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Worldwide Christian Persecution Reveals the Rise of Evil and Grace Comments

The evil inflicted on these brave Christian souls fills me with sadness and anger, but their response to this evil inspires me and fills me with hope. I know it may seem strange to say, but there is a great good here as well as evil, and the good is stronger. Continue Reading

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  1. Ann Malley
    1 year ago

    Trinbagonian: Thank you for letting me know the dynamics of your living situation. It was not my intention that Catholics not exercise common sense when preaching the Truth of the Catholic Faith. That would be foolish. And, yes, I do live in a country that is predominantly Christian - at present anyway. Secularism, syncretism, indifferentism and myriad heresies are on the rise in my country, however, as is Islam. A scary prospect that we here will not fully realize until it is too late.

    As for following the Pope, please do. That being said, in light of your current situation, which is admittedly different than my country, don't you think it would be prudent of Catholics here to stand firm and hold the line on doctrine BEFORE the threat of religious war becomes a distinct possibility for just speaking?

    With Catholics in my country increasingly softening toward the supposed 'fruits' 'good' 'peace' to be had in other religions (false ones as you know), what you suffer in your country, and it IS suffrage, will also be had here. Aided in part to misled, tepid, go-with-the-flow Catholics who do are not taught to discern spirits. We will lose the immense gift that we have been given. Once the climate of religious freedoms change in our country - and they will if this tepidity continues - there will be persecution and perhaps then those with the grace to have retained the true Faith will come to value it more. And protect it.


  2. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    My last posting on this subject
    I used to think as you but I no longer agree with such reasoning. I am sorry. In my country where there are about equal Christians / Muslims / Hindus living in peaceful cohabitation, such thinking and actions would cause religious war. (Perhaps, you feel this way because you are probably in the majority, I don't know.)

    It's like saying the religion of the old Prophets was not one of peace and I have already stated the problems with this sort of thinking (JUST Christian or JUST Catholic). It is very imposing/uncharitable and can lead to disastrous effects. And as a Catholic, hoping to see Moses, Abraham, David etc. I won't be going around calling out any spade in Islam or any of the old religious traditions or other Christian factions. Nor do I think it is charitable or responsible to announce that others do so, especially within quarters that are prone to religious conflict (or even those at religious peace for risk of starting religious confrontation).

    That being said, it is responsible for me to give my family and interested others religious indoctrination on the faith and knowledge on the beauty of Catholicism as well as preparation in Apologetics. Evangelism yes, I agree; and with wisdom, there is opportunity for evangelization in simple daily occurrences or larger planned ventures.

    Of course, for me now (it took me years) Catholicism is the true faith. What is needed is true prayer and Christ-like living and honest dialogue on/between both sides (as Pope Francis has asked) once personal readiness is reached and true love. And I don't think that Pope Francis will be making any announcements about any spades either. I will be guided by our Pope.

  3. Ann Malley
    1 year ago

    It is not the Muslim himself that is at issue here, but rather the ideology espoused by the tenants of Islam. Read the Koran if you wish to see what Islam teaches. The idea of 'peace' being found therein is a deception. Read what the religion teaches.

    Do yourself a favor and visit:
    for a good discussion about facts not sentiments.

    That said, an atheist who believes there is no God and conducts himself according to his beliefs will find peace with himself. A Buddhist can find peace staring at a blank wall. It is not that kind of peace - the feeling - that Christ gives.

    As for Catholics believing that there is 'peace' to be had in 'other Christian churches', this is nothing but another problem and not something to be glad about.


    It causes division and a lessening of true charity.

    Why again?

    If a Catholic believes that his Protestant friend is at peace, said Catholic will be less inclined to impart the Truth that saves. All of it. Kind of like having a permanent suite in a 5 star hotel, but not wanting to share the benefits of said hotel with your 'friend' who is happy at the Motel 6 down the road. (The 5-star hotel doesn't allow dogs and has lots of rules)

    Sure, your friend may be happy. They may be settling for what works for them. But do they know that they can have better if they just head down the road a little bit more? Do they know that they have a loving Father who is calling for them to share all that the 5 star hotel has to offer and more for all eternity if they would only give up the temporary peace of thinking there is nothing better.

    That said, if we don't regularly call out the Truth of the One True Church do we not run the risk of our children leaving the 5-Star Hotel (lots of rules and regs again and no dogs) to find out why our friends are staying at the Motel 6?

    Sorry for all the metaphors, but calling a spade a spade without fear of being labeled hateful, exclusionary, or racist is what is sorely needed in today's world. If we believe the Catholic Church holds the fullness of the Faith, then we should act as if we do. It's not mean.

    And neither is wanting to save western civilization from a very obvious Easter threat.

    Libera nos a malo,

  4. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Despite what you say, my God will not condemn all Muslims for being Muslim and likewise, Catholics are not promised heaven for being a member of the Catholic religion. Our faith pierces deeper than that and there is much more WORK to it. The Spirit that resides in me, that is true and holy, tells me that there is something dark in this thinking about Islam; that this way of thinking leads to bloodshed. It is similar to racism. It tells me that humility is missing as well as the fear of God. Our God "is close to all who call on Him, all who call on Him from the heart" (Psalm 145:18).

