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Honor Among Killers: President Obama Awards Gloria Steinem Medal of Freedom Comments

Awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to an unworthy recipient such as Gloria Steinem tarnishes not only the medal, but the entire country. Abortion, an unspeakable moral crime, is now a centerpiece of one of our National political parties, and a priority of our Citizen-in-Chief. The evil has become so institutionalized that its advocacy is now to be given a place of honor through the bestowal of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Ann Malley
    1 year ago

    Trinbaagonian: You say that, "The office of the priesthood supersedes the priest as a person. God knows our heart. I fear God and will not be criticizing our holy priesthood in a derogatory way or in a way that unsettles my spirit. I warn others out of concern. I think sin is sin; and this is sin. My heart is to be kept as clean as possible in this matter ..."

    With respect, Trinbagonian, what you feel is sin is not sin for others. Facts and not feelings determine the sinful nature of an action. Unless of course you feel speaking is mortally sinful, but do it anyway. Not all are afflicted with this scruple. And yet Our Lord Himself admonishes us to beware of wolves in sheep's clothing and the folly to be had in the blind leading the blind. This is not to indicate that you or anyone else is blind, but rather demonstrate to you that others may have the need, through conscience, to speak out because of that same fear of God (which is really Love of Him) and reverence for Holy Orders.

    Discussing what is seen in our churches on a Catholic Forum and subsequently discussing what can and should be done about it to help stem the bleeding out of those leaving Mother Church IS having respect for the Priesthood. Not confusing it with the respect for persons that would leave the faithful nothing but mute witnesses to mass apostasy and the watering down of Truth.

    With the Pope himself calling for us to be disciples to the world, there is no better place than home to begin. That is within the walls of the Catholic Church and from the top down. Mixed messages do nothing but confuse people and diminish respect for authority. In other words, this inconsistency, dumbing down, fear of offending, heterodox nonsense mucking up the consistent preaching of the Truth must end. Otherwise we'll just be preaching to the wind.

    After all, if our priests, bishops and cardinals are afraid to preach the entire Truth (for whatever reason) how precisely are we the faithful to have any authority or consistency to teach the Faith?!

    Libera nos a malo,

  2. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    My last post:
    I believe we are saying similar things. Are there many good priests doing good work? yes. Should I speak to my priest if I think that he's doing something wrong? yes, after sincere reflection. Is this the last stop? no. Is the second stop a broadcast or gossip? no. Should there be a second stop? yes, in accordance with the order of God's Church/Scripture e.g. consultation with another priest, bishop, Church leader, fellow member etc. Should children be also taught this order, this discipline? yes, for it helps them to deal with conflict in concrete, charitable ways and protects our Church and their souls. Should we be careful how we speak of the priesthood? yes. Can we speak about our priesthood? yes in charity/fairness, with respect/wisdom not wanting to be the cause of another's downfall. Should we pray for our priesthood? yes. Are we warned of being critical of each other in Scripture? yes. Are we warned to obey our religious leaders in Scripture? yes. Has the world, especially western civilization, moved away from the sacred (of the Church and priesthood) yes.

    If I chastise a priest openly in a harsh tone and I failed to follow the proper steps in dealing with the priest, this is priest bashing. The office of the priesthood supersedes the priest as a person. God knows our heart. I fear God and will not be criticizing our holy priesthood in a derogatory way or in a way that unsettles my spirit. I warn others out of concern. I think sin is sin; and this is sin. My heart is to be kept as clean as possible in this matter ... and so I tread very cautiously (encouraging others to do likewise), ensuring that I show true charity and no one is not lead to cross the line of good priest commentary to priest bashing.
    And I will pray for all of us and the priesthood on this matter.

  3. Ann Malley
    1 year ago

    Regarding priest bashing, Trinbagonian, I have to take issue with what you point out:

    "If I have followed the order and the Church has weighed in on it, then I ought to comply. I should try not to be renegade or vigilante. We know where that can lead ... "

    We also know that according to St. John Eudes that when God is angry with His people, He sends them bad priests as a chastisement.

    Nobody is being renegade or vigilante if they place obvious inconsistencies in teaching and preaching before a priest in a charitable way. Just as a child with a parent wouldn't be out of line in asking for an explanation of why established rules are inconsistent with what is enforced in the home. (Especially, say if an older sibling is living in the house while telling the children on the side not to listen to what Mom and Dad teach and/or require.)

