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Catholic Bishop quits Democratic party over homosexual marriage and abortion Comments

A prominent Catholic figure has left the Democratic party and changed his affiliation to Republican. Bishop Thomas Tobin said he could no longer support the party that advocated for homosexual marriage and abortion. Continue Reading

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  1. patrick Idang
    1 year ago

    A true man of God you are. Fr. say it louder that what happen to Sodom & Gomorrah will sooner or later befall those who indulge in homosexuality, lesbianism, etc. May God spare the innocents, Amen!!!!!

  2. Carol
    1 year ago

    The Catholic church needs to all stand behind Bishop Tobin. We cannot deny the Bible and the love of the one who created us/ This country did not start out as a mish mash of people feeling sorry for pother people's beliefs only because they came to this country. ' Under God' our country was established and killing and homosexuality and all things against Christians and "their' beliefs are to be totally respected. This nonsense needs to stop and we need to let people know that they are here , but we do not need to go long with anything but what the christian bible tells us. That would be the law of our forefathers , those who established this country and the courts! When did our minds become so contorted as to think we need to cave in to everyone else's " thoughts" ? We can enjoy freedom in this country to believe as we will, but it is not to infringe on the faith of the country and how it was established, that was not what was desired.

  3. Vance
    1 year ago

    It is my hope that the rest of the Bishops will follow Bishop Tobin's lead.

  4. Robert Mazzella
    1 year ago

    There was a time, perhaps, when being a Catholic and a Democrat were synonymous--think of Alfred E. Smith and John F. Kennedy, not to mention some of the old party "Bosses"; that time, though, is gone forever.

  5. Believer
    1 year ago

    As a Catholic and military officer, I've found it difficult watching what has become of America, and how it has carried over into our ranks. You should see the rabid indifference shown to leaders and Soldiers who openly talk about not believing in gay marriage--you're automatically a bigot and toxic leader to take such a stance. I've been a Republican since before I reached the legal age to vote. While I can't say I've stood for everything the Republican Party is about, I agreed with most of its ideals. The Democratic Party has been significantly "better" about helping the poor; I say "better" b/c their idea is to give the poor money and an inherent system of reliance on the government. This cycles from one generation to the next--there were actually more gifts to charity under George Bush than any other time in recent history. The reason the Church is pretty evenly divided among registered Democrats and Republicans is mentioned in the article--Bishop Thomas registered as a Democrat in 1969. My grandfather, when he was alive, was also a registered Democrat since the 1950s, but if you asked him his views on most things, he was really a Republican--he just never bothered to change his affiliation. As it stands right now, I really don't want to call myself a Republican either. I think the entire establishment has failed the American people--miserably.

  6. Robert
    1 year ago

    A suggestion: Ask you pastor who he supports. Ask him to offer reasons for his choice.
    If he is a Democrat ask him if he sees the irony of supporting gay marriage, abortion, redistribution(theft), lack of religious freedom, teaching schoolchildren that gay sex is a good thing, etc. etc. etc.

    You might find that the priest may find difficulty with his hypocrisy.

    The time has come to save souls, and our country.

    The time has come to ask the questions!!

  7. Richard C Savage
    1 year ago

    I wonder when the rest of the bishops will wake up and end their support for Obama's War on Fossil Fuel) to save us from "global warming"). The US Conference of Catholic Bishops support, financially and morally, the campaign to "reduce our carbon footprint" and divest from fossil fuel business. And to convert food into ethanol.
    The result is to raise food and energy costs for the poor everywhere and to prevent low cost electricity in coal-rich Africa.
    Instead of shepherds, the USCCB are sheep. Bishop Tobin is just a little smarter than the average.

  8. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    From a foreigner's point of view, the political decision I make regarding party support seems quite similar to the American's. I am required as a good Catholic to vote but it's like choosing the party I think is the least worst (we have more than 2 parties). It is very difficult for I have to try to strip myself of attachments, practice discernment, and focus on God. It is a very personal decision that can involve some complexities ... I find it VERY difficult to be politically honest. I suppose that's why our Church in Her love and wisdom for our beloved priesthood and religious encourages them to do so quietly.
    I agree though that at this present time, a party's policies regarding homosexuality and abortion are major considerations for my support. So I hope that this situation with Bishop Tobin bears good fruit in your country and in the world. May so many other Catholic Democrats follow that all political parties find it in their interest to give major consideration to the Catholic view.

    Let's support Bishop Tobin. Enough of the Bishop/priest bashing. As a fellow sinner, I am sure we all have had (and are still having) our unGodly times (yeah, probably in politics too) and have to await Gifts from The Good Holy Spirit to find our way (The Holy Spirit's Way is not our way). Sometimes there's so much stripping of attachments in us and/or we have so many challenges with discernment that it takes the Holy Spirit a while to reach us. Keep the faith! And be happy for the son of the Church, Bishop Tobin, as with the return of the Prodigal Son. I say to you that there is joy in Heaven over one sinner! How much more rejoicing will it be over the return of one of our priestly lambs! Be happy when a Bishop seems to draw closer to the Faith. This is a period of great Grace for the Church and one of renewal. Thank God!
    ( I am praying for Bishop Tobin, all bishops, priests, religious and Our Holy Father. LOVE & MERCY)

  9. Pete Brady
    1 year ago

    "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other" --- John Adams.

    Any wonder the Democratic Party ignores and trashes the Constitution?

    "It is to be pointed out, however, that protectionism, socialism, and communism are basically the same plant in three different stages of growth" --- "The Law" by Frederic Bastiat.

    Any wonder the Republicans are not far behind them?

    And what are the consequences of a government that ignores George Washington's admonition that "Religion and morality are the essential pillars of a civilized society?"

    George Mason, Father of the Bill of Rights: "As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, so they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins by national calamities."


    George Washington in his "Inaugural Address": "The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained."

    But we've "evolved," we know 'oh, so much better; forget history, forget truth, let's just make the rules up as we go along. Or maybe, just maybe, Old Ben, Benjamin Franklin to the educationally-impaired, was right when he said: "And have we now forgotten that powerful Friend? Or do we imagine we no longer need His assistance? ... Without His concurring aid ... we ourselves shall become a reproach and a byword down to future ages."

  10. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    not only not going to Mass is not believed to be a mortal sin but also, contraception. Last Sunday while discussing the homily with our deacon, he mentioned to me that well over 80% church going catholics practice contraception. Well, any wonder we are in this moral mess? Any wonder we are being overrun by Muslims whose families number minimum 4 children...and growing? We have no one to blame but ourselves and that is the truth!

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