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Honor Among Killers: President Obama Awards Gloria Steinem Medal of Freedom Comments

Awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to an unworthy recipient such as Gloria Steinem tarnishes not only the medal, but the entire country. Abortion, an unspeakable moral crime, is now a centerpiece of one of our National political parties, and a priority of our Citizen-in-Chief. The evil has become so institutionalized that its advocacy is now to be given a place of honor through the bestowal of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Dear Trinbagodian,

    I am confused, at one point you agree with the Marion's statement and then, write in the opposite direction. Please, explain yourself clearly. Were you trying to be cynical?

  2. Vincent
    1 year ago

    Can any of us, either disciples of the Lord Jesus or adamant secularists, be surprised by this President's continual assault on the dignity of the human person and on family life? Perhaps, here in America, our constant obsession with money, power and fame gave the likes of Gloria Steinem an easy path of least resistance to take against the Lord's ten commandments and his all encompassing natural law. And now, several decades of immersion in pornography, licentious behavior, legalized gambling and the promotion of unbridled drinking by city governments in granting open-ended liquor licenses have produced a malignancy in the souls of men and women who clamor for anyone advocating Isaiah's statement, "today, let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we will die." What an irony that the medal of freedom is being issued by a President who himself has "the key of knowledge and bars the entry way for those whom it should be given" to a woman who eagerly and most earnestly has "cast her pearls to swine."

  3. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Dearest Marion,

    could you, please, explain to us why is Gloria deserving the medal of the highest honor? How has she improved lives of women, children, families? Please, do tell us. Has she saved any lives or has she promoted their destruction?!
    There is no Catholic organization that is pro choice - that is an oxymoron because when you claim to be a Catholic, you are automatically, pro-life. By claiming to be pro-choice one cedes his/her membership in the Catholic church and cannot receive sacraments.
    Marion, do look closely at your claim - babies are being torn apart, left unattended after birth and left to die of exposure, hunger, etc. You can find their corpses behind the hospitals and abortuaries, all stuffed in buckets, plastic bags, like some food that had gone bad. We treat animals better than we treat babies, sometimes. That little child has done nothing wrong to deserve death. It is its mother who decided to kill it because the time was not right for it to live.
    How can Gloria rejoice in 'success' of killing babies? Think, Marion,think!

  4. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I agree with MarionL. The writer of this article is a throwback to the 11th Century! INDEED!
    Indeed MarionL the writer goes back even further than that! The writer is a throwback to JESUS' time. And we can go back further to the old Jewish prophets.

    Thank God, that your forefathers (and mothers) also believed in the same silliness because I dare say had they not believed, you would not be here (there is a extremely high chance that one of your forefathers (or mothers) would have chosen to terminate the pregnancy and all it takes is 1 terminated pregnancy from all the thousands of pregnancies that gave birth to you). And being non-existent, you would not get the right to decide what you are ... a Jewish feminist that support Catholics for choice (whatever that is as being Catholic does not give you the right to choose who is to die or live; to be Catholic is to be universal in love, to love as Jesus loved). Could you imagine never being born?

    But you are here. And I am glad. You are special. You have great talents that I do not have. You are worthy to be loved. I love you. I want the best for you. And I know that life is good and you CAN have a good life. Sit still and ponder all those moments that preceded your birth. Aren't those moments magnificent? You are not an accident but you were favourably selected to be alive. Don't you feel it? Feel your spirit of passion, your internal spirit of self; feel the gift of life. It's not an argument. It's great and it is a wonder.
    You were born to accomplish something, and only you can do it JUST THAT way.

    My dear, thank God for all the events that came together to create this moment right now for you, for me. Thank God for life. Thank God!
    Praise Him and adore Him and admit that this very mysterious moment that we are in presently reveals The Great I Am That Am!

  5. MarionL
    1 year ago

    This Jewish feminist thinks that Gloria Steinem is very deserving of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And my favorite Catholic organization is Catholics for Choice. And the writer of this article is very silly. It's unfortunate to have to take his views seriously in the 21st century. They are a throwback to the 11th Century!

  6. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    I agree, looking at Gloria's face, one wonders where has the color and joy gone from her life. She looks dead - and she is dead, dead to the truth, to the joys of life, dead to everything that is beautiful and innocent. She needs our prayers. Dear Lord, open Gloria's eyes, heart and mind to your Love. She needs it more than most people on this lpanet as she has given her heart to the devil. Please, save her soul, stir in her whatever life is left in her heart so that she can see, truly see her errors.
    I shudder at the thought of Gloria's meeting her Maker.

  7. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    As the worlds leading abortion supporter and advocate, it should be no surprise that Obama would give this honor to Ms Steinman.

    It's just another indicator of what Obama really values.

  8. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Every president of the U.S.A. had a strong woman behind him to steer him in the right direction, Nancy comes to mind, immediately. One look at Mrs. Obama and one needs to wonder - were people totally blind to have elected this man to the office of the president? I am not an American but my heart goes out to the ordinary, law-abiding citizens of the U.S.A. By giving this medal to Gloria Steinem, the president and his wife are spitting into the faces of Americans, ignoring the voices that oppose his arrogant ways. He has no right to do this, she has done nothing to advance the American culture - the devil's agenda, she has! Who is responsible for nominating Gloria? Must have been the devil himself/herself.
    Gloria needs our prayers and so does your president and his wife. They have done enough damage to last you a century. Your grandchildren will pay the price but, they will, hopefully, have a chance to bring the people of the States to embrace what is called, a common sense, trusting in the Lord.

  9. Joe Jade
    1 year ago

    Her picture is the epitome of the culture (culture of death) she represents.

  10. Vietnamese Catholic
    1 year ago

    Gloria Steinem appears to have been cut from the same cloth as Margaret Sanger. It's not surprising that Obama holds her in high regard as he shares her vision and agenda.

    Not only is he a bad president, Obama is one of the modern day architects of the culture of death. He has done enough damage to the USA and the moral fabric of our society to earn the title "Obama the Terrible."

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