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Gender Identity Madness as Law: Male and Female He Created Them - Unless You Live in California Comments

To the accolades of the leaders of a Cultural Revolution - and the shock and despair of most parents - Governor Jerry Brown signed California Assembly Bill 1266 into law. It mandates that restrooms in public schools, from kindergarten through the twelfth grade, no longer be limited to boys or girls, young men or young women. Students who self identify as transgendered will now be able to choose which restroom they use. This legislation ... Continue Reading

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  1. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    This is just part of the craziness we live in today. We live in a society where we no longer "know" what we are, but even encouraged to "create" a being for ourselves!.

    Perhaps if we no longer choose to be what we were born, we should instead choose to be "the golden calf."

  2. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Dear Trinbagonian,

    thank you for the letter to Elena, you are right on! She was supposed to hear that from her parents right at the beginning. The devil gets us in many different ways and the matters of sex, in today's society, is the most frequent one.

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Oh dear. What a calamity! How far we have strayed! May we all return. ELENA, the Church shows you how. We have not forgotten you. Your parents failed to tell you that you were doing wrong. They were wrong. The Church has not forgotten you and so, keeps telling you about your wrong. It's not about scoring points.
    ELENA, when I was further from God, I liked being in community with similar others. I had a sense of belonging. I was very passionate about my perspective, fought alternative viewpoints and "the enemy". I would try to show how my viewpoint was loving and would try to gather support for my way of seeing. After all, I had the right way. Things became increasingly sinister as I became taken up with proving myself (and my newly found community) right. This really nurtured my pride, gave me a sense of importance. It gave me an agenda and provided a way for me to blame someone. My time was spent showing what other people were doing wrong and how my community would correct it. I wanted to correct the worldview.
    This state of human living is wrong. It is not mature. It does not show real love despite the intense passions that the person feels. It is really selfish and a whole lot of ego. Yes, I cared about persons I thought were being wronged, but I was not showing genuine love as I was more concerned about being right, and I didn't care about all of humanity or God ... didn't forgive.

    We must forgive. We are no goody-two-shoes. We can be better persons. No need to go through all of this drama; it's really immature. We need to focus on improving ourselves. I will help you; I have not forgotten you. The nature of the homosexual act, what it involves, is not good. It is a foul act. Get closer to God. Your actions, though immature, are drawing you away from the Light. This has real consequences. I KNOW God is real; I have encountered Him in real ways. I love you and will not lie to you. Please return to Him. Your transgender choice will end in futility. You will find that once you continue this path, increasingly you will find that you will do things against your Conscience. It's okay if you have made a mistake. Don't worry about it. We all have been there, when it hits us and we feel really small/stupid. This is just humility. It's okay. God is merciful, truly. He loves you and waits for your return. Reconcile yourself. And know this, the further you move away from the Church and God, the further you move away from real Love. Please follow the Church.

  4. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    All that needs to happen for this madness is for the parents of the school children protest by not sending their children to school till the governor changes this idiotic ruling. Again, the great majority of citizens needs to bow down to the few with big mouth and crocodile tears.
    God help us, we do not know the right from wrong anymore - or do we?

  5. ManassasGrandma
    1 year ago

    @elena wolf: Sorry, buddy. 1) Your a man. 2) Neutering yourself just means you are a neutered man. 3) No one is required to assist you in your fantasy, or to pay for your neutering. 4) All that stuff about how devout you are: Don't believe a word of it.

  6. tk
    1 year ago

    I tried to raise this issue a couple of years ago on Facebook and got flamed by someone who basically called me a cruel homophobe. I was specifically talking about using public restrooms. The person who flamed me said, "I can't believe you would deny someone the use of a public restroom based on their chosen gender." No, my concerns are based on biology.

    My understanding is that most men who self identify as female retain their sexual attraction to women, despite dressing and behaving as women themselves. So, once this translates over to the general public, which it will, we will have men who are sexually attracted to women sharing the same spaces for using the restroom and dressing, etc. That's perverted. There's no two ways about it.

