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War On the Horizon: Why is this Obama employee promoting a race war? Comments

The Obama administration is becoming embroiled in a new scandal after a Department of Homeland Security official was caught running a website that openly promotes the killing of whites. That official is also responsible for procurement of weapons and ammunition for the Department. Continue Reading

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  1. Ann Malley
    1 year ago

    Asking *why* the Obama administration is promoting race war is absurd. The same inane query could be leveled against this administration openly promoting the destruction of the natural family, our military, the misnomer of homosexual marriage (not only in country, but abroad), the ruination of children through vile pornographic indoctrination under the guise of education or free speech (while redefining other free speech as hate), and the breaking of the United States economy by over burdening taxpayers and cutting small business off at the knees. Not that previous administrations of both Dems and Republicans haven't done their fair share.

    This administration, however, wants change and makes no bones about saying so. They have no scruples about how to go about getting that change either. So wake up already. Why ask why?

    This *shock* on the part of Catholics comes off like some ineffectual mother wondering why her pot smoking, skirt chasing, disrespectful jobless 20-something loafer son growing weed in his closet 'feeeels' the need to swear at her when she ask how his day is going. But it is easier to feign doe-eyed surprise than to take up the banner of culpability for allowing this filth to continue in one's home.

    Come on, folks! Savvy up. Tap into the masculine side of your personality that (despite the prevailing love of mental castration and confusion) calls us to see Truth, speak Truth, defend Truth, and perhaps die for Truth.

    The current administration shocks us so much because Catholics have been duped for fear of not being nice into cooperating in manifest, grave sin. Our community has been scoped out for manipulation, used for required purposes (electing filth, voting for filth, and promoting untruths that sound nice), and is now being not-so-politely dumped (or perhaps dumped on) because Catholics aren't needed as much as they used to be. Like an old girlfriend who, though fun enough for a last minute date when no one else is around, isn't on the top of the little black book anymore.

    That said, it's time we regained some self-respect and tell the man NO when he (or his change-pushing cronies) calls at the last minute with the same old line. It's just a line, after all.

    Libera nos a malo,

  2. Dave
    1 year ago

    This was unacceptable behavior years ago and it should be unacceptable behavior today, yet we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by accusing someone with their own vile words. If you want to see what the future of this country will be like in 2030, take a good look at Detroit and Chicago today. Obama has done more to damage race relations in this country in his last six years than anyone else could have. Too many have forgotten their faith and look towards false prophets such as Obama for answers. God help this nation.

  3. Proteios1
    1 year ago

    If he has DHS permission and is deemed not responsible, then DHS assumes responsibility. Go after them. If the man deviated from DHS approval, then fire him, save face and move on.

    Clearly, the misrepresentations by MSM of trayvon and inciting race wars, which make good news stories. Doesn't translate on ten countless black on white violence, which is apparently...frowned upon. Think of this...blacks focusing on white on black violence to incite protests, riots and calls to kill white people. Now reverse that. Not only would it not be tolerated, but I honestly couldn't imagine it. It would be a scene from 100 years ago. A lynching. But that is what black people are inciting. That is what the media is inciting. It was wrong then. It's wrong now. And it's wrong to rationalize, justify or ignor that blacks are forming hate groups that essentially are seeking a lynching...with media approval.

  4. jeff preston
    1 year ago

    Obama employee? Your bias is comical. Your credibility, vanished.

  5. Wondering
    1 year ago

    What more is on the horizon? Things get worse and worse and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. This administration refuses to take any responsibility for setting the tone of the country, divided and hopeless, our taxes are funding things which destroy instead of build, and our children are manipulated to continue the madness. Sorry, but I am so filled with frustration, I had to get it out.

  6. Ross
    1 year ago

    I really find the auto play 30 second commercials irritating! If you are going to play a commercial at least have the courtesy to play more than one commercial. I really just want to boycott the company after being forced to watch the same terrible commercial again and again.

  7. Jim
    1 year ago

    Because he is a liberal, a democrat if the guy was a conservative, a republican, he would already be fired

  8. Julia Howe
    1 year ago

    What a stupid headline. You could just as well have said "Why is this employee of George W. Bush's Dept of Homeland Security....?" President Obama didn't hire him and doesn't know the off-duty hobbies of every govt employee. Obviously. I'm sure that now that they know this man runs a hate group, he will be let go. Per his superior, he is excellent at his job--so that explains how he got the job and has kept it til now.

  9. Bee
    1 year ago

    Be gentle as the sheep and wise as the serpent. I am a catholic boy, and talk to God on ocassion. I should talk to him more, i know. But i dont see this as any right wing anything. Facts are true as stated. You dont have to be hired by the president to be working for him. Anyone who ever served in the military should know that. Catholics pull your heads out of your little hidey holes. It is truly a scary world we currently live in. Bad things are indeed coming and your denial will not be a factor in stopping it from coming. Your hiding wont hide you your friends will not be your friend at the worst of times. Prepare catholic brothers and sisters. Prepare to protect yours, and what is yours. Face the ugly truth and prepare. Peace be with you.

  10. bill
    1 year ago

    He's no more racist than the rest of the Democrat party. To them, everything is about race.

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