    Sadly, when children witness overt hypocrisy in these matters they lose respect for their parent's authority and their supposed principles. They begin to see that the reality being taught is that these things (moral teachings that incur MORTAL sin when disregarded) are not important enough to be talked about, let alone practiced or enforced. They leave home. They leave the path of Salvation.

    Those who do not leave the home, by way of their dismissive attitude, often taint those little ones who would otherwise be faithful. Think of the Joe Bidens, Nancy Pelosis, and Kathleen Sebelius' out there. What a SCANDAL to the faithful. What a screaming indicator of cowardice, inconsistency, and unfaithfulness to one and all. And what a slap in the face to Our Good God, by those who should be is closest associates.

    We're not talking about matters of venial sin, Trinbagonian. We are discussing the culture of death that leads to death, that of the soul.

    And the Church HAS weighed in on these matters: living in sin is a mortal sin, using birth control is a mortal sin, not attending mass on Sundays is a mortal sin. These are all teachings of Mother Church. These inconvenient truths also carry a supernatural penalty whether we want to speak of it or not. But if the folks in the pews do not hear these rules and/or are not reminded on a regular basis they will and DO fall into grievous error.

    So I for one believe strongly that we should indeed BE NOT AFRAID to speak of our Faith as Catholics. And I would encourage everyone who sees blatant inconsistencies in their parish to let their priest know that he would have their undying support and gratitude if they should choose to BE NOT AFRAID and speak the Truth - ALL OF IT!

    That is charity. For just like the faithful who need to be reminded of those sins and omissions that can kill the soul, priests do as well.


  4. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I am only asking that we protect our hearts from what can easily be turned into yes, priest bashing. I am sorry but as I listen or read, I can't help but be impacted in spirit. And my spirit sees dangerous leads to sinning against the Office of our Church. I warn against this. And I prefer not to engage in this sort of thing.

    We can discipline one another in a charitable way. And we have Jesus' handling of Judas, for example as well as the Apostles' handling of false prophets, the lead of our Church and our own hearts touched by the Heart of Jesus etc. to help us. The priestly office is the most sacred office on earth and belief in Jesus as High Priest commands a Christly formed heart to behave accordingly.

    Too often, human temptation encourages us to see the wrong and not good in someone. Be careful with this. Even if there's something blatantly wrong happening in our priesthood, we strive to be like Christ in our handling of it. There's order in our Church for dealing with the wrongs of our Church. There's order in our hearts for dealing with the wrongs of our Church. What should I do if I perceive a wrong in the Church? What is the order for dealing with this? Did I follow the order? Did I do my part?
    If I neglected to follow the order of the Church, then I have contributed to the disorder in the Church. (And might I add, it is this very same disorder that have caused dissension in the Church since the Apostolic times thru to the present re: numerous Christian factions ... everyone wants to correct / do the Church better.)
    If I have followed the order and the Church has weighed in on it, then I ought to comply. I should try not to be renegade or vigilante. We know where that can lead ...

    Be careful that we are not deceived by misdirected charity to help our priests get to Heaven and help cleanse the Church. Charity to help get our priests to Heaven is following the order of the Church/Scripture to deal with the error the priest has done in a spirit of humility (for we are all sinners) and charity and sincerity for the building (not destruction) of God's Church and patience and faith and trust and prayer and joy. After all, our Church also has the sincere intention that our priests get to heaven. Let us try not to be critical of each other. Let us allow the Church to lead.

    We as followers of Christ have been given a clear path to follow, no matter how difficult. Be careful. So that even if there's talk about priest misconduct we are fair in our discussions and do not condemn our own selves by what we say/do or fail to say/do.

  5. Ann Malley
    1 year ago

    Gabriella, I don't know if you are still checking this link, but right on! You nailed it with regard to the folks at the pulpit NOT doing their job. I was floored to hear that the view screen might cover the crucifix at your church so that music lyrics can be projected for singing ease.

    What have we come to?