    DISPEL WITH THESE LIES. FORGIVE. REPENT. Make your path straight!

    Open your heart to today's Gospel for "you may find yourself standing outside knocking on the door, saying, "Lord, open to us," but He will answer, "I do not know where you come from." ... there will be weeping when you see all the prophets ... and yourselves thrown out. And people from east and west, from north and south, will come and sit down at the feast in the kingdom of God. "Look, there are those now last who will be first, and those now first who will be last."" Luke 13: 22-30

    Your way of thinking regarding Islam is not God's way. It cannot stand the test in the Light despite how much arguments and feisty words you use. Your thinking leads ... to ego and wickedness ... no love, not mercy. Your way is dangerous and will lead the world down into an abyss of war and death in the name of religion. It belongs to satan. With such thinking someone can say give prayer and aid JUST for Christians for they see all Muslims as Islamic tormentors. Wow! You won't even open your heart to see the heart of a Muslim child but you preach against abortion as Catholic. Look at the Syrians just gassed, those children laying side by side ... slaughter of the Innocents (Herod did not slaughter Catholics) and tell me that your thinking is right.

    Purge yourself of these dark thoughts. God will listen to a repentant sinner. Pray Catholics for purity of heart, a clear conscience, make confession and penance. Pray for Catholic unity. And do the Work. May God bless you.

  5. Vance
    1 year ago

    This article addresses the fact that Islam is at war against Christ. Islam is at war against the world. When we read the Book of Revelations, we see how this is going to end. Anti Christ will murder and persecute many Christians but they will face suffering unlike any human has ever experienced. Yet Anti-Christ and their followers will still not repent and convert to Christ. As I see the Obamabots and how fanatic they are, I can somewhat understand why they will not come over to Christ. Pray the Rosary for our suffering persecuted Christian Brothers and Sisters in Communist and Islamic countries.

  6. Michael
    1 year ago

    With all the atrocities Christians are being forced to endure around the world I find it rather disheartening that churches in more free areas of the world are not responding with either special days of prayer or some acknowledgement that fellow Christians are being tormented by the evil of Islam. The only conclusion I can reach is the Catholic church is afraid of not being politically correct. Willing to listen as to why there is not more call for prayer and aid for JUST the Christians and not their Islamic tormentors.

  7. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I am really sorry that Catholics can see the peace in other Christian religions but cannot see peace in non-Christian religions. Peace comes from the heart. The religion reveals the heart and directs the heart. If a heart is nasty, it bears a fruit of nasty irrespective of religion. Catholicism, the True religion, reveals Peace in its entirety as revealed through Christ. It is meant to be shared with the world. Now our hearts must be opened to that Peace so that we may find Peace and lead the world to Peace.

    I am sorry Christians. I believe a full Jew, full Hindu, and full Muslim can practise a religion of peace. I see it all the time in my country. Catholicism though, because of Christ and its apostolic traditions, has the gospel that reveals the Peace in its fullness. And, we should concern ourselves with revealing the Gospel of Peace to all and helping all the suffering e.g. Mother Theresa started in Calcutta, India in a sari. Indeed, in Christ, we ought to show concern for the most afflicted.

    How can we assist someone if we begin with the premise that what they have is no good? How can we assist someone if we fail to see the Christ in him/her? So, they have nothing to bring to the plate??? We have it all??? Even Jesus followed Jewish practices. I dare say with all the persecution other faiths may receive from the hearts of Christians, they (the former) may reach heaven faster than many Christians especially with the religious war that such thinking is bound to result in.

  8. Barbara Logan
    1 year ago

    What an inspiration those who commented from persecuted areas! You are a blessing and a light for us in the west who are being brain-washed into believing that Islam is a peaceful religion. While I feel for the moderate muslims, it is becoming clear why the Crusades took place in a less politically correct era. After the Seljuk Turks butchered 5000 Christians in the Holy Land and provoked war, Christians have ever after silently borne the blame for that fiasco. Now we need to put on our spiritual armour and fight a Holy War by prayer, fasting and attending Mass as often as possible. Fighting in the 'flesh' will not win this latest onslaught from the satanic element of Islam, but He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world - our true enemy, satan - so we must intercede fervently and without ceasing for our persecuted brethren

  9. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Thanks for this sharing on modern day martyrdom; it gives me courage.
    Michael, the state of violence in the world is terrible. I agree with all your conclusions regarding Grace, the value of our faith, unity with persecuted Christians, prayer etc. I wish to add though that there are good Muslim people (some that are also being persecuted) that we can also unite with and pray for.
    Violence in Islamic quarters can be fought from the inside and not just the outside. Comparatively, violence in Christian quarters (abortion / homosexuality / adultery / fornication / pornography / racism etc.) can be fought from the inside and not just the outside. Grevious sinful acts are not Godly and wound Christ violently. Sincerity / Repentance / Conversion heals. Evangelization aids this healing process.
    May God help us.

  10. Michael Terheyden
    1 year ago

    Marilyn and Christopher,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for being such powerful witnesses. Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers. I pray that God shower you and your loved ones with His grace, that He shield you from all harm, and that He give you your heart's deepest desire.

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