    Regarding the gender-changed individuals who have posted here, the thing is, if you have a penis, I don't want you sharing intimate space with me without my explicit permission. My husband is the only man who has that permission. I don't care if you're wearing make-up and a dress. If you have the physical capability of violating me, whether physically or by invading my right to modesty by looking at me when I'm in any state of undress, I'm very offended and angry about that. You're violating my rights, regardless of what you think your brain is telling you about your gender. I don't want your penis anywhere near me when I'm in a state of vulnerability. That's common decency, not discrimination.

    Frankly, when I see someone in public who is obviously a cross-dresser, it makes me angry because I see someone who seems to exude a sense of entitlement to ignore standards of basic decency in separating the sexes in specific situations. I reject that and think it's despicable.

  7. Emma
    1 year ago

    @Elena...I "am " thinking of the safety of these children! What do you think is going to happen to a girl who identifies herself as male in a locker room in East LA? or on the playing field? or going to and from school? Do you honestly believe that this law will protect that person? In a culture focused on machismo? in a culture where women are beatches and hos? in a time when young men don't have fathers and positive role models to teach them how to channel testosterone driven aggression, do you honestly believe that will make them safer? If you do, you did NOT grow up in those neighborhoods! and what about the boy who undresses with the girls? do you think young women are any kinder? Where I went to school, the girls were as vicious as the boys! Not only that, but they would encourage the boys to "man up "! No. This is putting these children at extreme risk, to benefit a few adults. What's wrong with this picture? Adults exploiting children! They are NOT thinking of their safety, they're promoting an agenda, at "your " expense! Glad you grew up in a safe environment, but all children are not that fortunate and this isn't going to make them any safer! Someone WILL get killed!

  8. Gregory
    1 year ago

    There is a disproportionate number of perverts in politics and mainstream media. These degenerates want to make the world over in their own image.

  9. Kadee
    1 year ago

    I have daughters in the CA public school system (high school) and this new "law" seriously concerns me. If those of you who care about the truth and realize the danger associated with this law to our children, then please pray for the parents in CA who will be facing a certain uphill battle. Unfortunately, those who have been placed in the CA government by "the people" (not people like me) have successfully passed a law in the summer (brilliant strategy ~ when people are not likely to notice) that will have unspeakable consequences. Think of it ~ your daughter (or son) possibly subjected to a "student feeling" s/he is a certain gender that day goes into the locker room or restroom, then suddenly decides s/he is of the "real biological" sex God created, and takes the opportunity to sexually assault another or many others. This experiment, designed to "protect" (???) a select few will only harm the majority, the innocent, caught in the trap. NEED GOD AND HIS PROVIDENCE RESTORED AND RECOGNIZED IN SOCIETY!!! NEED PRAYERS!!! NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE IN CA GOVERNMENT AND US GOVERNMENT!!!

  10. Elena Wolf
    1 year ago

    I was lucky to grow up with my local Catholic church (one of the old missions in CA). I experienced the warmth and love of friends,family and mentors while becoming a leader in our youth group and completing confirmation. These are memories from a happy time I will never forget, as I now have just graduated college and am figuring out the working world.

    Recently I again realized how blessed I was when I came out to my own parents as transgender. My parents, Catholic and Presbyterian told me they love me and just want me not to be assaulted by others. It's been a very rough gender transition so far, but many of my old friends from church have reached out to help me in my time of need. Still, as a girl going through gender transition (male to female) I face the threat of violence on a day to day basis. All the more that a line of the Our Father prayer rings true to this day. "and deliver us from evil" , since I'm afraid of being hurt in plain daylight by the strangers around me.

    So while there are certainly valid points for/against this law, please remember that transgender people are very real and need help from the church. We might even be sitting near each other in mass, praying the same prayers and listening to the same sermons; so please don't turn a blind eye to our existence. Take care everyone :)

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