    Mass is about Christ's sacrifice on the Cross and offering said Sacrifice to God in adoration, atonement for our sins, thanksgiving and supplication. True love, compassion, and 'understanding' is the Shepherd teaching the sheep what sin is and not to do it. Not to look the other way for fear of offending people who are - wink, wink - SINNING. What about offending God?! What about taking part in the sins of others by way of complicity? What about scandalizing the little ones who do not see the sins that are so prevalent in the world around us denounced firmly every Sunday?!

    As for priest bashing, what about showing compassion for our poor priests?! Many, no doubt, are poised for Hell or at the very least a protracted stay in Purgatory. That is unless their formation was so grievously lacking that they do not know what their job really is. What if St. Paul just kept his mouth shut? What if St. Catherine of Sienna just looked the other way?

    It is not bashing to tell someone that their definition of love has, perhaps through misdirection, become just as misconstrued as the modern definition equating love with lust. Or are we all about manufacturing invincible ignorance so that we can all somehow be saved the easy way. Without teaching the truth and struggling to live it!

    Sweet Heart of Mary, Pray for Us!

  6. Ann Malley
    1 year ago

    Why anyone, especially us Catholics, should act surprised that the Obama administration awarded Gloria Steinem the Presidential Medal of Freedom is beyond me.

    Obama himself declared that, "We are not a Christian nation."

    Please, take the man at his word. At least he is being honest. The Social-Justice, Seamless Garment Catholics surrounding him are not, however. And they know it. We should too and call an apostate an apostate. Not play nice to the detriment of our children and the civilized world.

    The Presidential Medal of Freedom, in this case, amounts to acknowledging the quest for freedom from God, common sense, preservation of the human race, and even the natural law. And though situations may appear better beneath a Republican banner (mostly Protestants), they aren't. Both demand deviations from God's Truth. (Sounds like a Garden of Eden rerun.)

    And while we are required to follow our leaders/superiors out of respect for the authority that God has given them, we are not expected to follow them in matters of sin. Much like a father asking his son to rob the house next door because mom wants a new DVD player and - well - that's how we're going to go about spreading the wealth. Not a Catholic sentiment and an utter misuse of authority.

    Yes, the authority figure will be held accountable by God for their misuse of power, but each individual will also be called into account for the sin of complicity in that which they KNEW to be overtly sinful. Like voting in laws to support the killing of the unborn and unleashing the bane of unnatural 'marriage'. Nothing Catholic or kind about it.


  7. Sam
    1 year ago

    Of course, modern science -- which has come a long way since the days when the bible was first pieced together -- informs us that abortions usually involve cells and or an under-developed fetus, neither of which is actually a child.

  8. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    SIN, Vance. And might I add we are all sinners (including the politicians for all political parties sin against God ... show me a perfect one).
    We are all at different points in the journey Vance. It's a spiritual thing. It's a spiritual enemy. And God is also spirit. Ephesians 6 tells us how to defeat the evil one with truth, peace, faith, prayer, the Gospel. "Pray that in proclaiming [the Gospel our priests] may speak as fearlessly as [they] ought to."
    Let us "Work willingly for the sake of the Lord and not for the sake of human beings". We should not allow politics to negate God's Word revealed through Christ. God is Truth.

    Vance, you and I are more spiritually enlightened now than we were 20 years ago, more enlightened than even yesterday (the Spirit is filling us as we are ready for). God has accepted you and me as we are in LOVE despite our sin; in HOPE for what we will become, if perfected; and in FAITH knowing that He will raise us up when we have been purified from our journey. He is Father. And He Forgives ALL sin. His mysteries, we cannot fathom. Let us forgive and trust in the Lord who allows us to make our choices though we, His children, err.

    Thanks Catholic Online.

  9. Proud Catholic
    1 year ago

    The sad thing here is that obama is in power because God has been mocked. Let's keep praying because God does not abandon those who trust in Him.

  10. Vance
    1 year ago

    Trinbagonian, No, I am not offended. I read your Bible passages and I have no issue with them. I have some curious questions for you. 52% of Catholics voted to re-elect Obama back into office. Why would they vote for a man who is forcing the Church to provide Birth Control and Abortion services for its employees?? Why would they vote for a man who pushes for Homosexual Marriage? This is a man who railed against the Boy Scouts of America for not allowing sodomites into their organization.

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