year ago

    Megan, there is a lot of truth in what you are saying. Sadly, there seems to be so little attraction to Christianity because quite honestly we've left Christ out of it. We are so busy telling the world what is wrong with them that somewhere along the way we forgot to tell folks the good news.

    Almost all of the articles on this website are negative and only point out the evil in the world. It's almost as if we refuse to see the light anymore. I see no one pointing to it. Since the last election I have virtually stopped watching news and I really feel better about things.

    We live in a broken world with broken people who do stupid things. Jesus came to save us all from it. But sadly we have to continue to live in this broken world until we go home. I think that is why he told us to do two simple things: Love the Lord your God with all your your neighbor as yourself. I heard no exclusions to this.

    I really think he made it that simple because we all have logs in our eyes that need to be removed.

  6. Megan
    1 year ago

    Everyone needs to leave the homosexuals alone.
    They are not particularly evil people at root but, are mentally ill.
    They need desperate help not to be straight but to find the truths of God.
    Perhaps the reason they are in such terrible confusion even about their own selves is because, they have knowledge of God (Christ), and of life but refuse to proclaim and live it.
    Hence they are in great delusion.Our world is dying......rathar rapidly.

  7. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    The more attention we give to these misguided souls, the more they will advertise their evil ways. We should just leave them to their devices and let them do whatever they think is 'good' for them and by this way they will 'cool off' - because they will have no audience.
    We, Christians, have so much to do on the world scene these days, do we really have the time and energy to deal with this garbage?
    They need our prayers, private prayers.

  8. Peter L
    1 year ago

    Those two belong on the Jerry Springer show.

  9. Andrew M. Greenwell
    1 year ago

    By quoting and drawing on some of the insights of the non-Catholic theologian David B. Hart, and in "stealing" his term "Anti-Theology of the Body," I was not suggesting I vouch for all he says or argues in that piece or any other. In fact, I don't. But for all my disagreement, one has to acknowledge that Hart is a very bright, unbelievably erudite Orthodox theologian, and he has written wonderful things against atheists (Atheist Delusions) and on the analogy of being. But he is also critical of the Theology of the Body (as Edward Q Guerrero correctly pointed out in his comment) and the Catholic theory of natural law (see his article in First Things regarding this).

  10. Bob
    1 year ago

    Throughout the Church's history including the Jewish Scriptures of the "Golden Cafe" era heresies have been present and will continue to be promulgated in opposition to the teaching arm of the Catholic Church. All we can do is to continue to present the truth, remain faithful, and pray in the hope of changing people's hearts. However, the question must be posed. How long will Our God tolerate our grave depravity
    and sinfulness?

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